Wednesday, December 01, 2021

November 2021

PMS - Music featured 26.11.21

Batila - Ba Nzambe Ya Se (Gods On Earth)

Phong Tran - ./f a

PMS Shorts: Aiden Brady - The Cure;

                     Aiden Brady - A Word In Your Shell Like Pal

Shockchords - Shifting Sands

Holy Other - Bough Down

Recommendations: News From Nowhere Books, with Maria

L’Éclair - Clubless

Pamela Z - Echolocation

Niton - Usemende

Norman Blake - The Dying Cowboy

Arbre - Ping Pong

Kopolyano Kyobe & band as the xylophone and drums ensemble (abantamiivu) - Ssematimba ne Kikwabanga

London Tango Orchestra - Garua


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