Tuesday, November 06, 2018

November 2018

PMS – Music Featured – 5.11.18

Coro Qom Chjelaalapi meets Lagartijeando – Antiguos Duenos De Las Fleches
Chris Carter – Blissters ( Radiophonic Wokshop Remix)
“Just A Bad Dream” – Biff Bang Pow! – The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard
                                  Thee Headcoats – Young Blood (Live)
Artist Code 4A4142 – Strange Days
J P Bimeni & The Blackbelts – Same Man
King Champion Sounds – What Amanda Meant
Will Oldham – Strange Affair
                     - Only Someone Running 
                     - Big Friday
Mingyeshu – Yetal (Where Is It)
“Just A Bad Dream” – The Wolfhounds – LA Juice
The Supremes – A World Without Love
Alien Sex Fiend – Neutron
The Furrow Collective – Down By The Greenwoodside
Alan Stivell – Maro Ma Mestrez
                   - Bresilien
Judi Jackson – With You
New Optimism – Dr My-Ho (Let It Go Control Me Remix by Manapi)
David Milton – Greenland Fisheries ( Roud 374)
Charlie Mingus – Peggy’s Blue Skylight

PMS – Music Featured – 20.11.18

Skinny Girl Diet – La Sirena
Dead Can Dance – The Mountain
Vinnum Sabathi/Cegvera – The Intermission(The Good Earth Is Dying)/Arrival/Colonia
Art Brut – Kultfigur
The Sensory Illusions – Tango Dream
Lenka Lichtenberg – Zum Gali, Gali
MC5 – Starship
Cardopusher – Muscle Memory
Refree – Cuando Salga el Sol
Headhunters – If You Got It You’ll Get It

Link Wray – Green Hornet
Vic Godard – Nobody Knows
The Mon – Salvator Mundi
Dead Can Dance
Rip, Rig & Panic – Storm the Reality Asylum
Hanitra – Eka
Balarú – Chanson D’un Buveur
Refree – Barbacoa, Tirania
Adam Basanta – Casual Optimist
Bilja Krstić and Bistrik Orchestra – The Girl Sits Proud
Vinnum Sabathi – Hex Viii – The Malthusian Spectre


J Mascis – Picking Out The Seeds
The Bordellos – Going Out Tonight
Atmosphere – Virgo
Mark Stewart – High Idea Is Crazy Dub
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – Anger Is Holy
“Come Join My Orchestra” -
– Bert Jansch – Woe Is Love My Dear
- Barry Booth And His Orchestra – He’s Very Good With His Hands
The Spencer Davis Group – Time Seller
Amira Khan – Zol (Guy)
                     – Nasaim Allad (Night Breezes)
Oberman Knocks – Bromsunn Part Dystrikt
Mikhael Tariverdiev – Escape
The Bordellos – The Attack Of The Killer B-Sides
Dead Belgian – Au Suivant
Aviodor Dro – El Laborinto Del Nuevo Minotauro
Christian Kjellvander – Curtain Maker
Flora Purim – Cravo e Canela
Liraz – Bito
Dr Chan – Wicked & Wasted
“Come Join My Orchestra” – Andy Ellison – It’s Been A Long Time

Sandman Project – Savana Trip


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