Friday, April 01, 2022

 April 2022

PMS 1.4.22 Music Featured

Done Celia Conquista – O Bar

Jenny Hval – Year of Love

PMS Short Paddy Clark - If This Nightclub Were A Shoreline & Let’s Build a Lighthouse

The Hermit – Sitting On Top Of The World

Gabriel Kahane – Magnificent Bird

PMS Recommends - with Dave McTague from Africa Oyé

PMS Micromix - Ian Boddy Of DiN Records - Modular Synth Mix

The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain

Tsegay Habtu – Song Medley

Philip Jeck & Jonathan Raisin - 40 Times Live at The Music Room (Excerpt)


Music and My Work – Roger Hill’s playlist to mark the 40th anniversary of his first broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside


It’s Gonna Happen – The Undertones

Soldier of Love – Alan Gill as Dalek I

Anyone – Joan As Police Woman

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cindi Lauper

Feelin’ Bad Blues – Ry Cooder

Seven Days Too Long – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Fire On The Island – Sibelius

It’s Been A long Time – Andy Ellison

Moon Turn The Tides – Jimi Hendrix

The Gift – Way Out West

PMS 29.4.22 Music Featured

Iberi - Harira 
Soccer 96 - Yesterday Knows Me (ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis) 

PMS Short - KT (Queer Bodies Collective) 
Luke Mawdsley - A Butcher’s Tide 
Melissa Weikart - Diamond 
Osheyack - Thrall 
Carmel Smickersgill - Leaving 
Housekeep - Pickups 
Spam Javelin - Urban Guerilla
Kee Avil - saf 
JOYFULTALK - Ballad in 9 


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