Monday, May 10, 2010

May 2010

PMS – Music Featured – 3.5.10

“Head Over High Heels“ – Mae West – A Guy Who Takes His Time
Hot Club De Paris – I’m Not In Love And Neither Are You
Raghu Dixit – Khidki
Rajaton – Mita Kaikatat Kivonen
Xenia Beliayeva – Cry To
UNITE – Van Deiman’s Land
“Head Over High Heels“ – Jean Harlow – Reckless
Lila Downs – La Iguana
Malcolm’s Interview – Sea Never Dry
“Moshi Moshi Singles Club” – Summer Camp – Ghost Train
Hot Club De Paris – Free The Pterodactyl 3
Ross Bolleter – Gong Heaven
Zumra – Mehmeda Majka Budila
Ross Bolleter – Cohabitiation
“Head Over High Heels“ – Billie Holiday – T’ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
UNITE – Immigrant Song
Hot Club De Paris – Free The Pterodactyl 3
Lila Downs – La Iguana
Kathy McCord – Who’s Been Coolin’ You?
Zumra – Mehmeda Majka Budila
A Broken Consort – Leaves
Hot Club De Paris – Three Albums In And Still No Ballad
“Head Over High Heels“ – Marilyn Monroe – You’d Be Surprised
Zumra – Bogata Sam Imam Svega
Ross Bolleter – Night Sky At Tjunta
Lila Downs – Paloma Negra

PMS – Music Featured – 17 -5-10

Groanbox – Muddy Shoals
Nina Nastasia – You’re A Holy Man
‘Bless You California – More Early Songs of Randy Newman’ –
Duffy Power – Davy O/Brien (Leave That baby Alone)
Mountain Man – How’m I Doin
Etoile De Dakar – Diandioli
Lou Johnson – Magic Potion
Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story
Birkin Tree – The Sheep In The Boat
Esther Marrow – Trade Winds
“Lost Vinyl” - New Order – Ceremony
Groanbox – Oyster Lease
Holy F*** - 1MD
Nina Nastasia – Outlaster
Jonas Reindhardt – Atomic Bomb Living
‘Bless You California – More Early Songs of Randy Newman’ –
Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
Mountain Man – Mouthwings
“Lost Vinyl” - Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give
Lou Johnson – Please, Stop The Wedding
Dear Reader – Great White Bear
Esther Marrow – Turn On To Jesus
‘Messthetics #107 – D.I.Y. ’78-81 London III’ - Patterns – The Bishop
Etoile De Dakar – Nit Kou N’Gnoul
Mountain Man - River

PMS – Music Featured – 24.5.10

Ana Moura – Fado Dos Aguas
Lost Idol – Beesmouth (Digital Midgets Remix)
The Acorn – No Ghost
Cordas Do Sol – Flor De Paul
Extra Life – Head Shrinker (Tyondai Braxton Remix)
Espen Eriksen Trio – Anthem
Barbara Sukowa and The Xpatsys – Juliet Monologue
- Blue Moon
- Gentle Moon
- Sonnet 43 (When Most I Wink)
- I Had A dream Last Night
Sonic Youth – I Love Her All The Time
Ana Moura – Que Dizer De Nos
The Acorn – I Made The Law
Phil Hargreaves & Richard Harding – Kiril
Elite Barbarian – Soft Remind
Cordas Do Sol – Lume De Lenha
Micah P Hinson – The Letter At Twin Wrecks
Barbara Sukowa and The Xpatsys – Sonnet 90 (Then Hate Me When Thou Wilt)
Micah P Hinson – Watchers Tell Us Of The Night
The Acorn – Misplaced
Philippe Petit & Friends – A Swirling Mix Of Dystopia

PMS – Music Featured – 31.05.10

Disappears – Pearly Gates
‘South African Funk Experience’ – Kataki – Hoola Hoop Jive
Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola
‘The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk’ – Julie Fowlis - Hug Air A' Bhonaid Mhoir
James Yuill – My Fears
Orchestra Popolare Italiana Dell’Autitorium Parco Della Musica – Santu Paulo Della Tarante
Hindi Zahra – Beautiful Tango
“Lost Vinyl” - The Cattle – Cinammon Girl
Sid Le Rock – Swollen Member
‘South African Funk Experience’ – Malombo – Sangoma
Kohib – Your Place in Space
Chrome Hoof – Mental Peptides

“Lost Vinyl” – The Dwarves – College Town
‘The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk’ – Maggie MacInnes – Sraid Na H-Eala
Orchestra Popolare Italiana Dell’Autitorium Parco Della Musica
– Cunte
– Pizzica Tarantata
Hindi Zahra – Oursoul
‘The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk’ – Alison Kinnaird – Laura Bhisa
Philippe Petit – Do Not Follow Your Own Shadow
Unbunny – Landslide
James Yuill – Wild Goose at Night
‘The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk’
– Shepherd, Spiers & Watson – The Fair O Balnafinnan


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