Tuesday, November 06, 2018

November 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 5.11.18

Coro Qom Chjelaalapi meets Lagartijeando – Antiguos Duenos De Las Fleches
Chris Carter – Blissters ( Radiophonic Wokshop Remix)
“Just A Bad Dream” – Biff Bang Pow! – The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard
                                  Thee Headcoats – Young Blood (Live)
Artist Code 4A4142 – Strange Days
J P Bimeni & The Blackbelts – Same Man
King Champion Sounds – What Amanda Meant
Will Oldham – Strange Affair
                     - Only Someone Running 
                     - Big Friday
Mingyeshu – Yetal (Where Is It)
“Just A Bad Dream” – The Wolfhounds – LA Juice
The Supremes – A World Without Love
Alien Sex Fiend – Neutron
The Furrow Collective – Down By The Greenwoodside
Alan Stivell – Maro Ma Mestrez
                   - Bresilien
Judi Jackson – With You
New Optimism – Dr My-Ho (Let It Go Control Me Remix by Manapi)
David Milton – Greenland Fisheries ( Roud 374)
Charlie Mingus – Peggy’s Blue Skylight

Thursday, October 04, 2018

October 2018

PMS Music Featured 01.10.2018

Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner – Bagpuss Intro
N.E.O. – Chai
Slift – Doppelganger
Camera – Ciao Cacao
Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner (Bagpuss) – The Bony King of Nowhere
Naked – Osvetli Mi Pute
Hammer – Ozone
Melissa Laveaux – Angeli-Ko

Warsaw Village Band – Whoa, Bullocks, Whoa
Atmosfear – Motivation
Dakota Suite – Shadows Are More Accurate Than Truth
Mitch Von Arx – Nevado
Yales Strom – La Fiesta de la Hanukia

The Meditations – I Love Jah
Møster – Sounds Like A Planet
Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner (Bagpuss) -  Porcupine Song
                                                                 -  Here’s A Pin
‘Lost Vinyl’ – Pinski Zoo – Awkward Companions
Thelonius Monk – Round Midnight
Miles Okazaki – Round Midnight
Yves Lambert Trio – La Poule A Jean-Paul
Mitch Von Arx – Skim
Camera – Gizmo
Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner (Bagpuss) – We Will Rub It

PMS Music Featured 15.10.18

Paul Jacobs – Setting Sun
Ohmns – Total Carnage
Fofoulah – Ndamane
Haley – Syrup
Bill Monroe – Going Across The Sea
Vainica Doble – Quien Le Pone El Cascabel Al Gato
Dan Wilson & The Counterfactuals – Leave My Baby Alone

The Trawl with Andy Hunt

- Cameronian Water Drum Music
- Mouth Flute Music from Mongolia
- Luigi Lai – Sardinian Triple Clarinet
- Bastien Picot – Voice Leaf
- Pete Drake – The Talk-Box
- Norman McLaren – Dot
- Daphne Oram – Pompie Ballet

Everlast – The Letter
Vesterkoza – Mote Controller
The Clinch Mountain Boys – The Fields Have Turned Brown
Lankum – What Shall We Do When We Have No Money?
Moongoose – Gone (XXX)
Moon Relay - -#/#>
Charles Aznavour – Jolie Momes De Mon Quartier
Prince – Mary Don’t You Weep
Fofoulah – Ewe

Jlin - Kundalini

PMS 22.10.18 Music Featured

Neil Hamburger – Backwards Traveller
Marie Davidson – Your Biggest Fan
BC Camplight – I’m In A Weird Place Now
Cleft – Gulch
Abe – Siam, By Contrast
Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa - Mimicry
Moonlight Benjamin – Memwa’n

Rediscovered World – Konono No.1 - Mama Na Bana

Nina De La Puebla – En Los Pueblos  De Mi Andalucia
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Ole Morten Vagan
Low – Fly
Barrington Levy – Look Youthman
Ohio Players – Funky Worm
Eric Bib – Gathering Of The Tribes
Kayla Painter – Sentimental Swagger
Scanner & Jim O’Rourke & Robert Hampson – Mass Observation (Excerpt)

Lost Vinyl - The Playboys – Jungle Fever & Billy Prager – Do It Bop

Juan Varea – Consuelo La Granaina
Kathryn Joseph – Mountain
Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa
NES - Ahlam
William Banskinski & Lawrence English – Selva Oscura

PMS – Music Featured – 29.10.18

Kristen Hersh – LAX
Comet Gain – I Was more Of A Mess Than This
Eva Nagy – Ez Az Utolsó Randevúnk
Jane Weaver – H.A.K.
Karine Polwart – Ophelia
Leben Und Arbeiten – Amanita
Minyeshu – Yetel

Session – Nick Branton & Alvaro Torres – Take 3

Tim Maia – Verão Carioca
                  Feito Para Dançar
J Mascis – Everything She Said
Kyri Ambrus – Júdás Vagy
Juan Martin – El Metr

The Impressions – We’re A Winner
Ausserhalb – Zeitzelle

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Dan Hausgeist – My Marbled Memo Errors
Ultrafunk – Gotham City Boogie
Sarolta Zalatnay – Fekete Beat
Guo Gan – Man San Liu
Karine Polwart – I Burn But I Am Not Consumed

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

September 2018

PMS - Music Featured - 3.9.18

Rimarimba – Egg Foo Yung (Postcard from Felixstowe)
Upper Wilds – Mars
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Robert Henry – Something’s Wrong With My Loving Machine
Bryan Chapman – Primal
Eme Alfonso – El Bote
Hot Pepper – De La Que Mundo Sea Feliz Vez
Sandro Perri – Andre Ethier – Everybody’s Paris
“Kubrick’s Music” – Henry Hall & The Gleneagles Orchestra – Home
Mogwai – Flee
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Brownie McGhee – My Big Bulldog
The In-Crowd – His Majesty Is Coming
Knife Knights – Seven Wheels In Motion
Liszt – Nuages Gris
Chancha Via Circuito feat. Gianluz – Nino Hermoso
Jodelchorli Schonengrund – Zauerli Mit Talerschwingen
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Betty James – I’m A Bit Mixed Up
Szun Waves – Temple
John Parrish with P J Harvey – Sorry For Your Loss
Sandro Perri – Everybody’s Paris

PMS - Music Featured - 17.9.18 

The Dorian Concept – Promises
The Nightingales – Big Dave
John Grant – He’s Got His Mother’s Hips
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – GNT
Bixiga 70 – Areia
HHY & The Macumbas – Swisid Mekazine Rejiman
Monotronique – EqEqEqEqEq
Jessica Sligter – State Of The Union
Lo Five – Battle for Nika
Rory Cowal – Clusters I
Marie Davidson – So Right (John Talabot Remix)
Giampiero Boneschi – Fleas Dance
Rediscovered World: “World Percussion” – Karnataka College of Percussion - Konnakkol
Vault: Mountainers – Ripen
Chouke Bwa & The Angstronomers – Electric Mambo
Monotronique – Big Puncher
Qluster – Zeno
Janek Schaefer – Tree At The End Of The World
Marthia Scanlan – Brother Was Dying
“The Rough Guide To Barrellhouse Blues”: Walter Roland – Strut That Thing
Giampiero Boneschi – Lovely Lowry
Broadstrokes – Underwater
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – With Animals
Geir Sundstol - Snev

PMS - Music Featured - 24.9.18

Kuu! – Impossible
Donny McCaslin ft. Sun Kil Moon – The Opener
BEAST – Paprika Shorts
Bill Ryder-Jones – And Then There’s You
Gaye Su Akyol – Halimiz Itten Beter
Lura – Maria
Cesaria Evora – Primero De Maio
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bladderwrack Allowance
The AMytals with Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Bam Bam
Richard Thompson – Shaking The Gates
Harmony Rockets – Atropos
Of Habit & Dane Law – Disconnect
Kuu! – Lampedusa Lullaby
Willie Hightower – Somewhere Dry
Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day
“Incantations For Tape” – Georgy Ligeti – Articulation
Donny McCaslin – Great Destroyer
Mr Statik - Savannah

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 13.8.18

The Residents – Intro
Fanfara Station – Damme
The Legendary Tigerman – Motorcycle Boy
Kristen Hersh – No Shade in Shadow
Jordsjø – The Goddess of Light
Liraz – Nozi Nozi
Bazza Ranks Ft. Dynamite MC – Memories (remix)
Saba – Hanfarkaan
The Residents – Hello Duck Stab
A Certain Ratio – Dirty Boy
Tim Hecker – This Life
Jordsjø – Hekseskogen

Inner Circle – Roadblock
Fanfara Station – Mariage
The Legendary Tigerman – The Saddest Girl on Earth
The Residents – Lingering Illusion
Dur Dur Band - Dab
Juan Atkins – Flash Flood
Laurel Halo – Supine
Dam Funk - Bounce

PMS - Music Featured - 

Goatman – Jaam Ak Salam

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – God
Booker Stardrum – Drim Dram II
Uniform – The Walk
Alba Griot ensemble – Blurred Visions

PMS Session:

Trio Amile –Cheguiei
Trio Amile – Santa Morena
Trio Amile – Delicado

Dead Rider Trio Ft Mr. Paul Williams – Candles of Crabs

Rediscovered World: World Saxophone Quartet – Africa-Europe-Asia
From The Vault: Stig – Lilat Meat Fiasco
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – Source of Conflict
Interrobang – Are You Ready People?
Brooker Stardrum – Five Finger Cloud
Phronesis – The Edge
Papa M – A Lighthouse Reverie
Max Cooper – Rule 110
Pylon 11 – Nordra Ships

Aretha Franklin – Precious Lord Take My Hand

PMS – Music Featured - 27.8.18

White Denim  - Performance
Chalaban – Fulas Hiriza
Mark Greenwood – Ronnie
Animal Collective – Buffalo Tomato
George Fitzgerald – Burns
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core
Simona Abdullah – Live Session – Darbuka & Belly Dance
SUMAC – Attis Blade (beginning)
Olivia Block – 132 Rains for Pipe Organ (ending)
Scotty – Skank In Bed
Roger Edwards – Escape from L7
Bokante and Metropole Orkest – All The Way Home
Gabriel Kahane – November/Singing With A Stranger
Out Of Nations – Out Of Nations
Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks – The Immigrant
“Global Accordion” – Jonas Mate & Kleinbool Motaung Momlikoma
                                - Alsteirirische Harmonika Landler 2 – Original Steurisch     

Animal Collective – Jake And Me

Monday, July 02, 2018

July 2018


Odzharp & Manthe Ribane – standalone
Reggae Roast Sound System – Murder (version)
Geoffrey Oryema – Piri Wango Iya
Tootard – Nasma Jabalyia
Jessica Sligter – The Finest Hour
Milton’s Daughter – Sun

The Trawl with Andrew Hunt

From Reaktorplayer.-
The Simpsons

Emel Mathlouthi – Layem
Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep Pt 1
“Gathered From Co-incidence” – Alan Klein – The Age Of Corruption
Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert – Quantum Theory Love Song
Steve Tilston - Pretty Penny
Nick Cave – New Morning (Live)
Orlando Cachaito Lopez – A Gozer El Tumbao/Cachaito in Laboratory M
Thabang Tabane – Nyanda Yeni

Steven Stills - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes


Millie Jackson – It Hurts So Good
Napoli Mandolin Orchestra – La Legenda/Amarcord
Krisna Das & Light Music Band – Gurans Ko Phool Sirul/Omusango Gwe Nyama
Mugstar – Crampag Smuttem
Mehdi Rostami & Adib Rostami – Delight/Mystic Dance
The Fourth Movement – The Build Up/Revelation’s Eve
Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
Tshengue – Muanapoto
Primitive Art – Squrity
Adonis – No Way Back
Pan e Regaliz – Waiting In The Monster’s Garden
Mick Sussman – Knitted Crypt
Tommy Holohan – Remaining Riogerstown
Young Mothers – Morose

Bark Psychosis – Shape Shifting


Jonathan Bree – Roller Disco
Ekiti Sound – Ife
Protomartyr – Wait
Onkonkolo – Wolenche Por Chango
Szun Waves – Constellation
iZEM – Major Stef
John Coltrane – Nature Boy
Simonah Abdallah – Exclusive Session
Zakir Hussain – Tabla Taal Char Taal Ki Sawari
Prequel Tapes – Clouds
Banny Grove – Be Better
Ty Segall & White Fence – She Is Gold
After The Flood – Higher
The Esoteric Circle – VIPS
Bjarki – 3-1 Tap Lush
Belarisk - & Abscission
Rediscovered World: The Raga Guide (Nimbus Records) – Adana
Drainolith – Difficult Days
Punch Brothers – Three Dots And A Dash
Jali & John – Syria
Khruangbin – Como Me Quires
Googoosh – Gharibe Ashena


Googie Rene – Big Foot
Black Moth – Sisters Of The Storm
Throbbing Gristle – Guts On The Floor
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Xxplosive
‘Re—Discovered World’ Baden Powell – Interrogando
Heldon – Cocaine Blues
Jackie Weaver – The Tingle
A Tiempo Real – Pichòn a Mí

Session by Trio Amilê –
Um Tom Pra Jobim

African Head Charge – Belinda
Dinosaur – Forgive, Forget.
Krink – Voices
Children of Zeus – All On You
NNA Tapes – Caboladies – Virginia
Woodie Guthrie – Dust Storm Disaster
Throbbing Gristle – Oltre la Morte
Heldon – ICS Machinique
Eamonn O’Leary – Harbinger
Sarah Louise – Bowman’s Root
A Tiempo Real – Ay De Mi Capa! Taran Tan Tan
I Got School – Scott Miller

RP Boo – No Body
Bjarki – 7 Filakaramellur Lion Bar
Maracuja – Sambada          
Moskus – Ludwig XIV
“Paradise: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde” – The Flies – I’m Not Your  Stepping Stone
Somni, feat. Nabeyin – Overgrown
R P Boo feat. Phil Crossfire – Flight 1235
Catarina Dos Santos – Nu Sta Pidi Tchuve Doce
Stella Sommer – Birds Of The Night         
Tunde Mabadu – Disco Press Funk
Bonnie Prince Billy – Blueberry Jam
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Say Me Say
Forma – Cut-up
Baris Mancho – Nick The Chopper
Eocity – Eowar
Nicolas Wiese – When We Was Trapped (Bambi Quartet)
Didi Kern & Phillip Quehenberger – Linz B
Paul Frick – Great Song Title No 9
Andrea Benini – El Guerrero

Sevda - Mahur 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 2018


Proc Fiskal – Dopamine
Oneohtrix Point Never – Same
Madison Washington – Baytrified
Alexander Tucker – Objects
Glenn Jones – River In The Sky
Lucaufer – Pupa ft. yma
Leo Hoftsaes + Loto Retine – Red Feelings
Ryley Walker – Accomodations
Yvonne Prenosilova + The Apollobeat – Byls MaBoj
The Cradle – Holding + Holding
Ty Sygall + white Fence – Good Boy
Henrick Schwartz – Gygylili
Nobovar + Shams Group – Az Ghani Tu
Lee Scratch Perry – One Armed Boxers
Proc Fiskal – Kountinuance
Ryley Walker – Expired
OPN – we’ll Take It
Leo Hoffsaes + Loto Retina – I’d Like to Tell Her
Anton Le Vey – Book IV
JC Leisure – N.A. Beginner
Mark – Know No But Only In
Glenn Jones – The Last Passenger Pigeon

Ben Vince - Assimilation


“Disques Debs International” – Les Aiglons – Les Aiglons Ka Satisfait
Kassav’ – An-Ba-Chen’n La
Laura Veirs – Zozobra
Lucrecia Dalt – Edge
Claire Welles – Birds Smashing Into Windows
Neko Case – The Last Lion Of Albion
Eric Chenaux – Spring Has been A Long Time Coming
                        - There’s Our Love
The Last Poets – Jones Coming Down   
Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat – We & We in Azawad
Klezmerish – Dark Eyes
Vainio & Vigroux – Un Peu De Soleil
Belp – By Beauteous Softness
Laura Veirs – Everybody Needs You
Hainbach – We Meet To End
Special Request – Looking Glass
Ben Vince feat. Micachu – What I Can See
Lagartijeando – Malandro De Boa
Neko Case – Dirty Diamond
Don Pepper – Min Orkizese


Shina Williams – Cunny Jam Wayo
Max Cooper – Hope
Angelique Kidjo – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Ananda Bhattacharya – Jai Ganesh
Pram – Shimmer & Disappear
Jim O’Rourke – Terracota
Mark – Know No But Only In
Young Fathers – Holy Ghost
Son House – Bird In Your Tree
Alan Chamois – Let me
Machine Gun Hogg + Co. – Bed Bound Saga
Reinartz – s_pace03       
N1L – crawlspace
Astor Piazzola – Milonga Loca
Gwenifer Raymond – Sometimes There’s Blood
Anne James Chaton + Andy Moor – Coquins Coquettes et Cocus
Belp – Travelling Thru Galaxies
Laurence Pike – Distant Early Warning
Garotas Suecas – Futuro Do Preterito


Otto Van Scirach – I Am Dracolo
Perfume Genius – Braid
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Spiritualised – I’m Your Man
Halo Maude – Chanceuse
P.H.O.R.K. – No Afterlife
Stuart Staples – Into The Grey
Khetan Bhatti – Nodding Terms
Lean Vynehall – From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)
Ezra Collective – Mace
Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well
Rat Bat Kit – Freedom of The Market
P.H.O.R.K. – Get That One Note

Vault – Mountainerrs – Ripe
Manu Dibango – Gumbo Juice
Perfume Genius – Just Like Love
Body/Head – You Don’t Need
Mount Glorious – Sampology
Otto Van Schirach – The UFO Is Waiting
Leroy Hudson – After The Fight
Lean Vynehall – Drinking It In Again
Youth Of The Apocalypse – Drop The Bomb Ft. MF Doom.
A Perfect Circle - Dissolution

Monday, June 04, 2018

28th May 2018

PMS Music Featured 28.5.18

Mercedes Peon – Deixaas
Yo La Tengo – You Are Here
Steve Malkmus & The Jicks – Cast Off
Takotsubo Men – 5ft Vicious
Jenny Hval – Spells
Re-Discovered World -
                Frank A. Douglas – Love Song
                Frank A. Douglas – Grizzly Bear War Song
                Frank A. Douglas – Rabbit Song

The Feed – Upitup Records 15th Birthday feature.

Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band – Rain From The Sky
Dave Jackson The Room In The Wood – Greedy Stars
Ravi Shankar – Tilak Shyam
Yasmine Hamdan – K2 by Cubenx
Modeselecktor – Actress Watercolour Challenge
Jenny Hval – The Dreamer Is Everyone In Her Dream
Bessie Smith – Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Brendon Anderegg – June
Mercedes Peon – Ela Propon
Pavement – Perfume – V

Project Pablo – There’s Always More At The Store

Monday, May 21, 2018

21st May 2018

21st May 2018
Kate NV – Oak
Orfeon Gagarin – Teatro Sucio
Tanya Tagaq – Run To The Hills
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Galya Beat
Neurosis – Pain of Mind
Joshua Burnside – Paul
The Sylvers – Handle It
Dubphone – Fiul Risipitor
Glenn Branca – Symphony No.1 Tonal Plexus
Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush
Kepla & Deforrest Brown Jr. – Reflex and Bone Structure
From the Vault – Claudya on Ramon – Un million De Lagrimas
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS
Ga-Nu – Waiting For You
Rediscovered World – Amalia Rodriguez – Barco Negro
Invisible System – Banjougou
Andrew Tuttle – A Winding River
Lost Vinyl – The Durutti Column – Royal Infirmary
Sarah Jones – Listen People
Oliver Coates – Sky With Nameless Colours

14th May 2018

14.5.18 PMS Music Featured

Anmar 808 – Sidi Kommi
Thundercat – Final Fight
Rev Magnetic – Like No Girl That Ever Was
In Atoms – The Imago
Tirzah – Gladly
Insecure Men – Subaru Nights
Mandy Patinkin – Living Without You
Death and the Maiden – Wisteria
Damian Jurado – Allocate
Harry Partch – The Bewitching
Tsembla – Penumbra
Oliver Coates – Charlev
Etran Finatawa – Matinfa
Lost Vinyl – Cap Horn
Mandy Patinkin – I Have Found My Happiness
Elina Duni – Let Us Dive In
Rev Magnetic – Don’t Let Joy Destroy You
Rediscovered World – Alpha Blondy & The Wailer – Boulevard de la Mort
Sean Shibe – Killer
Bodies on Everest – Suspicious Canoe

7th May 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 7.5.18
The Aleph – When You’re With Emily
Lord Beginner with Cyril Blake’s Calypso Band – General Election
Bonnacons Of Doom – Solus
“African Scream Contest 2” – Super Borgou de Parakou – Baba L’Oke Ba’Wegbe
A Hawk And A Hacksaw – A Broken Road Lined With Poplar Trees
Pop Levi - Spell On Me

The Trawl - with Andy Hunt
- P.Adrix – Ovni
- Oneohtrix Point Never – Black Swan
- Kelly Moran – Freesia
- Nicholas Collins – Broken Light 1, Corelli
- Ylang Ylang – Serpent Symbolism

Sophia George – Girlie Girlie
The Aleph – Lightbulbs
“Greece” – Michalis Terzis & Vasilis Skoulas - Diskoli Pou’nai I Lefteria
“Mexico” – Chogo Prudente – Luz De Luna
Melissa Laveaux – Jolibwa
Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids – Soliloquy For Michael Brown
Dick Gaughan – What You Do With What You’ve Got
“African Scream Contest 2” – Les Sympathics De Porto-Novo – A Min We Vo Nou We
Duck Baker – Allah, Perhaps

30th April 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 30.4.18
Shudder To Think – White Page
Ora Iso – From The Hallway To The Door
Sons Of Kemet – My Queen is Mamie Phipps Clark
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Announcment
                                    - Swerving The Checkatrade
Vitamin String Quartet – New Slaves
Laurie Anderson & The Kronos Quartet – Everything As Floating
The Lightmen Plus One – Blue Tip
Aidan Moffat & R M Hubbert – Party On
Splashgirl – Monsoon
Laurie Anderson & The Kronos Quartet – Dreams
Asha Bhosle – Dil Cheez Kya Hai
Sounds Inc – Taboo
Samba Toure – Hayame (Be Careful!)
Sons Of Kemet – My Queen Is Nanny Of The Maroons
Half Man Half Biscuit – Every Time A Bell Rings
Ora Iso – No Fish
Grouper – Blouse
Hungarian Sample Heritage Band – Cream (Krem)
                                                         - Socialist Beat
                                                         - Propaganda
Jo Passed – Glass
The Lightmen Plus One – Sorrow Bitterness & Revolution

23rd April 2018

PMS 23rd April 2018
Cuaseres – Chasers
Madison Washington – Fact
Stef Animal – Duck
Malphino – Impict ken
Yonara Gat – Cue The Machines
Christina Vantzou – Garden of Forking Paths
Soul – Collecta Holloway – Only A Fool
Re-discovered World – Alpha Blondy
Son Of Sam – Fighting Tank
Entreprise – Grad Blaey Erichu
Stef Animal – Running Music
Vitamin String Quartet – Poker Face
Gaya – House At The Sec
From the Vault – Zukanicon  - Exhaust Traumathu
Stef Animal – Care Story
Space Magic Fly – Greg Wilson & Peza Mix
Cuasares – Ancestral
Bagarre – Le Gouffre
Lost Vinyl – Diamada Galas – Eyes Without Blood
Christina Vantzou – String Quartet no.4
Pdonio – Infoncia e iniciacion de crest
Cuasares – Ancestral
Grawl X – Appendix B
U-ziq – Do Da Du
Stef Animal – Ian Have Pono
Yanatan Gat – Dream Sequence
Malphino – La Bella Ilsa

15th April 2018

Andrew presenting, Rory assist

Kwes- Bloxconnor
Proc Fiskal- Dishwasher
Soccer96- I Dreamt About It
Ben Vince feat Micachu- What i Can See
Leya- Seek
Pere Ubu- Talk To Me

Aquaserge- C'est Pas Tout Mais
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland- Sog
Mike Donovan- Chapel Of Peace
John Parrish- Le Passage Devant Nous
Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno- Lizard Point
Omara Portuondo- Maripasta de Primavera
Ursula Le Guin & Todd Barton- A River Song and A Quail Song
Malphino- Impian Ku

REDISCOVERED WORLD- Omara Portuondo- Ella y Yo
Big Mama Thornton- Hound Dog
Hugh Masekela- Child of The Earth
Pere Ubu- Mirror Man
Aquaserge- My Funny Valentine
Leya- Sister
Valentina Magaletti- Valentina Plays the Batterie Fragile
Isaac Navarro- Waiting For Light
Slagr- September
Kink Gong- C5
Michael Winter- chorale and finely tuned resonators

Sunday, April 15, 2018

9th April 2018

PMS – Music Featured - 9.4.18

E - Down She Goes
Yo La Tengo – Let’s Do It All Wrong
Luxus Varta – Gomjet
Joan As Policewoman – Wonderful
King Sunny Ade & The Green Spots Band – Rex Lawson
Mary Gauthier – Iraq

The Trawl with Andrew Hunt

E Ruscha V + Woo- Woo are You? (Beats In Space)
Ursula Le Guin + Todd Barton- Heron Dance (Freedom To Spend)
Brother May- Smoke Screen (Curl)
Sim Hutchins- Lets Comodify Our Love (Local Action)
The Hollow Man- Escape To Ecstasy

Nina Simone – Just Like A Woman
Yo La Tengo – What Chance Have I Got
Joan As Policewoman – Warning Bell
P M Dawn – Even After I Die
Oliver Way (ft. Jasmin and Liam Nolan) – Dust Storm
Sleeping Ducks – Rules Of A Naughty Sport
“Rhythm Passport Compilation” – Sofiane Saidi & Mazelda – El Ndjoum
Phill Musra Group – The Creator Is So Far Out
Yo La Tengo – Here You Are
King Sunny Ade & The Green Spots Band – Dr Sahendeni

Monday, April 02, 2018

2nd April 2018

Screaming Love Collective – Yeah
Cut Chemist – Wrap Ft. Myka 9 & Deantoni Parks
Swarm Intelligence – I Prey On Your Fear
Elysia Crampton – Moscow Mariposa Voladora
Colonel Faat – Boh Banah
Your Food – Baby Jesus
Cannonball Statman – She’s In Rehabilitation
Gitkin – Tail Chaser
Splashgirl – Monsoon
Roller Trio – Mad Dryad
Issac Navaro – Something Out of the Day
Del & Amp Live – Wheel of Fortune
Sofiane Saldi & Mazalda – El Ndjoum
‘Vault’ Big Maybelle – Ocean of Tears
Cannonball Statman – Courier Says
Anouar Brahem – Waking State
Schlammpeltziger – Angerrestbay
Marisa Anderson – Angel’s Rest
Elysia Crampton – Oscollo
Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse, David McGuiness – Babylon
‘Lost Vinyl’ Strafe Für Rebellion – In Egypt in the month of May
Gary Stroutsos – Fourth World

James Romig - Still

26th March 2018

Poison Girls – Pretty Polly
Uzgin Uver ft Pollyflow – Shirat HaYam
Chip Wickham – Barrio 71
Hide – Fall Down
Gosheven – Do You Think We Can Escape?
Eugenia Georgieva – Anima
Instant Agony – Fashion Police
Blind Willie McTell – Scary Day Blues
Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses – Anima
Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof 1

Kling Klang – Heavydale
Gosheven – Dreaming of Rebirth
Action Pact – London Bouncers
Public Disgrace – Toxteth
Butthole Surfers – Jingle of a Dog’s Collar
Bill Frisell – In Line
Jane Weaver – Lightning Back (Sex Swing Remix)
Dinosaur – Quiet Thunder
Gosheven – Until Exhaustion
Eugenia Georgieva – Po Drum Mome
Beyaz Kelebekler – Dam Ustune Cul Serer
Blind Willie McTell – Southern Can is Mine
Eyolf Dale – Return To Mind
The Toy Dolls – Tommy Kowey’s Car

19th March 2018

Ought – Desire
Object Blue – Cerco De Dues
Sonido Gallo Negro – Tolu
New York Dolls – Babylon Tell Me Your Name
Moon Duo – Square of the Sun
Ka Baird Special Recording
Acre – DNT
Aiden O’Rourke – Do People Still Do This?
Maria Rodriguez – La Tramendu
New York Dolls – Don’t Mess With Cupid
David Byrne – Dog’s Mind
‘Vault’ Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng
Auroura Halal – Overpass (Terrence Dixon Edit)
Pauline Oliveros – Sound Patterns
Eric Chenaux – Bird Moon
Marcus Garvey – Garvey’s Soul
Acre – Android
Aiden O’Rourke – Her Feet Padding Back
Joana Gama & Luis Fernandes – Shaft of Sunlight

12th March 2018

Orqesta Akakan – Mambo Rapidito
Honeymoon Killers – Fonce A Mort
Simply Saucer – Mole Machine
Bonie Jash – Ballen
Cem Kavaka – Paha
‘Rough Guide to the Best Country Blues you Never Heard’ Mississippi Matilda – Hard Working Woman
‘Hexadic III’ Tashi Dorji – KO
Gyan Riley – Flutterbug
Pan Amsterdam – Plus one
Jules Venturini – Trace of Smoke
Cut Chemist ft. Chali 2na & Hymnal – Work My Mind
Ghasper – Satellite
Evidence – Raindrops
Lee Scratch Perry – Evil Brain Rejector
The Turbans – Chubby
‘Ritual Mouth Organs of the Murung’ – Dance for the Sainfina
‘Country Blues’ – Tom Dickinson – Death Beu Blues
Bonie Jash – Fall Into Decay
The Creeping Things – Still At Large
John Peasano – (Maze Runner) – Lawrence’s Final Act

Sunday, April 01, 2018

5th March 2018

PMS 5.3.18

Ebo Taylor – Ankoma’m
Mamouthones – Fear On The Corner
Drinks – Real Outside
Ty Segall – My Lady’s On Fire
Elephant 9 – Dancing With Mr E
Supriyo Dutta/Federico Sanesi – Drut Khayal In Teen Taal
Elliot Galvin – Planet Ping Pong
Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne – White Shirted
Momus – Marquis of Sadness
Wild Havana – Sky Scraper
Entourage – Journey by Water
Bob Thiele Emergency – Lament for John Coltrane
Ryley Walker – Telluide Speed
Chaba Zahouania – Lala Rabite Qualef Alih
Momus – Virtual Reality
Smarhan – Tarha Navi
Station 17 – Blick
Kim Myhr – ‘A’

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

26th Feb 2018

PMS 26.2.18

The Evil Usses – Grouse
Tim Maia – Sordego
Neil Campbell – Children On The Road
‘Rediscovered World’ – Nusrat Iach Ali Chan – Nocr Azli Chamkia
Television Personalities – Hard Luck Story Number 39
The Body – Nothing Stirs
‘The Feed’ – Genot
Telefunken – Song of the Sweep
‘Lost Vinyl’ – Poisoned Electrik Head – Trickeroo
Stig – Pissed As Art
Tim Maia – All I Want
Rival Consoles – Unfolding
Ali Fuat Ayai – Cunk Giuray
The Ed Palermo Big Band – Matah
Conchita Velasco – Color
Putumayo – Africa Cate
Neil Campbell – A Market By The Way (part 2)
J.T. Kyrke – Sinister Presence
The Evil Usses – Wellord J Fowler
Gelu – Pinta Mi Muncho

Sunday, March 04, 2018

5th March 2018

Andrew presenting, George assist

Ebo Taylor- Ankoma'm
Mamuthones- Fear On The Corner
Drinks- Real Outside
Ty Segall- Lady's On Fire
Elephant9- Dancing with Mr E

Supriya Dutta & Federico Sanesi- Drut Khayal in Teen Taal
Elliot Galvin- Planet Ping Pong
Nightports with Matthew Bourne- White Shirted
Momus- Marquis of Sadness
Wild Havana- Skyscraper
Entourage- Journey by Water
Bob Thiele Emergency- Lament for John Coltrane
Ryley Walker- Telluride Speed

REDISCOVERED WORLD- Chaba Zahouania- Lela Rabite Oulef Alih

Momus- Virtual Reality
Imarhan- Tarha Nam
Station 17- Blick
Kim Myhr- A

Saturday, March 03, 2018

19th February 2018

PMS – Music Featured 19-2-18

“Jazz Loves Disney” – Les Corbeaux/Thomas Dutronc – When I See An Elephant Fly
“Casgliad Cae Gwyn” – Omaloma – Ha Ha Ha!
Grupo Kerube (Wgebnda Kenya) – La Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
“Revolutionary Spirit” – It’s Immaterial – A Gigantic Raft in The Philippines
-          Glass Torpedoes – Morning Noon and Night
Nachtbraker – Kippendijen  imarhan – Ehad Wa Dagh
Plaster – Imaginary Friend
“Revolutionary Spirit” – The Melotones – Bomb Sutra 
Dedekind Cut – MMXIX
“Revolutionary Spirit” – The Room – Things Have Learned To Walk That Ought To Crawl
Scott Fagan – South Atlantic Blues
Casbah 73 – Love Saves The Day (Percussion Jam)
The Bridge – Start
“Jazz Loves Disney” – Jacob Collier – Under The Sea
Los Yetis – La Porcino Del Amor
Amnesty – Mister President
“Revolutionary Spirit” – Ambrose Reynolds – He’s Dead Alright
Verneri Pohjola & Mika Kallio – Where Do You Feel At Home
Plaster – The Last goodbye

Imarhan – Tarha Nam      

Sunday, February 25, 2018

12th February 2018

PMS 12.2.18

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – American Guilt
Palm – Dog Milk
Son Lux – Slowly
Momus – Voyager
Erica Eso – Gun metal Grey
Thomas Truax – Precarious Waltz
Jan St. Werner – Insuline
Giant Claw – Soft Channel 001
Johann Johannsson – Odi Et Amo
Bendik Giske – Adjust
Aksak Moboul – Paysage Vole
The Tornados – Scalping Party
Momus – Empress of Hawaii
Zombina & The Skeletones – I Was a Human Bomb
Bardo Pond – Power Children
Thomas Truax – The Mobile Starts To Spin
Park Jiha – Communion
Basi House – Oil Drowning Painting
Cru Servers – Acursed Shore
Station 17 - Dinge

Sunday, February 11, 2018

12th February 2018

Andrew presenting, Karen assist

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- American Guilt
Palm- Dog Milk
Son Lux- Slowly
Momus- Voyager
Erica Eso- Gun Metal Grey
Thomas Truax- Precarious Waltz
Jan St Werner- Insuline
Giant Claw- Soft Channel 001
Johann Johansson- Odi Et Amo

Bendik Giske- Adjust
Aksak Maboul- Paysage Vole
The Tornados- Scalping Party
Momus- Empress Of Hawaii
LOST VINYL- Zombina and the Skeletones- I Was a Human Bomb (for the FBI)

Bardo Pond- Power Children
Thomas Truax- The Mobile Start To Spin
Park Jiha- Communion
Basic House- Oil Drowning Painting
Cru Servers- Acursed Share
Station17- Dinge

Thursday, February 08, 2018

5th February 2018

Hugh Masekala & Letha Mbulu – Mahlalela
Cut Off! Cut Off! - Decollage
Your Food – Leave
Chicos Malos – Mane Barrera
Fire! – Washing Your Heart In Filth
Stravinsky – Infernal Dance of King Kaschei
Wrekmeister Harmonies – Descent Into Blindness
Kyle Carey – For Your Journey
Run Logan Run – The Delicate Balance of Terror
Wooden Shjips – Staring At The Sun
The Shacks – Texas
Camararo – Xaxande Com Garibaldi
Vault - Zen Baseball Bat – I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer
Soft As Snow – Pink Rushes
A Cor Do Som – Alvo Certo
DJ Lily – Backward
Erica Eso – Vaccination Free
Lost Vinyl - The Lost Poets – This Is Madness
Jen Shyu – Contemplation
Erica Eso – Mirror Stage 1
The Fernweh – Timepiece

Stravinsky – Fragments of Symphonies in Memory of Debussy

29th January 2018

The Fall- The Container Drivers
El Mecano Humano- Sucursal
Selda Bagcan- Bundan Sonra
The Fall- Hit The North
Archive Interview- Mark E Smith
Von sudenfed- Flooded
Mouse on Mars- Daylight
RAMZI- In Shed w Tan
Alistair Roberts- Jonny o' The Brine
Aksak Maboul- Palmiers en Pots
Selda Bagcan- Yaylala
Uio Loi- Prist
Digital- Kalashnikov
Vault Choice- Little Annie- Bless Those (Adrian Sherwood)
Catrin Finch & Sekou Keita- 1677
The Spontaneous Music Ensemble- Part 4
Lost Vinyl- Scritti Politti- Bibbly o Tek
Avidor Dro- Varsovia en Llamas
Kannibal Kommix- Neurotic reaction
Yo La Tengo- Shades of Blue
Mouse on Mars- Dimensional Ppl Part 2
The Fall- Blindness (live at the Kazimier)

22nd January 2018

Hollie Cook – Lunar Addiction
Ka Baird – Ka
Madison Washington – Facts
Modern Eon – Euthenics
The Skull Defekts – Brief History of Rhythm
Nordic Raga – Vildhonung
Guillaume Barraud Quartet – Giant Leap
The Bug – Bad Ft. Flowdan
Rodina – Neusi
The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra – Wall Street Rag
“Harvest of a Quiet Eye” – Gosheven – Kitsch Is the New Atonal
Bjork – Where Is the Line
Ant Orange – Drunk In The Trunk
“Harvest of a Quiet Eye” – Lyubocha – Razyaw
Bert Jansch – Oh My babe
The Lightmen – Free As You Wanna Be
Dinosaur L – Go Bang
Ka Baird – You Are Myself
Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne – Exit
Tony, Caro & John – Hole In My Heart

Kronos Quartet – Bella By Barlight

15th January 2018

Sidi Touré – BC
Latyrx – Latyrx
Ella Fitzgerald – Glad To Be Happy
Klaust Johnson & The Type 4c – Verity & Delia
Ashtar Lavanda – Marfa Lights
1954 - Hermohn’s Dream
Shirley Collins – A Rich Iron Lady
Afrika Moma – Umrindo Webhanoy
Brigid Mae Power – I’m Grateful
Bert Jansch – The Waggoner’s Lad
Sidi Touré – Tcubalberu
Latyrx – Funky Granules
Ella Fitzgerald – I’ve Got A Crush On You
Sarah McQuaid – The Day of Wrath, That Day
Vault – Benjamin Zephaniah – No Policemen
Lost Vinyl – Coil – At The Heart of It All
Shirley Collins – Pharoah
D-Glare – Individuals Drowned To A Drone
Brigid Mae Power – How’s Your New Home
Ashtar Lavanda – Moth
The Amnesty – Love Fooles
Sidi Touré – Tchiney

Ella Fitzgerald – Gone With The Wind

8th January 2018

The Shacks – Fly Fishing
Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart
Erica Eso – Mirror Stage II
Cabit – Pastorale Ligure
Burnier & Cartier – Alalia Global
Fela Kuti – Na Poi 75
Nils Oklund Band – Drum
Miri Kat – dl574n7
Ty Segall – Every 1’s A Winner
Hüsker Dü – Termination
Ouzo Basooka – 1001 Nights
Half Japanese – Why Not
Vault – Lonnie Liston Smith – Astral Travelling
Erica Eso – Vaccination Tree
Ange Hardy – Husband John
Miri Kat – lmm3d1473
Cabit – Viniti a Betlemme
Ceno – Around The Corner
Lost Vinyl – Einsturzende Neubautu – Abfackeln!
Hüsker Dü – Winter’s Black
Fela Kuti – Coffin For A Head of State
Burnier & Cartier – Aventura Espacial

Moody Blues - Question

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

1st January 2018

40 for 40 Commissions Special

Lo Five – Clinging To Nothing
Isocore – IV – V
Campbell L. Sangster – 7” Single
Esa Shields – 26
A.P.P.A.t.T – 33 for Roger Hill
Nick Branton & Ferran Besalduch – For PMS
Half Man Half Biscuit – Mandy
Chiz Turnross – Ghost Love
Peter Coyle – For Mark
LUNCH – Twins
The Room In The Woods – Planet 9
Anni Hogan – 40 Years Lost In The Waves
James Binary – Untitled [For John Hall]
LUNA – Wise Men
Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience – 40 years
ATATAT – Moon Landing + 8
Paul Rooney – Author’s Route Through France
Winston Freeman – PMS I Love You

Tandog - Chesil