Tuesday, September 04, 2018

September 2018

PMS - Music Featured - 3.9.18

Rimarimba – Egg Foo Yung (Postcard from Felixstowe)
Upper Wilds – Mars
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Robert Henry – Something’s Wrong With My Loving Machine
Bryan Chapman – Primal
Eme Alfonso – El Bote
Hot Pepper – De La Que Mundo Sea Feliz Vez
Sandro Perri – Andre Ethier – Everybody’s Paris
“Kubrick’s Music” – Henry Hall & The Gleneagles Orchestra – Home
Mogwai – Flee
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Brownie McGhee – My Big Bulldog
The In-Crowd – His Majesty Is Coming
Knife Knights – Seven Wheels In Motion
Liszt – Nuages Gris
Chancha Via Circuito feat. Gianluz – Nino Hermoso
Jodelchorli Schonengrund – Zauerli Mit Talerschwingen
“Downhome Blues – New York….” – Betty James – I’m A Bit Mixed Up
Szun Waves – Temple
John Parrish with P J Harvey – Sorry For Your Loss
Sandro Perri – Everybody’s Paris

PMS - 17.9.18 - Music Featured

The Dorian Concept – Promises
The Nightingales – Big Dave
John Grant – He’s Got His Mother’s Hips
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – GNT
Bixiga 70 – Areia
HHY & The Macumbas – Swisid Mekazine Rejiman
Monotronique – EqEqEqEqEq
Jessica Sligter – State Of The Union
Lo Five – Battle for Nika
Rory Cowal – Clusters I
Marie Davidson – So Right (John Talabot Remix)
Giampiero Boneschi – Fleas Dance
Rediscovered World: “World Percussion” – Karnataka College of Percussion - Konnakkol
Vault: Mountainers – Ripen
Chouke Bwa & The Angstronomers – Electric Mambo
Monotronique – Big Puncher
Qluster – Zeno
Janek Schaefer – Tree At The End Of The World
Marthia Scanlan – Brother Was Dying
“The Rough Guide To Barrellhouse Blues”: Walter Roland – Strut That Thing
Giampiero Boneschi – Lovely Lowry
Broadstrokes – Underwater
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – With Animals
Geir Sundstol - Snev

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 13.8.18

The Residents – Intro
Fanfara Station – Damme
The Legendary Tigerman – Motorcycle Boy
Kristen Hersh – No Shade in Shadow
Jordsjø – The Goddess of Light
Liraz – Nozi Nozi
Bazza Ranks Ft. Dynamite MC – Memories (remix)
Saba – Hanfarkaan
The Residents – Hello Duck Stab
A Certain Ratio – Dirty Boy
Tim Hecker – This Life
Jordsjø – Hekseskogen

Inner Circle – Roadblock
Fanfara Station – Mariage
The Legendary Tigerman – The Saddest Girl on Earth
The Residents – Lingering Illusion
Dur Dur Band - Dab
Juan Atkins – Flash Flood
Laurel Halo – Supine
Dam Funk - Bounce

PMS - Music Featured - 

Goatman – Jaam Ak Salam

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – God
Booker Stardrum – Drim Dram II
Uniform – The Walk
Alba Griot ensemble – Blurred Visions

PMS Session:

Trio Amile –Cheguiei
Trio Amile – Santa Morena
Trio Amile – Delicado

Dead Rider Trio Ft Mr. Paul Williams – Candles of Crabs

Rediscovered World: World Saxophone Quartet – Africa-Europe-Asia
From The Vault: Stig – Lilat Meat Fiasco
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – Source of Conflict
Interrobang – Are You Ready People?
Brooker Stardrum – Five Finger Cloud
Phronesis – The Edge
Papa M – A Lighthouse Reverie
Max Cooper – Rule 110
Pylon 11 – Nordra Ships

Aretha Franklin – Precious Lord Take My Hand

PMS – Music Featured - 27.8.18

White Denim  - Performance
Chalaban – Fulas Hiriza
Mark Greenwood – Ronnie
Animal Collective – Buffalo Tomato
George Fitzgerald – Burns
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core
Simona Abdullah – Live Session – Darbuka & Belly Dance
SUMAC – Attis Blade (beginning)
Olivia Block – 132 Rains for Pipe Organ (ending)
Scotty – Skank In Bed
Roger Edwards – Escape from L7
Bokante and Metropole Orkest – All The Way Home
Gabriel Kahane – November/Singing With A Stranger
Out Of Nations – Out Of Nations
Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks – The Immigrant
“Global Accordion” – Jonas Mate & Kleinbool Motaung Momlikoma
                                - Alsteirirische Harmonika Landler 2 – Original Steurisch     

Animal Collective – Jake And Me

Monday, July 02, 2018

July 2018


Odzharp & Manthe Ribane – standalone
Reggae Roast Sound System – Murder (version)
Geoffrey Oryema – Piri Wango Iya
Tootard – Nasma Jabalyia
Jessica Sligter – The Finest Hour
Milton’s Daughter – Sun

The Trawl with Andrew Hunt

From Reaktorplayer.-
The Simpsons

Emel Mathlouthi – Layem
Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep Pt 1
“Gathered From Co-incidence” – Alan Klein – The Age Of Corruption
Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert – Quantum Theory Love Song
Steve Tilston - Pretty Penny
Nick Cave – New Morning (Live)
Orlando Cachaito Lopez – A Gozer El Tumbao/Cachaito in Laboratory M
Thabang Tabane – Nyanda Yeni

Steven Stills - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes


Millie Jackson – It Hurts So Good
Napoli Mandolin Orchestra – La Legenda/Amarcord
Krisna Das & Light Music Band – Gurans Ko Phool Sirul/Omusango Gwe Nyama
Mugstar – Crampag Smuttem
Mehdi Rostami & Adib Rostami – Delight/Mystic Dance
The Fourth Movement – The Build Up/Revelation’s Eve
Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
Tshengue – Muanapoto
Primitive Art – Squrity
Adonis – No Way Back
Pan e Regaliz – Waiting In The Monster’s Garden
Mick Sussman – Knitted Crypt
Tommy Holohan – Remaining Riogerstown
Young Mothers – Morose

Bark Psychosis – Shape Shifting


Jonathan Bree – Roller Disco
Ekiti Sound – Ife
Protomartyr – Wait
Onkonkolo – Wolenche Por Chango
Szun Waves – Constellation
iZEM – Major Stef
John Coltrane – Nature Boy
Simonah Abdallah – Exclusive Session
Zakir Hussain – Tabla Taal Char Taal Ki Sawari
Prequel Tapes – Clouds
Banny Grove – Be Better
Ty Segall & White Fence – She Is Gold
After The Flood – Higher
The Esoteric Circle – VIPS
Bjarki – 3-1 Tap Lush
Belarisk - & Abscission
Rediscovered World: The Raga Guide (Nimbus Records) – Adana
Drainolith – Difficult Days
Punch Brothers – Three Dots And A Dash
Jali & John – Syria
Khruangbin – Como Me Quires
Googoosh – Gharibe Ashena


Googie Rene – Big Foot
Black Moth – Sisters Of The Storm
Throbbing Gristle – Guts On The Floor
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Xxplosive
‘Re—Discovered World’ Baden Powell – Interrogando
Heldon – Cocaine Blues
Jackie Weaver – The Tingle
A Tiempo Real – Pichòn a Mí

Session by Trio Amilê –
Um Tom Pra Jobim

African Head Charge – Belinda
Dinosaur – Forgive, Forget.
Krink – Voices
Children of Zeus – All On You
NNA Tapes – Caboladies – Virginia
Woodie Guthrie – Dust Storm Disaster
Throbbing Gristle – Oltre la Morte
Heldon – ICS Machinique
Eamonn O’Leary – Harbinger
Sarah Louise – Bowman’s Root
A Tiempo Real – Ay De Mi Capa! Taran Tan Tan
I Got School – Scott Miller

RP Boo – No Body
Bjarki – 7 Filakaramellur Lion Bar
Maracuja – Sambada          
Moskus – Ludwig XIV
“Paradise: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde” – The Flies – I’m Not Your  Stepping Stone
Somni, feat. Nabeyin – Overgrown
R P Boo feat. Phil Crossfire – Flight 1235
Catarina Dos Santos – Nu Sta Pidi Tchuve Doce
Stella Sommer – Birds Of The Night         
Tunde Mabadu – Disco Press Funk
Bonnie Prince Billy – Blueberry Jam
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Say Me Say
Forma – Cut-up
Baris Mancho – Nick The Chopper
Eocity – Eowar
Nicolas Wiese – When We Was Trapped (Bambi Quartet)
Didi Kern & Phillip Quehenberger – Linz B
Paul Frick – Great Song Title No 9
Andrea Benini – El Guerrero

Sevda - Mahur 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 2018


Proc Fiskal – Dopamine
Oneohtrix Point Never – Same
Madison Washington – Baytrified
Alexander Tucker – Objects
Glenn Jones – River In The Sky
Lucaufer – Pupa ft. yma
Leo Hoftsaes + Loto Retine – Red Feelings
Ryley Walker – Accomodations
Yvonne Prenosilova + The Apollobeat – Byls MaBoj
The Cradle – Holding + Holding
Ty Sygall + white Fence – Good Boy
Henrick Schwartz – Gygylili
Nobovar + Shams Group – Az Ghani Tu
Lee Scratch Perry – One Armed Boxers
Proc Fiskal – Kountinuance
Ryley Walker – Expired
OPN – we’ll Take It
Leo Hoffsaes + Loto Retina – I’d Like to Tell Her
Anton Le Vey – Book IV
JC Leisure – N.A. Beginner
Mark – Know No But Only In
Glenn Jones – The Last Passenger Pigeon

Ben Vince - Assimilation


“Disques Debs International” – Les Aiglons – Les Aiglons Ka Satisfait
Kassav’ – An-Ba-Chen’n La
Laura Veirs – Zozobra
Lucrecia Dalt – Edge
Claire Welles – Birds Smashing Into Windows
Neko Case – The Last Lion Of Albion
Eric Chenaux – Spring Has been A Long Time Coming
                        - There’s Our Love
The Last Poets – Jones Coming Down   
Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat – We & We in Azawad
Klezmerish – Dark Eyes
Vainio & Vigroux – Un Peu De Soleil
Belp – By Beauteous Softness
Laura Veirs – Everybody Needs You
Hainbach – We Meet To End
Special Request – Looking Glass
Ben Vince feat. Micachu – What I Can See
Lagartijeando – Malandro De Boa
Neko Case – Dirty Diamond
Don Pepper – Min Orkizese


Shina Williams – Cunny Jam Wayo
Max Cooper – Hope
Angelique Kidjo – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Ananda Bhattacharya – Jai Ganesh
Pram – Shimmer & Disappear
Jim O’Rourke – Terracota
Mark – Know No But Only In
Young Fathers – Holy Ghost
Son House – Bird In Your Tree
Alan Chamois – Let me
Machine Gun Hogg + Co. – Bed Bound Saga
Reinartz – s_pace03       
N1L – crawlspace
Astor Piazzola – Milonga Loca
Gwenifer Raymond – Sometimes There’s Blood
Anne James Chaton + Andy Moor – Coquins Coquettes et Cocus
Belp – Travelling Thru Galaxies
Laurence Pike – Distant Early Warning
Garotas Suecas – Futuro Do Preterito


Otto Van Scirach – I Am Dracolo
Perfume Genius – Braid
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Spiritualised – I’m Your Man
Halo Maude – Chanceuse
P.H.O.R.K. – No Afterlife
Stuart Staples – Into The Grey
Khetan Bhatti – Nodding Terms
Lean Vynehall – From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)
Ezra Collective – Mace
Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well
Rat Bat Kit – Freedom of The Market
P.H.O.R.K. – Get That One Note

Vault – Mountainerrs – Ripe
Manu Dibango – Gumbo Juice
Perfume Genius – Just Like Love
Body/Head – You Don’t Need
Mount Glorious – Sampology
Otto Van Schirach – The UFO Is Waiting
Leroy Hudson – After The Fight
Lean Vynehall – Drinking It In Again
Youth Of The Apocalypse – Drop The Bomb Ft. MF Doom.
A Perfect Circle - Dissolution

Monday, June 04, 2018

28th May 2018

PMS Music Featured 28.5.18

Mercedes Peon – Deixaas
Yo La Tengo – You Are Here
Steve Malkmus & The Jicks – Cast Off
Takotsubo Men – 5ft Vicious
Jenny Hval – Spells
Re-Discovered World -
                Frank A. Douglas – Love Song
                Frank A. Douglas – Grizzly Bear War Song
                Frank A. Douglas – Rabbit Song

The Feed – Upitup Records 15th Birthday feature.

Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band – Rain From The Sky
Dave Jackson The Room In The Wood – Greedy Stars
Ravi Shankar – Tilak Shyam
Yasmine Hamdan – K2 by Cubenx
Modeselecktor – Actress Watercolour Challenge
Jenny Hval – The Dreamer Is Everyone In Her Dream
Bessie Smith – Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Brendon Anderegg – June
Mercedes Peon – Ela Propon
Pavement – Perfume – V

Project Pablo – There’s Always More At The Store

Monday, May 21, 2018

21st May 2018

21st May 2018
Kate NV – Oak
Orfeon Gagarin – Teatro Sucio
Tanya Tagaq – Run To The Hills
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Galya Beat
Neurosis – Pain of Mind
Joshua Burnside – Paul
The Sylvers – Handle It
Dubphone – Fiul Risipitor
Glenn Branca – Symphony No.1 Tonal Plexus
Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush
Kepla & Deforrest Brown Jr. – Reflex and Bone Structure
From the Vault – Claudya on Ramon – Un million De Lagrimas
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS
Ga-Nu – Waiting For You
Rediscovered World – Amalia Rodriguez – Barco Negro
Invisible System – Banjougou
Andrew Tuttle – A Winding River
Lost Vinyl – The Durutti Column – Royal Infirmary
Sarah Jones – Listen People
Oliver Coates – Sky With Nameless Colours

14th May 2018

14.5.18 PMS Music Featured

Anmar 808 – Sidi Kommi
Thundercat – Final Fight
Rev Magnetic – Like No Girl That Ever Was
In Atoms – The Imago
Tirzah – Gladly
Insecure Men – Subaru Nights
Mandy Patinkin – Living Without You
Death and the Maiden – Wisteria
Damian Jurado – Allocate
Harry Partch – The Bewitching
Tsembla – Penumbra
Oliver Coates – Charlev
Etran Finatawa – Matinfa
Lost Vinyl – Cap Horn
Mandy Patinkin – I Have Found My Happiness
Elina Duni – Let Us Dive In
Rev Magnetic – Don’t Let Joy Destroy You
Rediscovered World – Alpha Blondy & The Wailer – Boulevard de la Mort
Sean Shibe – Killer
Bodies on Everest – Suspicious Canoe

7th May 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 7.5.18
The Aleph – When You’re With Emily
Lord Beginner with Cyril Blake’s Calypso Band – General Election
Bonnacons Of Doom – Solus
“African Scream Contest 2” – Super Borgou de Parakou – Baba L’Oke Ba’Wegbe
A Hawk And A Hacksaw – A Broken Road Lined With Poplar Trees
Pop Levi - Spell On Me

The Trawl - with Andy Hunt
- P.Adrix – Ovni
- Oneohtrix Point Never – Black Swan
- Kelly Moran – Freesia
- Nicholas Collins – Broken Light 1, Corelli
- Ylang Ylang – Serpent Symbolism

Sophia George – Girlie Girlie
The Aleph – Lightbulbs
“Greece” – Michalis Terzis & Vasilis Skoulas - Diskoli Pou’nai I Lefteria
“Mexico” – Chogo Prudente – Luz De Luna
Melissa Laveaux – Jolibwa
Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids – Soliloquy For Michael Brown
Dick Gaughan – What You Do With What You’ve Got
“African Scream Contest 2” – Les Sympathics De Porto-Novo – A Min We Vo Nou We
Duck Baker – Allah, Perhaps

30th April 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 30.4.18
Shudder To Think – White Page
Ora Iso – From The Hallway To The Door
Sons Of Kemet – My Queen is Mamie Phipps Clark
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Announcment
                                    - Swerving The Checkatrade
Vitamin String Quartet – New Slaves
Laurie Anderson & The Kronos Quartet – Everything As Floating
The Lightmen Plus One – Blue Tip
Aidan Moffat & R M Hubbert – Party On
Splashgirl – Monsoon
Laurie Anderson & The Kronos Quartet – Dreams
Asha Bhosle – Dil Cheez Kya Hai
Sounds Inc – Taboo
Samba Toure – Hayame (Be Careful!)
Sons Of Kemet – My Queen Is Nanny Of The Maroons
Half Man Half Biscuit – Every Time A Bell Rings
Ora Iso – No Fish
Grouper – Blouse
Hungarian Sample Heritage Band – Cream (Krem)
                                                         - Socialist Beat
                                                         - Propaganda
Jo Passed – Glass
The Lightmen Plus One – Sorrow Bitterness & Revolution

23rd April 2018

PMS 23rd April 2018
Cuaseres – Chasers
Madison Washington – Fact
Stef Animal – Duck
Malphino – Impict ken
Yonara Gat – Cue The Machines
Christina Vantzou – Garden of Forking Paths
Soul – Collecta Holloway – Only A Fool
Re-discovered World – Alpha Blondy
Son Of Sam – Fighting Tank
Entreprise – Grad Blaey Erichu
Stef Animal – Running Music
Vitamin String Quartet – Poker Face
Gaya – House At The Sec
From the Vault – Zukanicon  - Exhaust Traumathu
Stef Animal – Care Story
Space Magic Fly – Greg Wilson & Peza Mix
Cuasares – Ancestral
Bagarre – Le Gouffre
Lost Vinyl – Diamada Galas – Eyes Without Blood
Christina Vantzou – String Quartet no.4
Pdonio – Infoncia e iniciacion de crest
Cuasares – Ancestral
Grawl X – Appendix B
U-ziq – Do Da Du
Stef Animal – Ian Have Pono
Yanatan Gat – Dream Sequence
Malphino – La Bella Ilsa

15th April 2018

Andrew presenting, Rory assist

Kwes- Bloxconnor
Proc Fiskal- Dishwasher
Soccer96- I Dreamt About It
Ben Vince feat Micachu- What i Can See
Leya- Seek
Pere Ubu- Talk To Me

Aquaserge- C'est Pas Tout Mais
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland- Sog
Mike Donovan- Chapel Of Peace
John Parrish- Le Passage Devant Nous
Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno- Lizard Point
Omara Portuondo- Maripasta de Primavera
Ursula Le Guin & Todd Barton- A River Song and A Quail Song
Malphino- Impian Ku

REDISCOVERED WORLD- Omara Portuondo- Ella y Yo
Big Mama Thornton- Hound Dog
Hugh Masekela- Child of The Earth
Pere Ubu- Mirror Man
Aquaserge- My Funny Valentine
Leya- Sister
Valentina Magaletti- Valentina Plays the Batterie Fragile
Isaac Navarro- Waiting For Light
Slagr- September
Kink Gong- C5
Michael Winter- chorale and finely tuned resonators

Sunday, April 15, 2018

9th April 2018

PMS – Music Featured - 9.4.18

E - Down She Goes
Yo La Tengo – Let’s Do It All Wrong
Luxus Varta – Gomjet
Joan As Policewoman – Wonderful
King Sunny Ade & The Green Spots Band – Rex Lawson
Mary Gauthier – Iraq

The Trawl with Andrew Hunt

E Ruscha V + Woo- Woo are You? (Beats In Space)
Ursula Le Guin + Todd Barton- Heron Dance (Freedom To Spend)
Brother May- Smoke Screen (Curl)
Sim Hutchins- Lets Comodify Our Love (Local Action)
The Hollow Man- Escape To Ecstasy

Nina Simone – Just Like A Woman
Yo La Tengo – What Chance Have I Got
Joan As Policewoman – Warning Bell
P M Dawn – Even After I Die
Oliver Way (ft. Jasmin and Liam Nolan) – Dust Storm
Sleeping Ducks – Rules Of A Naughty Sport
“Rhythm Passport Compilation” – Sofiane Saidi & Mazelda – El Ndjoum
Phill Musra Group – The Creator Is So Far Out
Yo La Tengo – Here You Are
King Sunny Ade & The Green Spots Band – Dr Sahendeni

Monday, April 02, 2018

2nd April 2018

Screaming Love Collective – Yeah
Cut Chemist – Wrap Ft. Myka 9 & Deantoni Parks
Swarm Intelligence – I Prey On Your Fear
Elysia Crampton – Moscow Mariposa Voladora
Colonel Faat – Boh Banah
Your Food – Baby Jesus
Cannonball Statman – She’s In Rehabilitation
Gitkin – Tail Chaser
Splashgirl – Monsoon
Roller Trio – Mad Dryad
Issac Navaro – Something Out of the Day
Del & Amp Live – Wheel of Fortune
Sofiane Saldi & Mazalda – El Ndjoum
‘Vault’ Big Maybelle – Ocean of Tears
Cannonball Statman – Courier Says
Anouar Brahem – Waking State
Schlammpeltziger – Angerrestbay
Marisa Anderson – Angel’s Rest
Elysia Crampton – Oscollo
Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse, David McGuiness – Babylon
‘Lost Vinyl’ Strafe Für Rebellion – In Egypt in the month of May
Gary Stroutsos – Fourth World

James Romig - Still

26th March 2018

Poison Girls – Pretty Polly
Uzgin Uver ft Pollyflow – Shirat HaYam
Chip Wickham – Barrio 71
Hide – Fall Down
Gosheven – Do You Think We Can Escape?
Eugenia Georgieva – Anima
Instant Agony – Fashion Police
Blind Willie McTell – Scary Day Blues
Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses – Anima
Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof 1

Kling Klang – Heavydale
Gosheven – Dreaming of Rebirth
Action Pact – London Bouncers
Public Disgrace – Toxteth
Butthole Surfers – Jingle of a Dog’s Collar
Bill Frisell – In Line
Jane Weaver – Lightning Back (Sex Swing Remix)
Dinosaur – Quiet Thunder
Gosheven – Until Exhaustion
Eugenia Georgieva – Po Drum Mome
Beyaz Kelebekler – Dam Ustune Cul Serer
Blind Willie McTell – Southern Can is Mine
Eyolf Dale – Return To Mind
The Toy Dolls – Tommy Kowey’s Car

19th March 2018

Ought – Desire
Object Blue – Cerco De Dues
Sonido Gallo Negro – Tolu
New York Dolls – Babylon Tell Me Your Name
Moon Duo – Square of the Sun
Ka Baird Special Recording
Acre – DNT
Aiden O’Rourke – Do People Still Do This?
Maria Rodriguez – La Tramendu
New York Dolls – Don’t Mess With Cupid
David Byrne – Dog’s Mind
‘Vault’ Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng
Auroura Halal – Overpass (Terrence Dixon Edit)
Pauline Oliveros – Sound Patterns
Eric Chenaux – Bird Moon
Marcus Garvey – Garvey’s Soul
Acre – Android
Aiden O’Rourke – Her Feet Padding Back
Joana Gama & Luis Fernandes – Shaft of Sunlight

12th March 2018

Orqesta Akakan – Mambo Rapidito
Honeymoon Killers – Fonce A Mort
Simply Saucer – Mole Machine
Bonie Jash – Ballen
Cem Kavaka – Paha
‘Rough Guide to the Best Country Blues you Never Heard’ Mississippi Matilda – Hard Working Woman
‘Hexadic III’ Tashi Dorji – KO
Gyan Riley – Flutterbug
Pan Amsterdam – Plus one
Jules Venturini – Trace of Smoke
Cut Chemist ft. Chali 2na & Hymnal – Work My Mind
Ghasper – Satellite
Evidence – Raindrops
Lee Scratch Perry – Evil Brain Rejector
The Turbans – Chubby
‘Ritual Mouth Organs of the Murung’ – Dance for the Sainfina
‘Country Blues’ – Tom Dickinson – Death Beu Blues
Bonie Jash – Fall Into Decay
The Creeping Things – Still At Large
John Peasano – (Maze Runner) – Lawrence’s Final Act

Sunday, April 01, 2018

5th March 2018

PMS 5.3.18

Ebo Taylor – Ankoma’m
Mamouthones – Fear On The Corner
Drinks – Real Outside
Ty Segall – My Lady’s On Fire
Elephant 9 – Dancing With Mr E
Supriyo Dutta/Federico Sanesi – Drut Khayal In Teen Taal
Elliot Galvin – Planet Ping Pong
Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne – White Shirted
Momus – Marquis of Sadness
Wild Havana – Sky Scraper
Entourage – Journey by Water
Bob Thiele Emergency – Lament for John Coltrane
Ryley Walker – Telluide Speed
Chaba Zahouania – Lala Rabite Qualef Alih
Momus – Virtual Reality
Smarhan – Tarha Navi
Station 17 – Blick
Kim Myhr – ‘A’

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

26th Feb 2018

PMS 26.2.18

The Evil Usses – Grouse
Tim Maia – Sordego
Neil Campbell – Children On The Road
‘Rediscovered World’ – Nusrat Iach Ali Chan – Nocr Azli Chamkia
Television Personalities – Hard Luck Story Number 39
The Body – Nothing Stirs
‘The Feed’ – Genot
Telefunken – Song of the Sweep
‘Lost Vinyl’ – Poisoned Electrik Head – Trickeroo
Stig – Pissed As Art
Tim Maia – All I Want
Rival Consoles – Unfolding
Ali Fuat Ayai – Cunk Giuray
The Ed Palermo Big Band – Matah
Conchita Velasco – Color
Putumayo – Africa Cate
Neil Campbell – A Market By The Way (part 2)
J.T. Kyrke – Sinister Presence
The Evil Usses – Wellord J Fowler
Gelu – Pinta Mi Muncho

Sunday, March 04, 2018

5th March 2018

Andrew presenting, George assist

Ebo Taylor- Ankoma'm
Mamuthones- Fear On The Corner
Drinks- Real Outside
Ty Segall- Lady's On Fire
Elephant9- Dancing with Mr E

Supriya Dutta & Federico Sanesi- Drut Khayal in Teen Taal
Elliot Galvin- Planet Ping Pong
Nightports with Matthew Bourne- White Shirted
Momus- Marquis of Sadness
Wild Havana- Skyscraper
Entourage- Journey by Water
Bob Thiele Emergency- Lament for John Coltrane
Ryley Walker- Telluride Speed

REDISCOVERED WORLD- Chaba Zahouania- Lela Rabite Oulef Alih

Momus- Virtual Reality
Imarhan- Tarha Nam
Station 17- Blick
Kim Myhr- A

Saturday, March 03, 2018

19th February 2018

PMS – Music Featured 19-2-18

“Jazz Loves Disney” – Les Corbeaux/Thomas Dutronc – When I See An Elephant Fly
“Casgliad Cae Gwyn” – Omaloma – Ha Ha Ha!
Grupo Kerube (Wgebnda Kenya) – La Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
“Revolutionary Spirit” – It’s Immaterial – A Gigantic Raft in The Philippines
-          Glass Torpedoes – Morning Noon and Night
Nachtbraker – Kippendijen  imarhan – Ehad Wa Dagh
Plaster – Imaginary Friend
“Revolutionary Spirit” – The Melotones – Bomb Sutra 
Dedekind Cut – MMXIX
“Revolutionary Spirit” – The Room – Things Have Learned To Walk That Ought To Crawl
Scott Fagan – South Atlantic Blues
Casbah 73 – Love Saves The Day (Percussion Jam)
The Bridge – Start
“Jazz Loves Disney” – Jacob Collier – Under The Sea
Los Yetis – La Porcino Del Amor
Amnesty – Mister President
“Revolutionary Spirit” – Ambrose Reynolds – He’s Dead Alright
Verneri Pohjola & Mika Kallio – Where Do You Feel At Home
Plaster – The Last goodbye

Imarhan – Tarha Nam      

Sunday, February 25, 2018

12th February 2018

PMS 12.2.18

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – American Guilt
Palm – Dog Milk
Son Lux – Slowly
Momus – Voyager
Erica Eso – Gun metal Grey
Thomas Truax – Precarious Waltz
Jan St. Werner – Insuline
Giant Claw – Soft Channel 001
Johann Johannsson – Odi Et Amo
Bendik Giske – Adjust
Aksak Moboul – Paysage Vole
The Tornados – Scalping Party
Momus – Empress of Hawaii
Zombina & The Skeletones – I Was a Human Bomb
Bardo Pond – Power Children
Thomas Truax – The Mobile Starts To Spin
Park Jiha – Communion
Basi House – Oil Drowning Painting
Cru Servers – Acursed Shore
Station 17 - Dinge

Sunday, February 11, 2018

12th February 2018

Andrew presenting, Karen assist

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- American Guilt
Palm- Dog Milk
Son Lux- Slowly
Momus- Voyager
Erica Eso- Gun Metal Grey
Thomas Truax- Precarious Waltz
Jan St Werner- Insuline
Giant Claw- Soft Channel 001
Johann Johansson- Odi Et Amo

Bendik Giske- Adjust
Aksak Maboul- Paysage Vole
The Tornados- Scalping Party
Momus- Empress Of Hawaii
LOST VINYL- Zombina and the Skeletones- I Was a Human Bomb (for the FBI)

Bardo Pond- Power Children
Thomas Truax- The Mobile Start To Spin
Park Jiha- Communion
Basic House- Oil Drowning Painting
Cru Servers- Acursed Share
Station17- Dinge

Thursday, February 08, 2018

5th February 2018

Hugh Masekala & Letha Mbulu – Mahlalela
Cut Off! Cut Off! - Decollage
Your Food – Leave
Chicos Malos – Mane Barrera
Fire! – Washing Your Heart In Filth
Stravinsky – Infernal Dance of King Kaschei
Wrekmeister Harmonies – Descent Into Blindness
Kyle Carey – For Your Journey
Run Logan Run – The Delicate Balance of Terror
Wooden Shjips – Staring At The Sun
The Shacks – Texas
Camararo – Xaxande Com Garibaldi
Vault - Zen Baseball Bat – I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer
Soft As Snow – Pink Rushes
A Cor Do Som – Alvo Certo
DJ Lily – Backward
Erica Eso – Vaccination Free
Lost Vinyl - The Lost Poets – This Is Madness
Jen Shyu – Contemplation
Erica Eso – Mirror Stage 1
The Fernweh – Timepiece

Stravinsky – Fragments of Symphonies in Memory of Debussy

29th January 2018

The Fall- The Container Drivers
El Mecano Humano- Sucursal
Selda Bagcan- Bundan Sonra
The Fall- Hit The North
Archive Interview- Mark E Smith
Von sudenfed- Flooded
Mouse on Mars- Daylight
RAMZI- In Shed w Tan
Alistair Roberts- Jonny o' The Brine
Aksak Maboul- Palmiers en Pots
Selda Bagcan- Yaylala
Uio Loi- Prist
Digital- Kalashnikov
Vault Choice- Little Annie- Bless Those (Adrian Sherwood)
Catrin Finch & Sekou Keita- 1677
The Spontaneous Music Ensemble- Part 4
Lost Vinyl- Scritti Politti- Bibbly o Tek
Avidor Dro- Varsovia en Llamas
Kannibal Kommix- Neurotic reaction
Yo La Tengo- Shades of Blue
Mouse on Mars- Dimensional Ppl Part 2
The Fall- Blindness (live at the Kazimier)

22nd January 2018

Hollie Cook – Lunar Addiction
Ka Baird – Ka
Madison Washington – Facts
Modern Eon – Euthenics
The Skull Defekts – Brief History of Rhythm
Nordic Raga – Vildhonung
Guillaume Barraud Quartet – Giant Leap
The Bug – Bad Ft. Flowdan
Rodina – Neusi
The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra – Wall Street Rag
“Harvest of a Quiet Eye” – Gosheven – Kitsch Is the New Atonal
Bjork – Where Is the Line
Ant Orange – Drunk In The Trunk
“Harvest of a Quiet Eye” – Lyubocha – Razyaw
Bert Jansch – Oh My babe
The Lightmen – Free As You Wanna Be
Dinosaur L – Go Bang
Ka Baird – You Are Myself
Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne – Exit
Tony, Caro & John – Hole In My Heart

Kronos Quartet – Bella By Barlight

15th January 2018

Sidi Touré – BC
Latyrx – Latyrx
Ella Fitzgerald – Glad To Be Happy
Klaust Johnson & The Type 4c – Verity & Delia
Ashtar Lavanda – Marfa Lights
1954 - Hermohn’s Dream
Shirley Collins – A Rich Iron Lady
Afrika Moma – Umrindo Webhanoy
Brigid Mae Power – I’m Grateful
Bert Jansch – The Waggoner’s Lad
Sidi Touré – Tcubalberu
Latyrx – Funky Granules
Ella Fitzgerald – I’ve Got A Crush On You
Sarah McQuaid – The Day of Wrath, That Day
Vault – Benjamin Zephaniah – No Policemen
Lost Vinyl – Coil – At The Heart of It All
Shirley Collins – Pharoah
D-Glare – Individuals Drowned To A Drone
Brigid Mae Power – How’s Your New Home
Ashtar Lavanda – Moth
The Amnesty – Love Fooles
Sidi Touré – Tchiney

Ella Fitzgerald – Gone With The Wind

8th January 2018

The Shacks – Fly Fishing
Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart
Erica Eso – Mirror Stage II
Cabit – Pastorale Ligure
Burnier & Cartier – Alalia Global
Fela Kuti – Na Poi 75
Nils Oklund Band – Drum
Miri Kat – dl574n7
Ty Segall – Every 1’s A Winner
Hüsker Dü – Termination
Ouzo Basooka – 1001 Nights
Half Japanese – Why Not
Vault – Lonnie Liston Smith – Astral Travelling
Erica Eso – Vaccination Tree
Ange Hardy – Husband John
Miri Kat – lmm3d1473
Cabit – Viniti a Betlemme
Ceno – Around The Corner
Lost Vinyl – Einsturzende Neubautu – Abfackeln!
Hüsker Dü – Winter’s Black
Fela Kuti – Coffin For A Head of State
Burnier & Cartier – Aventura Espacial

Moody Blues - Question

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

1st January 2018

40 for 40 Commissions Special

Lo Five – Clinging To Nothing
Isocore – IV – V
Campbell L. Sangster – 7” Single
Esa Shields – 26
A.P.P.A.t.T – 33 for Roger Hill
Nick Branton & Ferran Besalduch – For PMS
Half Man Half Biscuit – Mandy
Chiz Turnross – Ghost Love
Peter Coyle – For Mark
LUNCH – Twins
The Room In The Woods – Planet 9
Anni Hogan – 40 Years Lost In The Waves
James Binary – Untitled [For John Hall]
LUNA – Wise Men
Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience – 40 years
ATATAT – Moon Landing + 8
Paul Rooney – Author’s Route Through France
Winston Freeman – PMS I Love You

Tandog - Chesil

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

25th December 2017

Oumou Songare – Fadjamou
Laurel Halo – Moontalk
Jackie Shane – Raindrops
Golden Retriever – Tessellation
Chris Wood – So Much To Defend
Offa Rex – Queen of Hearts
Cameleon – La Rosee Si Feulles
Ifriqiyya Electrique – Arrah Arrah Abbaina
Gosheven – Memory Failure
The Magnetic Fields – Me and Fred and Dave & Ted
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – A Kid
Mehmet – един
Isocore – Meridionale
XPhone Tweeted Hatena – 027
Nihiloxia – Choir Chops
M.T. Hall – Living Backwards
Mzee wa Bwax – Mshamba Video Mster
Phonophi – Animal Imagination
Paul Rooney – Sunday Best

18th December 2017

Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet – Lila Bambo
The Fall – Fol de Rol
Birthing Hips – No Pressure
Sabusile Xaba – Wompona
Julie Fowls – The Porridge Man
UFOMammut – Fatum
Lee Gamble – Ghost
Mississippi John Hurt – Candyman
Saz-iso – Tana
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Am Learning
Jose Van Wissem – The Empty Cup of Suffering
Watusi Zombie – Jon Davis
Jonathan Raisin & Philip Jeck – 40 Times
The Body & Full of Hell – Light Penetrates
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita – Ceffylan
Hanne Hukkelberry – Irl
Akira Kosemira – Dedicated to Laura Palman
Justin Walter - Isotope

Sunday, December 17, 2017

11th December 2017

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices – Pora Sotunda
Mahalia Jackson – What the World Needs Now
Birthing Hips – No Pressure 1
Ersen – Yedin Beni
Erlen Apneseth Trio – Utferd
Binary Digit – Berriat Acid
Uneo Takashi – Two
Atamina – When Two Elephants Fight
Birthing Hips – I Want This Place Impeccable
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Oyster
Gil Scott Heron – I Think I’ll Call It Morning
Keiji Haino & SUMAC – I’m Over 137%
Yasmin Hamden – Café
Floyd Levine – Masala (David Mayer Remix)
Dirtmusic – Bu Bir Ruya
The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices – Ganka
Hermeto Pascoal – Mavumvavumpefoco
Bardo Pond – Crossover
Julius Eastman – The Zurich Concert (excerpt)

4th December 2017

Hermeto Pascoal + Grupo Vice Versa – Mavumavavumperfoco
Mary Ocher – Blue Crystal Fire (Ft. Julia Kent)
Carla Dal Forno – Make Up Talk
Sun Araw – A golden Boot
Miles Davis – Black Satin
Nadah El Shazly – Palmyra
Avalon Emerson – Finally Some Common Ground

From the Archives – Naffi HQ + ‘Rahmatullah’

Lo Five – Glorified Beauty
Hermeto Pascoal – Natal
F.S. Blumm – Everything Burns
The Stevens – I Know Charles Jerry
Paddy Steer – Clap Yer Daft Head
Claire Welles – ITV Schools
Zurkas Tepla – Track 1
Enchanted Lads – All Silver + Shadows + Visions of Things Not Seen
Minereed + Marble – Vyasa
Perc – Exit (pessimist mix)

Monday, November 27, 2017

27th November 2017


Hamad Kalkaba & The Golden Sounds – Astadjan Dada Sare

The Residents – Satisfaction
I Ludicrous – It’s All Free
Trio Dhoore – Endless Dancing
“Tokyo Nights” – Hitomi Tohyama – Exotic Yokogao

“Voices Of Central Asia” – Sound Montage by Roger Hill

A taxi-ride in Almaty the Second city of Kazakhstan
and from that city Ruth Jenrbekova, transgender artist and activist, plays some Siberian punk
The sound of prayers in the Hazrat Sultan Mosque in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, complete with mobile phone
A virtuoso display of Central Asian vocal technique from an outdoor concert as part of the World Festival of Epics in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan
A wedding band in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan
and also from Tajikistan a local musician plays the setor, a sitar-like stringed instrument, in the local Sufi museum at Yang
Another wedding band, this time from Samarkand in central Uzbekistan
A Russian busker playing a familiar song on the banks of the Ishim River in Astana
and finally the truly astonishing echo in the 12th Century Tomb of Sultan Sanjar at the centre of the historic site of Merv in Turkmenistan

Jen Shyu – Dark Road Silent Moon

West Coat Experimental Pop Art Band – Suppose They Gave A War And No One Came
The Residents – Spotted Pinto Bean
Tootard – A’sfur
Jen Shyu – World Of Java
Ella Fitzgerald – Someone To Watch Over Me
Anouar Brahem – Persepolis’s Mirage
Bill Mackay & Ryley walker – Lonesome Traveller
Opdot – Mollify
“Tokyo Nights” – RA MU – Ai We Kokoro No Shigoto Desu (Love Is A Work Of Mind)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

20th November 2017

Ruthven- Evil
Fabiana Palladino- Mystery

Half Man Half Biscuit- Mandy (40 for 40 Commission)

The Jazz Butcher- Big Foot Motel
Visionist- Your Approval
E. Sagillia- Stature & Scent

Jah Wobble Archive Interview

Iku Sakan- Warm Glow
Evitceles- She Blinks Beside Me
Thomas Truax- Save Me
Jon Thorne- Really
Gaika- The Riches

Liverpool Scene- Batman
Effi Duke and the Love Family- The Time Is Come
Virginia Wing and Xam Duo- Melon Pan
Hainbach- Such Plans
Lee Gamble- Quadripoints
Helena Hauff- Gift

David Sylvian- Red Guitar (Lost Vinyl)
Burgos Buschini Duo- Un Tal Lucas
Lisa Mezzacappa- City of Wonders
Dead Fader- Raw Food (Roly Porter remix)

Friday, November 17, 2017

13th November 2017

PMS 13.11.17
The Dirtbombs – Stupid Stupid
Julie Fowlis – Fear a’bhrochain/Domhnall binn ( The Porridge man/Sweet-voiced Donald)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Will Make Room
Skinny Puppy – Blood on the Wall
Josef van Wissum – The Empty Cup of Suffering
Lucho Neves y su Orquesta – Caymeñita
‘From The Archive’ – Steve Reich interviewed by Roger Hill
Sweatson Klank – Smile
Karen Owen – Dwy Chwaer
QST – QST 61
Funkadelic – Music 4 My Mother (Underground Resistance Mix)
Julie Fowlis – Windward Away

The Jonzun Crew – Pack jam ( Look Out For The O.V.C.)
28 Costumes – Blame (Germanager Remix)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Am Learning
Skinny Puppy – Sleeping Beast
Gary Husband – Lotus Feet Reflections
‘Lost Vinyl’ – Residents – Return To Sender
Josef van Wissum – Let Us Come Before His Presence in his Hands Are All The Corners
Julie Fowlis – Oran an roin (Seal Song)
’40 for 40 commission’ – Psycho & Plastic – 39 of 40
John Luongo/Santana – One Chain
Karen Owen – Dwyt ti ddim yn hen, Twm!

Friday, November 03, 2017

30th October 2017

Slowdive – Don’t Know Why
The Body & Full of Hell – Didn’t the Night End
Tootard – Bayati Blues
Koeosaeme – Head
Maya Youssef – Hi Jazz
Lee Gamble – Swerva

40 for 40 number 37: Nick Branton & Ferran Besalduch – For PMS

Richard Horowitz – 23-8 for Conlan Nancarrow
The Go! Team – Semicircle Song
The Body & Full of Hell – The King Laid Bare
Lapalux – Complectual
Dan Deacon – Horn Phase

Vault – Dalmation Rex & the Egentones – The Loch Ness Monster

Maya Youssef – Horizon
Lee Gamble – Ghost

From The Archives:
A.p.p.a.t.t – Nice 2
A.p.p.a.t.t – Holy Toad

Mississippi John Hurt – Candy Man
Erik Honore – Surge
Dmitry Evragov – Wandering
Koeosame – nth
Tom Arthurs & Isambard Khroustaliov – Sea Interval
Mississippi John Hurt – Talking Casey
Tariverdiev – Morning In The Mountains

Sunday, October 29, 2017

22nd October 2017

PMS 22.10.2017

Ty Segall – Meaning
M.E.S.H – Search. Reveal
Bozambo – Kombisse
Saicobab – Bx Ax BX
Emptyset – Skin II

40 for 40 Comission 36: Beatnik Hurricane – Grooves for PMS

Dustin Carlson – Shakes
Tariverdiev – Memory
M.E.S.H – Signal Ride Drum
Rhos Male Voice Choir – Tydi a Radadist

Vault: The Watersons – The Plains of Mexico

Robert Logan – Relative
Circuit Des Yeux – Paper Bag

From The Archives: The La’s – Dovecot Dub

Iglooghost – White Gum
Jane Ira Bloom – Other Eyes
Catrin Finch + Seckou Keita – Ceffylau
Green & Glass – Night Runner

Lost Vinyl: DJ Krush - Anticipation

Thursday, October 19, 2017

15th October 2017

PMS 15.10.17

Hanne Hukkelberg – Irl
Sassy 009 – Pretty baby
Weaves – Scream
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Poodle Rockin
’40 for 40’ – The Aleph - 5 On A Carcass Beat
Moloko – Day For Night
Spaceheads – Fanfare For The Exiles

‘Archive’ Half Man Half Biscuit Session from 2007.

‘Vault’ Vassilis Tsitsanis  - Das Schiff Aus Parisien
Hundred Waters – Prison Guard
Miles Davis – Lenny
Lankum – What Will We Do When We Have No Money
Moloko – Do You Like My Tight Sweater
Kjetil Mulelid Trio – Fly, Fly
Hanne Hukkelbery – Duper
Moloko – Fun For Me

Thursday, October 05, 2017

2nd October 2017

PMS  2.10.17

The Cravats – Batterhouse
Boris – Absolutego
Moses Sumney – Don’t Bother Calling
Rough Guide To Acoustic India – Paban Da Paul – Kaliya
’40 for 40 Commission’ – Ged Barry & Hervé Perez – Dovecot 77
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
The Undisputed Truth – I’m A Fool For You

‘Archive’ – Half Man Half Biscuit-
                                - We Built This Village On A Trad Arr Tune
                                - Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
                                - Bad Losers on Yahoo Chess

Carminho – As Pedras da Minha Rua
The Brass Funkeys – Goblins
Baltic Fleet – Tuns
Modern Studies – Supercool
The Undisputed Truth – Supercool

‘Vault’ Funkadelic – Can You Get To that
Lankum – What Will We Do When We Have no Money
Boris – The Power
Claudia Aurora – Lua
‘lost vinyl’  Tomita – Clair de Lune
The Cravats – Power Lines
Axl Otl – Sangenjaya
Rough Guide To Acoustic India – Noor Alam – Dilkabate Tin Daraja
Charles Bradley – The World Is Going Up in Flames

Sunday, October 01, 2017

25th September 2017

PMS 25.09.17

Beaches – Divers
Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie
Brix & The Extricated – Pneumatic Violet
Kate Tempest – Tunnel Vision
Malija – Squared
Snapped Ankles – I Want My Minutes Back
Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi
Leonard Nimoy – Music To Watch Space Girls Go By
Esmark – Esmark
Iglooghost – Bug Thief
’40 for 40 Commission’ – Peter Coyle – Mark
Juanita Stein – Someone Else’s Dime
Deep Tide – Arundel #1

‘Vault’ King Jammy meets  Dry & Heavy – Do Dub Up Your Fight
Brix & The Extricated – Something To Lose
Ben Frost – Ionia
‘From The Archives’ – John Cooper Clarke and Roger Hill in conversation from 1983
Jean Jacques Perry – Moog Indigo
Scissorgun – The Searching
‘Lost Vinyl’ Scritti Politti -  Bibbly-O-Tek
Kneebody – Anti-hero

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

18th September 2017

PMS 18.9.17

Saz’iso – Tana
Wand – White Cat
STILL – Bubbling Ambessa

40 for 40 Commission 31 – Paul Rooney – Author’s Route Through France

Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney – Funeral
Alt J – Pleader

From the Archives – Nigel Blackwell & Roger Hill on Protest Songs
- Lal & Mike Waterson – Never The Same
- Poison Girls – Take The Toys From The Boys

Dead Rider – Ramble On Rose
Dälek – Echoes Of…
Fruko Tesura – El Brujo Y La Bruja
Liars – Staring At Zero

Vault – Gabor Szabo with The Chico Hamilton Quintet – El Toro

Sassy 009 – Pretty baby
Jon Hassell – Dream Theory
STILL – Halle Selassie is the Micro-Chip
Sas’iso – Penxherenë e Zotrisë Sate
Cobra Man – Man Ramp
Conklin & Blum – The Shepherd’s Hour
Shake The Chains – Through the Trees
Patrick Higgins & Josh Modney – Renaissance Recap
Deep Vally – Turn It Off

11th September 2017

PMS 11.9.17

Tre Martelli – 40 Air
Ufomammut – Fatum
Judy Henske – Love Henry
Sparks – Scandanavian Design
Mona – Fade
Akira Kosemura – DNA

40 for 40 Commission 30 - Tandog – Chesil

From the Archives – Billy Bragg

Iron & Wine – Thomas County Law
Akira Kosemura - Dedicated to Laura palmer

Vault - Stack Waddy – Bring It To Jerome

Ufomammut – Babel
A Scanner Darkly OST –
- 7 Years From Now
- Aphid
Mana – Uno e Solo
Judy Henske – Low Down Alligator

Lost Vinyl – Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band – Death Cab For Cutie

Terje Rypdal Tribute – Ornen
Tre Martelli – Baron Litron
Sparks – I Wish You Were Fun
Mona - Consolations

4th September 2017

PMS 4.9.2017

Witch – Erotic Delight
From the Archives – Zodiac Interview
Carlos Peron – Impersonator

40 for 40 Comission 29 – Appatt – 33 for Roger Hill

Yasuaki Shimizu –
- Tachikawa
- Seiko 1
- Seiko 2
- Sen-Nen 1

Interview – Craig Pennington From Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
- Julie’s Haircut
- Songhoy Blues
- Sex Swing – Grace Jones
- Omni

China Crisis – Red Snail
Cosmic Overdose – Romantic
Yello – Glue Head

Lost Vinyl – Snake Finger – The Man in the Dark Sedan

Liars – Coins In My Caged Fist
Actress & London Symphony Orchestra – Audio Track 5
Zomby – zkittlez
Still – Don’t Stop
Yasuaki Shimizu –
- Sharp
- Sen-nen 2
- Honda

28th August 2017

PMS 28.8.2017

Gen Pop – Teach Me How To
Wand – Plum
Bark Psychosis – A Street Scene

Commission 28 – Immix & Vessel – What Hath God Wrought

JC – An Interim Shell
Chris Keogh – Rondo On Canvas

From the Archives – Pop Levi - Rude Kinda Love

Blind Willie Johnson – Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying
Colin Stetson & Shara Worden “
Nina Miranda – Feminist Man
Rick Deitrick – Koto Rain
Gurdjieff/de Hartmann – The Struggle of the Magicarp 3
Horace Andy – My Heart is Gone
Bill Evans & Jim Hall – My Funny Valentine
Anwar Ali & Dave Owens – Suhuba Yadi

Lost Vinyl – Stephen Hornstein – Meditation on a Line

Sim Hutchins – Nescience Is Not Ignorance
Hannu Korjalaim – Love is a Black Lie
Nuno Canavarro – untitled 2.45
Enrique Raxoch - Chimera