Sunday, March 04, 2018

5th March 2018

Andrew presenting, George assist

Ebo Taylor- Ankoma'm
Mamuthones- Fear On The Corner
Drinks- Real Outside
Ty Segall- Lady's On Fire
Elephant9- Dancing with Mr E

Supriya Dutta & Federico Sanesi- Drut Khayal in Teen Taal
Elliot Galvin- Planet Ping Pong
Nightports with Matthew Bourne- White Shirted
Momus- Marquis of Sadness
Wild Havana- Skyscraper
Entourage- Journey by Water
Bob Thiele Emergency- Lament for John Coltrane
Ryley Walker- Telluride Speed

REDISCOVERED WORLD- Chaba Zahouania- Lela Rabite Oulef Alih

Momus- Virtual Reality
Imarhan- Tarha Nam
Station 17- Blick
Kim Myhr- A


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