Saturday, March 05, 2022

March 2022

Music featured Friday 4th March 2022

YĪN YĪN - Nautilus

He Jinhua - Threshing song-Keel lee lal bee-打谷调

Greg Quiery - Milk Song (PMS Short)

Memori - Wasted On You

Tangerine Dream - Along The Canal

Alabaster dePlume - Don't Forget You're Precious

Con & Kwake - C.N.S. (City Never Stops)

Karthala 72 - Heavy Revolution

God and The Turds - Flippin Red Robbo

The Ukrainians - Chy Znayesh Ty

The Ukrainians - Shche Raz

Ohyung - i'm remembering!

Music featured Friday 18th March

Adiobun Oyewole featuring Ade Da Poet - Brooklyn

El Khat - La Sama

PMS Shorts: Lamlinds - Pumping Brains; Fussy Eaters

Good Grief - The Pony Remark

Crapsons - Park People

Recommendation: Rory Ballantyne - Where the Arts Belong: Making Sense (Of It All) [at The Bluecoat]

DJ Lag featuring Babes Wodumo - iKhehla [from 'Meeting with the King']

Adela Mede - Spolu [self-released]

Subway Sect - Jelly Legs (Joe Mckechnie Remix)

Michael Chapman - Untitled 1 [from 'Another Fish']

Archive: In Atoms - Nepalese Dolphin Song (Part 6) [PMS Session]

Etran de L'Aïr - Tchingolene (Rhythm Passport)

Flock - Expand [fade]


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