Wednesday, April 26, 2006

February 2006

PMS - Music Featured - 6.2.06

Michael Messer - Lucky Charm
"Anthems In Eden" - Prelude - After The Goldrush
Terry Edwards - Dog Food
"Rough Guide To Urban Latino" - Bostich - Polaris
Woman - Cat Feet
D J Fresh - The Immortal
"Anthems In Eden" - The Incredible String Band
Young People - Wild Boys Of The Road
Orchestre Baka De Gbine - Muzzelman
Glim - Rewind
Benny Profane - Man On The Sauce
"Instrumental India" - Hariprasad Chaurasia - Jait
"Rough Guide To Urban Latino" - Triangulo Oscuro - A Moverse
Devics - A Secret Message To You
Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid - Morning Prayer
"Anthems In Eden" - Sandy Denny - Milk And Honey
Terry Edwards - Vaguely Fit
Benny Profane - Vain Profane
Ricky Nelson - Garden Party
"Instrumental India" - Sultan Khan - Bhoop
"Rough Guide To Urban Latino" - Asilo 38 - Vencer O Morir
Static - Return Of She
"Anthems In Eden" - Bob Copper - Hard Times Of Old England

PMS - Music Featured - 13.02.06

Amparanoia - Ven
"Freeness" - Kut D - Full Out
"Rough Guide To Bhangra Dance" - Partners In Rhyme - Gal Sun
Why? - Dumb Hummer
Nathalie Natiembe - Addis Abebe
Dub Unlimited - Hurricane Not I
"James Brown Funky People Greatest Breakbeats" - The JB's - You Can Have Watergate, Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight
Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe - Floods
Mountains - Simmer
Nuru Kane Sigil - Colere
Nick Cave - The Rider Song
"James Brown Funky People Greatest Breakbeats" - Lyn Collins - Think About It
"Rough Guide To Bhangra Dance" - Madan Bata Sindhu - Mehindi/Madhorama Pencha
Dub Unlimited - Bullwackies Revenge
Peking Opera - The Swimming Dragon Pays Court To The Phoenix (excerpt)
Trike - Talk Back (Serge Santiago Mix)
Peking Opera - The Swimming Dragon Pays Court To The Phoenix (excerpt)
Moha! - C5
Peking Opera - The Swimming Dragon Pays Court To The Phoenix (excerpt)
Thomas Stronen - Ingenious Pursuits
Bodzin & Huntemann - Message In A Box
Peking Opera - The Prince Who Changed Into A Cat (excerpt)
Nuru Kane Sigil - Diarama
Johnny Poindexter - We Meet By Accident

PMS - Music Featured 20-02-06

Buzzcocks - God, What Have I Done?
Vic Tagoe - Angel Feet
"Detroit Breakdown Remixes": Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)
Alex Decoupigny - Vaccine
Ariel Pink - Hardcore Pops Are Fun
Television Personalities - Ex-Girlfriend Club
Guo Ye - Paper Boat
Chicago Underground Duo - Funeral Of Dreams
Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight (Jammer Remix And Revox)
Icebreaker - Yo Shakespeare (Michael Gordon)
Adult. - Thought I Choked
Nic Tagoe - Ah Lo Be Eh
Television Personalities - Not Your Typical Boy
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio - Weapons Of Mass Destruction Part 1
Dictaphone - The Last Song
Chicago Underground Duo - Pangea
Sickoaks - Missiles And Mammals
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio - Weapons Of Mass Destruction Part 2
Guo Ye - The Little Bird Must Fly
Fink - Pretty Little Thing
Cougar - Atlatl
Calexico - Black Heart (Jazzanova's White Soul Dub)
Klezmer Juice - Slow Melody #8
Alex Decoupigny - PMS Remixed

PMS Music Featured 27.02.06

Emmanuel Jal & Abdul Gabir Jahim - Lemon Bara
be your own PET - Thresher's Flail
The Drones - You Don't Really Care
Shine - Insomnie
Son Of Dave - Life Is So Easy Now
Emmanuel Jal & Abdul Gabir Jahim - Elengwen
DJ Icey - 3
Birdy Nam Nam - We Drummin'
Pete Dale & The Beta Males - I.D.on't
Musica Floridita - Y ME Voy De Parranda
Indafusion - I Psychadelicised The Children
Ral Partha Vogelbacher - Aeroflot
The Work - I Hate America
Fire Engines - Discord
Musica Floridita - Por Les Calles De La Habana
Son Of Dave - Rollin' And Tumblin'
No Movement, No Sound, No Memories - Ampel Rot, Ampel Grun, Ampel Rot
Birdy Nam Nam - Ready For War, Ready For What?
Ellen Allien - Floating Points
Nightmares On Wax - Passion
Alexandre Decoupigny - A Vaccine
Birdy Nam Nam - Transition
ALexandre Decoupigny - PMS Remixed
Ral Partha Vogelbacher - Party After The Wake
How To Swim - Bones
The Rogers Sisters - The Clock


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