Monday, September 02, 2013



Reatards – I Can Live Without You
Traag – Bantam
Laura Veirs – Say Darlin’ Say
David Lynch – The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Kayhan Kalhor/Erdal Erzincan – Deli Dervis
“Raanjhanaa “ - Shiraz Uppal/Jaswinder Singh – Raanjhanaa
“Metal Dance 2“ – Doris Norton – Personal Computer
Esmerine – Lost River Blues 2
“The CurfewTower” – Tenzing Scott Brown – True To The Trail
                                 - Paul Simpson – Dreaming Wicked 

[Played together....] 
“Qawwali Flamenco” – Faiz Ali Faiz, Duquende, Miguel Poveda – De Quere A No Quere
Claudia Bottcher – Luciano Berio – Sequenza III

Hot Head Show – Kansas
“The Message” – Ellerine Harding – To Whom It May Concern (AlI I Know)
Laura Veirs – Finister Saw The Angels
Violetshaped – cX310 (JK Flesh Reshaped)
David Lynch – Are You Sure?
“Metal Dance 2“ – Godley & Crème – Babies
Heritage Orchestra & Scanner – Live Transmission (Joy Division Reworked)
Kayhan Kalhor/Erdal Erzincan – Improvisation III
Hot Head Show – Fingers
Bob Thiele Emergency – A Few Thoughts For The Day


Sons Of Kemet – Beware
Fuck Buttons – Sentients
Magik Markers – Machines
Bobby Holley – Movin’ Dancer

“Craig Pennington Chooses Psychedelia”,-

Klaus Johann Grobe – Koordinaten
The Holydrug Couple – Out Of Sight
Mind Mountain – Void
Fuzz – This Time I Got A Reason
Moon Duo – Zoned
Spacemen 3 – Walking With Jesus
Hookworms – The Correspendent

Magnus Ostrom – Dancing At The DutchTreat
Yeahwon Shin – Island Child
Moderat – Gita
Yeahwon Shin – Beads Of Rain (variation)
“The CurfewTower” – Easterjack – The Wind
Sons Of Kemet – All Will Surely Burn


“We Live In The Desert” – Geoff White - Mesa Donna
Blind Blake – Poker Woman Blues
Forest Swords – Irby Tremor
The Uncluded – Delicate Cycle
Plaster – Walking On Deodron
“Tunnelblind” – Jeff Young – Blind Willie McTell
Blind Willie McTell – Your Southern Can Is Mine
“The Dawn  Of Psychedelia” – Dame Edith Sitwell – The Wind’s Bastinado
                                                - Jackson Pollock – Modern Art & Method
                                                - Salvador Dali & Malcolm Muggeridge – Dali’s
                                                - Allen Ginsberg – Strange New Cottage In Berkeley
                                                - Ken Nordine – Spectrum

The Lucid Dream – PMS Studio Session   

- Jesus Saved My Prayers
- Love In My Veins
- I Feel So Lonesome

Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes
Blind Lemon Jefferson – Black Snake Moan
“Tunnelblind” – Melt Banana – Blank Page Of The Blind
Blind Roosevelt Graves – Woke Up This Morning With (Jesus On My Mind)
Archie Pelago – I Know About Robert’s World
The Body – Night Of Blood In A World Without End
                 - Prayers Unanswered
Blind Willie Johnson – If I Had My Way I’d Tear The Building Down
Forest Swords - Gathering                                      
“The Curfew Tower” – Jinx Lennon – Get The Tension Out
“Tunnelblind” – Knight Riderz – Love Is Blind
Donso - Dali


Donso – Awakening
These Hidden Hands – Trelesive
Neko Case – Calling Cards

“Will Sergeant Chooses Prog Rock on Vinyl”.-

Baba Scholae – Song My (My Lai)
Soft Machine – Why Are you Sleepin
Groundhogs – Cherry Red
Genesis – The Musical Box
Emerson Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man
Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick (beginning)

Oozing Wound – Sustained By Hatred Rambo 4
Mike Donovan – Lost Wot
Popstrangers – What Could They Do
Magic Hour – I Had A Thought
Neko Case – Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker Mix)

Neko Case – Where did I Leave That Fire


Mike Badger/The La’s – My Girl Sits Like A Reindeer
Hound Scales – A Clique Of Tough Women
Gene Russell – Making Bread
Mik Artistik’s Ego-Trip – Sudoku Man
Simba & Milton Gulli – Scenario
“Lipstick, Powder & Paint” – Bo Diddley – Pills
The New York Dolls – Pills
Bill Frisell – The Animals
Teeth Of The Sea – Responder
Hasretim -  Trabzon – Ismael’Im Sinan’la Akismani
                                  - Surmani’de Kar
                                  - Acisa Horonu
“Caffe Lena” – Robin and Linda Williams – SAVED
Mugenkyo Taiku Drummers – Hibiki
Stacy Lane – No Ending
Stanky – Chazey Bons
Bill Frisell – Sing Together Like A Family
Adrian Corker – Circle Song
“Caffe Lena” – Jean Ritchie – WV Mining Disaster
“Lipstick, Powder & Paint” – The Shangri-La’s – Out Of The Streets
“Caffe Lena” – Patty Larkin – Island
New York Dolls – Somethin’ Else
Mike Badger – They’re Animals
Mik Artistik’s Ego-Trip – Cheap Watch

Hasretim – Im Memory Of Vahide


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