Friday, April 21, 2006

July 2005

PMS - Music Featured 4/7/2005

Malcolm Middleton - Monday Night Nothing
"Emociones": Abysinnia Infitime feat. Gigi - Gela
The Fall - Marquis Cha-Cha
"Kalk Sudo": Poto & Cabergo - Suerian Rhapsody
Test Icicles - Boa Vs Python
Cyne - Fuck America
John Holt - Sweetie Come Brush Me
Killing Joke - Pandemonium (Mix)
Jeff Klein - Nobody's Favourite Girl
David Pajo - High Lonesome
Moon"Emociones": Momo Wendel Soumah - Felenko Yefe
Vale Poher - Keep On Going
Le Peuple De L'Herbe - Main Title Theme From Le Cube
Bebel Gilberto Remixes - Aganaju
Seaman Dan - Return to Me
John Holt - Up Park Camp
"Emociones": Alex Kanada's International Band - Mafe Wo
General Khaki - Desert Storm
Terry Edwards - Seven Steps To Heaven
Blindfold - Dance
Julien Neto - VI
Clickits - Lilophone
Junkboy - Welcome To The Party
Barracudas - On A Sunday
Le Peuple De L'Herbe - Honesty

PMS - Music Featured - 11.7.05

"Emociones" - Batata Y Su Rumba Palenqueros - Ataole
Orange Juice - Simply Thrilled Honey
Eighteen18 - Boogaloobuggedout
Rory McLeod - You Don't Know Yourself
"Trojan Legends" - Freddie McGregor - The Walls Of Jericho
Ballboy - I Died For Love
Clayhill - Figure Of Eight
"Emociones" - Nadia, Alena, Victor Busilyov & Siberian Gypsies - Bog Nikola Ne Dopustit Sberezhot
Solarium - Olar
Vinny Peculiar - Big Grey Hospital
Abaji - Kamar Wa Assal
"Trojan Legends" - Lee Perry - Disco Devil
West London Deep - Inside My Head
Abaji - Al AwladAbaji - Badawi
The Optima Pustyn Male Choir - Steppe Endless Steppe
Rory McLeod - No More Blood For Oil
Orange Juice - Blue Boy
Dave Pajo - France
"Trojan Legends" - U- Roy - King Tubby's Special
"Emociones" - Izaline Calister - Yudami Lubida
Rory McLeod - Doing Time Together
Lexi - Liquid Love (Deep Pinkie Mix)

PMS - Music Featured - 18.7.05
Helen Love - Long Hot Summer (Parts 1&2)
Treva Whateva - Singalong
Richard Thompson - A Solitary Life
Jose Gonzalez - Stay In The Shade
Odd Shaped Head - Monkey Shotgun
"A Cellarful of Motown Volume 2": Patric Holloway - Those DJ Shows
"Emociones": Istanbul Orientel Ensemble - Mahur Orienta
Robert Lippok - Geisterhager
Jackson & His Computer Band - Rock on
"21st Century Liverpool Underground": The Hokum Clones - Steal A Little Time
Toy - Sedan Through Tunnel
Morton Qvenild - In My Time Of Need
Ilvia Iriondo - Les Babes De Mi Chivato
Jackie O MF - Beautiful September (We Are Goinmg There)
"A Cellarful of Motown Volume 2": Creations - In The Dark"
EMociones": Alum Quasimov - Bagishlamani
Treva Whateva - Havana Ball
Jose Gonzalez - HandOn Your Heart
Boozoo Bajou - Barkensignal

PMS - Music Featured 25.7.05

Abigail Hopkins - I'll Be Waiting For You By The Bus Stand
Mother & The Addicts - Oh, Yeah, You Look Quite Nice
Chris Clark - C.C. Rider
U- Station - The Self-Belief Calling
First Rate - Freedom
"Lagos Chop-up" - Oliver De Coque And His Expo '76 - The Tragedy Story Of Two Friends
The Meters - All I Do Every Day
"Trojan Sound System" - Richie Spice - Living In Fear
Yat Kha - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Brenda Holloway - I've Been Good To You
"Lagos All-Routes" - Kollington Ayinla - Omo Mi Gbo Temi
Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight
Jackie O MF - Tea Party
Brian Eno - Stedelijk
White Out - Lost In Grey
Silvia Iriondo - Zamba De Ambato
U-Station - Lonely In A Crowded World
Charlotte Greig - All Things Are Quite Silent
Yat Kha - Orgasmatron
Iggy Pop (and Debbie Harry) - Well, Did You Evah?


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