Monday, April 01, 2024

Svara Radio Residency 2024

 PMS - Music Featured Sunday 31st March 2024

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
Ëda Diaz - Sabana Y Banano
Bab L' Bluz - Imazighen
The Three Johns - Teenage Nightingales To Wax
Brìghde Chaimbeul  - Banish The Giant of Doubt and Despair
Josh Johnson- Sterling
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - My Journey To The Sky
Kira McSpice - Dark and Endless Fog
Claraguilar - Invisible Orchestra
The Ks - Landmines
M.B.T's - M.B.T's Sound
Arthur Melo - Do Colostro ao Osso
The Golden Age Of Wrestling - IXI
Kim Gordon - The Candy House
Sahra Halgan - Sharaf
Shelton San - Anchors Aweigh
Jlin feat. Kronos Quartet - Sodalite
Esbe - Footsteps
Yo La Tango - Ohm
Heavee - Make It Work
Buzz' Ayaz - Zali
Dani Howard - Trombone Concerto 3. Illumination
Tatyana - Down Bad
Connie Converse - Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)

Sunday, September 03, 2023

September 2023


Music from 3.9.23

Cumbia del E.T. Extraterrestre – Rapsodia del Chiinito

Cameron Graham – Becoming A Beah Angel

Fay Victor – Vocal Layer

Android 80 – VIP

Samandar – Dili Dilidor

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You

Paul Rooney – In The Distance The Dawn Is Breaking

Joel Styzens – Opening

10cc – How Dare You

Jessie Lanza – Midnight Ontario

Fay Victor – Governorship Senate (for Stacey Abrams)

Kamaal Williams – Magnolia 1

Pop Levi – Chantelle Delaney

PMS 24.9.23

Lila Tirando a Violeta – Accela

T Rex – Sun Eye

House Of All -The Magic Sound – (Joe McKechnie Remix)

N’Dekho – Lonely

Kevin Coyne – Marlene

In The Pines – Threshold

Lenhart Tapes – with Tijana Stankovic and Svetlana Spajic – Zuta Zaba

Soft Machine – Dedicated To You But You Weren’t Listening

Taa! – Our Language may Be Dying But Our Voices Still Remain – Trance Induction Song

Yes – Wonderous Stories

Cameron Graham – Sports Shop Vibes

Godal Burgess – Moe and Mia

Arthur Russell – The Boy With A Smile

Monday, August 14, 2023

August 2023


12th August - Roger and Karen presenting 

Altun Gun – Su Siziyor

Lalalar – Hem Evinsim Hem

Luiza Lian – Desabriga

Shackleton with Waclaw Zimpel – An Ocean Lies Between Us

Paul Roony – On This Pitch

BF Trike – Time and Changes

Anglo-Celt Sound System – Inion / Daughter

Me Lost Me – Eye Witness

Upper Wilds – Books About UFO’s

El Contessa – Bingo

Robert Johncon – Ramblin On My Mind

Saloli – Silhouette

Tony Bennett and Bill Evans – Some Other Time

June 2023

10th June 2023

Roger and Karen Presenting

Royal Trux - The Banana Question

The Fucking Champs - Now Is The Winter Of Our Discoteque

Black - Wonderful Life

Nickodemus - La Noche (feat Antonio Lizana)

Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 - African Soldier

Dip In The Dub - La Cumbia Del Sufi Que Non Sabia Bailar

Saloli - Yona

Ellen Zweig - Sensitive Bones

James Yorkston - When The Haar Rolls In 

Caterina Barbieri - Swirls Of You

Trachtenberg Family Sideshow Players - Mountain Trip To Japan 1959

July 2023

8th July 2023

Roger and Karen presenting

Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers - That Summer Feeling

Alabaster DePlume - Salty Dogs Victory Anthem

Cory Hanson - House Fly

Sarah Page - Toska

Maya Youssef - Soul Fever

Roots In Heaven - Feed Your Head

La Marisoul & Les Texmaniacs - A Media's De La Noche

Milo Korbenski - Sasquatch Man

Malchamech - The Oaths of Icarus

Lara Jones - Look

Richie havens - Boots and Spanish Leather


Friday, June 09, 2023

May 2023




Esa Shields - Untitled

KOF - Revolution

Barberos - Buffalo Bifle

Jack Roberts & Friends - Lover Boys

Half Man Half Biscuit - Look Dad No Tunes

Richard Dawson - Geordie

The Singing Bowl Orchestra - The Frog Watches From The Lily Pad

Ólöf Arnalds - Turtle Dove

Eric Chenaux - Spring Has Been A Long Time Coming

Breed - Wonderful Blade

Sing For Your Supper - Don’t Drain Me

Yo La Tengo - Tom Courtnay

Recording The Impossible with Paul Vickers - Barbera Bananas

New Model Army - The Mermaid Song


Monday, April 24, 2023

March 2023

Music Featured 3.3.23

Desire Marea - Be Free
Phew - Our Element
Dogshow - Dancing
Joan Torres' All Is Fused - Explode
Po - Koundo
Bjork - Ovule (Sega Bodega Shygirl Remix)
Piotr Kurek - Peach Blossom
Lankum - Go Dig My Grave
Maps - Witchy Feel
Kimi Djabate - Afonhe
Tomas Hallonsten - In Clouds Pt.1

Music Featured 31.3.23

Polibio Y Su Vibrophono – Altas Horas

Brix Smith – Fast Net

Mudhoney – Move Under

Polexia - Heißes Schmutzwasser

She’s In The Trees – The Changes Between Us


The Trawl with Andy Hunt

Martyna Basta – Slowly Forgetting Barely Remembering

Rian Treanor, Ocen James, Sacades – Bunga Bules

Pale Ribbons Tossed Into The Dark – The Creak


The Wild Swans - Revolutionary Spirit

Yo La Tengo – Sinatra Drive Breakdown

Joao Selva - Por Um Amor on Underdog Records.

DJ Girl - “So Hot

Friday, April 21, 2023

April 2023

Local Music Special April 14th 2023 

Wah-Heat - Better Scream
Gnarl - Breathing Sand
Walking Seeds - Playboy Stomp
Kevin Crotty - The Clinging Underpants
Break It Down - Think of The Rest - Z-Car Hats
Scouse House - Oceanic - Take Me To Insanity
Half Man Half Biscuit - It Makes The Room Look Bigger
The Zutons - Zuton Fever
Jayne Casey - Piano Ping
Phil Jeck - Mycobiot
Boo Radleys - It’s Lulu
Bill Ryder Jones - In Spite Of The Weather
Claire Welles - Pressure
Dialect - The Youniverse
Clinic - Memories
Pale Fountains - Jean’s Not Happening

Commissions Special April 21st 2023

40 for 40 (2017) - Campbell L Sangster - 7inch Single 1977

Beats For Ringo (November 2016) -
                   Germanager - Peace and Drums
                   Joe McKechnie - On Drums

Spoken Word -   
                   Eleanor Reese - Tam Lin Of The Winter Park
                   Day Mattar - Waning + Crescent + 19

Love Me Dont October (2012) - Jon Hering - It Is Not Dying
International Artists - Ka Baird (recorded March 2018)
Music For Empty Spaces (November 2015) - Jonathan Rasin - Wreck Em For The Futur(ist) 
In Situ (May 2016) - Anni Hogan - CAGE
40 for 40 (2017) - Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience - 40 Years
Light Night - The Ritual of Retail (May 2019) - Chloe Mullet
40 for 40 (2017) - Apatt - 33 for Roger Hill
Local Musicians Salute Cilla (December 2014) - Antenna remix of Blind Date

Friday, February 17, 2023

February 2023


PMS 17.2.23 Music Featured


Au Suisse - Thing

Gabriel da Rosa - Cachaça

Saint Vespaluus - Courting

a.P.A.t.T & Dyasono - It Keeps Going

Waterbaby - Strawberry Jam

BIG | BRAVE - The Fable of Subjugation

Issei Herr - Aubade (The Farewell Is A Beginning)

Brighde Chaimbeul - I Am Disposed of Mirth

Raül Refree - La Plage

Rongo Rongo - Sing A Rainbow

Delroy Wilson - Better Must ComePMS – 

Music Featured 23.2.23

King Ayisoba – Good Things God Knows

Tom Verlaine Television Marquee Moon.

Howl In The Typewriter – Boris Blows His Bugle.

Eugene Lange – PMS

Loscil – Grey

Purling Hiss - Yer All In My Dreams

Technology and Teamwork – Big Blue

[Tto celebrate Welsh Language Music Day 2023 on 10 February.]

Tom Emlyn - Colourless

Ynys - Newid (Changes)

Sister Wives  - O Dŷ i Dŷ 

Adwaith - Toddi (Melt, or dissolve)

Sage Todz x Marino - O Hyd


Saturday, January 21, 2023

January 2023

Music Featured - 6.1.23

Balamuc- Tzigane Heureux

YHWH Nailgun – Too Bright To See

Spoken Word 'Short' – Cath Holland – I’m a Serial Disbeliever In Isolated Incidents

Shelton San - Anxiety

The Room - The Drift

Phew – Our Likeness

Sunroof – January #2

Edouard Ferlet - Reflex

Bukka White – Special Stream Line

Sorry – Closer

Harmonius Thelonius – Soft Opening Machine

Yo La Tengo - Fallout

Music Featured -  20.1.23

Deerhoof – Sit Down, Let Me Tell You a Story

Lou Barnell – Jane X Jane

David Crosby – Orleans

Drones and Debris – Song (After Nature Past)

MAPS – Fever Dream

Memnon Sa – Gaia Pharmacology

Gamut Inc – Series C

Ripatti – Working With

Mark Davies Markham - It All Sounds The Same To Me

Neyva – Para Siempre (Alien Version)

Technology + Teamwork – Big Blue

Oozing Wound – Hypnic Jerk

Mick Harvey – A Suitcase In Berlin

Friday, December 09, 2022

December 2022

Music featured 9.12.22 - 45th Birthday Special

Public Image Ltd. - Public Image

Message from Phil Ross

The Aleph - On A Carcass Beat (40 for 40)

Sonic Youth - Kissability

From The Archive - Steve Reich in Conversation

Transglobal Underground - Temple Head

Berlin Live link Up - Psycho & Plastic

PMS Session - Yo La Tengo - Decora (1995)

Attwenger - Dog

Spoken Word - Mark Greenwood - Beechwood

Jenny Hval - Buffy


2022 Year In Review

Panda Bear and Sonic Boom - Edge of the Edge

Helen Love – My Seaside Town

El Khat - La Sama

Bjork - Sorrowful Soil

Dialect – Rays Of Light

Carmel Smickersgill – Questioning

WEMA - Kiherehere

Bedouin Burger – Yaman Hawa

Kee Avil - saf

Caterina Barbieri – At Your Gamut

Iberi - Harira

Geir Sundstol - Snik

Aunti Flo & Sarathy Korwar - Pa

November 2022

Music featured on PMS 25.11.22 by George Maund

Ezra Collective - No Confusion (feat. Kojey Radical)

Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Darildim Darildim

Marshall Crenshaw - I'll Do Anything For You

Balcony - Redder than Burning Coals

Richard Dawson - Horse and Rider (edit)

Slavo Rican Assembly - Bomba Jam

Laila Sakini - The Light That Flickers In The Mirror

Pole - Grauer Sand

New Order - The Perfect Kiss (Writing Session Recording)

SUSS - That Good Night

Mark Stewart & Keith Levene - Letter to Hermione

White Lung - If You're Gone

Music featured on PMS 11.11.22 by Karen Timms

Flash Amazonas - Lagarto

Brix Smith - Aphrodite

Cath Holland - I Am Exhausted and Cannot Supervise Your Contribution

Neil Campbell - Faldum Six

Best Fern - Evolving Tide

Saint Abdullah & Eomac - Such Gardens There Are

Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden - Close

Lomond Campbell - Even Songbirds Suffer

Fresa Juvenil De Tarapoto - Cumbion Universal

Roe Deers - Rodeo King (feat. Sex Judas)

Low - Congregation

Friday, October 14, 2022

October 2022


PMS - 14.10.22

Perera Elsewhere - early

Paul Farley - Refractive Pool

Lo Five - Dead Tech

More Eaze - Cold

Bjork - Sorrowful Soil

Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble - Wheel

Howie Reeve - Scrobbling

Crass - Smother Love

Liraz - Bishtar Behand

Geir Sundstol - Snik

PMS Music featured 28.10.12

Dongang Gozupa – Critical Point

Imperio Bamba – My Favourite Things

The Slits – Spend Spend Spend

Moongoose – Waltzers

Psycho and Plastic – Imago

Photay – Current

Ripatti Deluxe – Once I Was Fine But Slow

Kai Whiston (with Pussy Riot) Q

John Cale -  Artist Feature

Paris 1919

Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend

Leaving It All Up To You


Friday, September 02, 2022

September 2022

PMS 30.9.22

John Cale - Night Crawling

Star Feminine Band - Le Mariage Forcé

Claire Welles - Radio (clean)

Emily Megan Lansley - Cloud Pushin

Drifting featuring Jeff Young - Ghost Cinemas

Krapka;KOMA - Running Round

Aliaksandr Yasinski - Hlybini

Pharoah Sanders - You've Got To Have Freedom


PMS 2.9.22 Music Featured

Al-Qasar – Benzine

Bonnie Prince Billy – Outsider

Sly & The Family Stone – Hot Fun In The Summertime

Vice Moth – Tenergy

Nicholas Bougaief – Naked Eye

HOLLY – Close 2 Protect

Sélébéyone – Poesie I

OHMA – Organically Unfolding

Germanager MICROMIX

Monday, August 22, 2022

August 2022


PMS – Music Featured – 5.8.22 – Brazilica Special

DJ Dolores – 12 Segundos

Superorganism – Into The Sun

The Cramps – TV Set

Parabhen Lad with Laura Powers - Watch Them Burn

Nacao Zumbi -Zumbi x Zulu

Sessa – Cancao De Cura

Yhdessa – Hier Und Da

Shi Lei - Four Seasons Song Of The Lahu

Yann Tiersen – Kerlann (Laurel Halo Mix)

Ivan Conti – Azymuth and Pernambuco Maracatou

PMS – Music Featured – 19.8.22


Wganda Kenya – El 77

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Edge Of The Edge

Dan Wilson - The White Beans of Erwin Wissink

Neil Campbell – Rotations Number 4

Stealing Sheep – Never Gonna Live Up

Dialect – The Youniverse

Hinako Omori – A Journey (Matt Robertson Remix)

Bill Nace – Boil First

Howl In The Typewriter – Go Apeshit

Matthew J Rolin - Silence

Bedouin Burger – Yaman Hawa

The Kazimier Krunk Band – Brazilian Song

The Comet Is Coming – Hyper-dimensional Expansion Beam

Friday, July 08, 2022

July 2022

Music Featured: as Played on PMS – 1.7.22

Calypso Rose - Watina

The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket

Graculus - No Bears Exist

Gil-Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Ratboys - Lie, Lie, Lie

Plop - Emu

Tygapaw - Ownland Interlude (featuring Mandy Harris Williams)

VTSS - Make You Scream

Mungo's Hi-Fi x Kiko Bun - Miss Burnett

Joan As Police Woman - Broke Me In Two

Joan As Police Woman - Start of My Heart

Joan As Police Woman - Eternal Flame

Joan As Police Woman - Under Control

Music Featured: As Played on PMS – 8.7.22

Safety Trance - El Alma Que Te Trajo Ft Arc

Joseph Allred – The Emerald City

Amina Atiiq - The Streets Will Walk Me Home (Spoken Word)

Moongoose - In Terror

Kyle Kidd - Salvation (Ode for Eunice)

FFT - Disturb Roqe 2

Ola Szmidt - C Tactile Different

Mat Ball - Steel Wound Arteries II

N3RDISTAN recorded live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Music Room on 7th July 2022

Music Featured: As Played on PMS – 15.7.22

Hinako Omori - The Richest Garden in your Memory (Akiko Haruna remix)

Kanda Bongo Man - Rose Rose

Extra Life - The Play of Tooth and Claw

Cardiacs - Spell with a Shell

Jacques Malchance - La Spiaggetta

a.P.A.t.T. & Dyasono - It Keeps Going

Oren Ambarchi - Shebang I

Fleur De Feu (Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock) - Les Larmes

The Gruesome Twosome - Hallucination Generation

Cleft - Gulch

Banana Hill Band - Rakeri Mama

Friday, June 10, 2022

June 2022

Music Featured: As Played On PMS - 24.6.22

BKO - Toumaro
Chris Spedding -Video Life
Jennifer Lee Tsai – Between Two Worlds (spoken word)
Ponderosa Glee Boys - Walls Keep Falling
Cola de Zorro - Tanu
Quinquis - Adqrog
Sam Slater - Darn! III
Caterina Barbieri – At Your Gamut
The Florists – Top Models Know
Alexander Korotinsky – Bones Of God
Maga Bo - Labuta feat. Russo Passapusso and Roberto Barreto

Music Featured: As Played On PMS - 10.6.22

May 2022

Music Featured: As Played On PMS - 27.5.22

Batida feat. Mayra Andrade - Bom Bom

Basic Rhythm - Horse_Mout 

Mavis Staples and Levon Helm - You Got To Move

Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies - I'm Shy

Party Dozen - Macca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave) 

Richie Culver - Goth Night At The Community Centrer 

Phtalo - Strive 

Queer Icons - Queer Icons Audiozine 

Jimi Tenor - Bad Trip Good


Music Featured: As Played On PMS - 20.5.22

Housekeep - live

Carmel Smickersgill - live

Jenny Hval - Year of Love


Music Featured: As Played On PMS - 13.5.22

Soom T - Don't Stand For Dis 

El Combo Batanga - El barrio en la mirada 

WEMA - Kiherehere 

Carmel Smickersgill - Greeting 

Jd Meatyard - Walking with Tina 

Toada - Fugaz Euforia 

Pauline Cummins - Connected 

Stuart Borthwick - Positive Vibrations Reggae MicroMixDown



Friday, April 01, 2022

 April 2022

PMS 1.4.22 Music Featured

Done Celia Conquista – O Bar

Jenny Hval – Year of Love

PMS Short Paddy Clark - If This Nightclub Were A Shoreline & Let’s Build a Lighthouse

The Hermit – Sitting On Top Of The World

Gabriel Kahane – Magnificent Bird

PMS Recommends - with Dave McTague from Africa Oyé

PMS Micromix - Ian Boddy Of DiN Records - Modular Synth Mix

The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain

Tsegay Habtu – Song Medley

Philip Jeck & Jonathan Raisin - 40 Times Live at The Music Room (Excerpt)


Music and My Work – Roger Hill’s playlist to mark the 40th anniversary of his first broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside


It’s Gonna Happen – The Undertones

Soldier of Love – Alan Gill as Dalek I

Anyone – Joan As Police Woman

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cindi Lauper

Feelin’ Bad Blues – Ry Cooder

Seven Days Too Long – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Fire On The Island – Sibelius

It’s Been A long Time – Andy Ellison

Moon Turn The Tides – Jimi Hendrix

The Gift – Way Out West

PMS 29.4.22 Music Featured

Iberi - Harira 
Soccer 96 - Yesterday Knows Me (ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis) 

PMS Short - KT (Queer Bodies Collective) 
Luke Mawdsley - A Butcher’s Tide 
Melissa Weikart - Diamond 
Osheyack - Thrall 
Carmel Smickersgill - Leaving 
Housekeep - Pickups 
Spam Javelin - Urban Guerilla
Kee Avil - saf 
JOYFULTALK - Ballad in 9 

Saturday, March 05, 2022

March 2022

Music featured Friday 4th March 2022

YĪN YĪN - Nautilus

He Jinhua - Threshing song-Keel lee lal bee-打谷调

Greg Quiery - Milk Song (PMS Short)

Memori - Wasted On You

Tangerine Dream - Along The Canal

Alabaster dePlume - Don't Forget You're Precious

Con & Kwake - C.N.S. (City Never Stops)

Karthala 72 - Heavy Revolution

God and The Turds - Flippin Red Robbo

The Ukrainians - Chy Znayesh Ty

The Ukrainians - Shche Raz

Ohyung - i'm remembering!

Music featured Friday 18th March

Adiobun Oyewole featuring Ade Da Poet - Brooklyn

El Khat - La Sama

PMS Shorts: Lamlinds - Pumping Brains; Fussy Eaters

Good Grief - The Pony Remark

Crapsons - Park People

Recommendation: Rory Ballantyne - Where the Arts Belong: Making Sense (Of It All) [at The Bluecoat]

DJ Lag featuring Babes Wodumo - iKhehla [from 'Meeting with the King']

Adela Mede - Spolu [self-released]

Subway Sect - Jelly Legs (Joe Mckechnie Remix)

Michael Chapman - Untitled 1 [from 'Another Fish']

Archive: In Atoms - Nepalese Dolphin Song (Part 6) [PMS Session]

Etran de L'Aïr - Tchingolene (Rhythm Passport)

Flock - Expand [fade]

Friday, March 04, 2022

February 2022

Music featured Friday 18th February 2022

Flora Purim - This Is Me

Animal Collective - Dragon Slayer

Andrew Flitchett - Time Spent (PMS Short)

Mel Greenwood - Mother Tongue

Tom Caruana - Bounty Hunter On The Rise (feat. Kosyne) 

Alan Gill - Pop 

Shrimpnose - Needy (feat. maxime) 

Po' Ramblin' Boys - Blues Are Close At Hand

Kevin Crotty - Natural Selection

The Diasonics - Deviants 

Keith Jarrett - Landscape for Future Earth


Music featured Friday 4th February 2022 

Trupa Trupa - Kwietnik

Helen Love - My Seaside Town 

Aiden Brady - Chat 

Aiden Brady - Ozymandias Summer Collection 

Balcony - The Most Beautiful Woman 

Norma Waterson - Reply To Joe Haines

Andrew Hunt's 'The Trawl'

Bow Wow Wow - C30 C60 C90 Go 

Roger Hill's Interview with Bill Drummond 

Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones - The Day The Fish Crawled Out Of The Sea 

Ty Segall - Story Of The Century

Saturday, January 29, 2022

January 2022


PMS - Music Featured 7.1.22

Jally Kebba Susso – Zara

Animal Collective – Walker

PMS Short – Chris Jenkins – Soft

Claire Welles – Othello

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid Choir (MAMA) – Valobashi

Sene – Junq Sonorum

Hen Ogledd – Monty Don’s Headset

Sarah Aristidou/Kaan Bulak – S’Agapo

Lost Cassette Tape – Howl In The Typewriter – I Am The Horse

Country Mess – Outdoor Miner

Sawaaba – Egye Tu Gbe

Fazer - Dezember

PMS – Music featured 21.1.22


Dowdelin – Sime Love

Pavement – Be The Hook

Jennie Tsai – You Said

Dialect – Rays Of Light

Los Geminis – Algo Salvaje

Kev Hopper – Aroo R.A

Carmel Smickersgill - Questioning

Joe McKechnie – Shimmer Twin – Augustus Joint

Whistlin’ Alex Moore – West Texas Woman

Unicursal – Corporate Raga

Behzad – Myth

Cat Power – A Pair Of Brown Eyes

December 2021


PMS – End of 2021 Review – Music Featured 17.12.21

Nixx – BBY (Dai Su Remix)

Leron Thomas with Iggy Pop – In The City

Housekeep – Pick-Ups

Colin Jones – A Busker Day in Berlin

Jam City - Sweet Joy

Paul Rooney – That Venus Thing

Matt Cook – Storytimes

Cabaret Voltaire – Billion Dollar

Psycho & Plastic – Asche

Thuy and Germanager – Collaboration Track from Immigrant Musics Project

Thuy Music and Germanager – Collaboration Track from Immigrant Musics Project

Sonic Yootha – end of Micromix