Monday, July 14, 2008

July 2008

PMS – Music Featured - 7.7.08

Shantel – Disko Partizani (Dublex Inc Remix)
Hot Club De Paris – I Wasn’t Being Heartless When I Said Your Favourite Song Lacked Heart
“La Paloma 6” – Bob Willis - La Paloma
Saban Bajramovic – O Dado Bakhialo
Mr Scruff – Kalimba
Ivo Papasov – Dance Of The Falcon

Peter Bentham & The Dinner Ladies (PMS Live Studio Session),-
PMS Jingle
The Che Guevara Thing
Part Time Punk
The New Underground

Mr Scruff – Give up To Get
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Romanian Gypsies” – Gabi Lunca – Pe Drumul De Le Buzau
Omekango – My Life Is A Reality Show
Best Kept Secret feat. Amen Noir – Gangland
Ivo Papasov – Prayer From The Mountains
Saban Bajramovic – Trajo Mungri
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Romanian Gypsies” – Ion Petre Stoican – Hora De La Oltenita
Travor Watts & Peter Knight – Reunion (excerpt)
Alina Orlova – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star + extra track

PMS – Music Featured – 14.7.08

Spam Allstars – Descargo Gusano
The Displacements - Lady Loss
String Trio Of New York – Journey Platz – Part Four
M J Hibbett & The Validators – Professional, Competent, Rocking And Tight
“Rough Guide To Salsa Gold” – Fruko Y Sus Tesos – Fruko A Lo Compadre
Volcano! – Africa Just Wants To Have Fun
“Café De Los Maestros” – Virginia Luque – La Canon De Buenos Aires
Hot Club De Paris – Call Me Mr Demolition Ball
- Found Sleeping
- Let Go Of Everything
Sabrina Malheiros – Connexao
“La Paloma 6” – Dead Brothers – La Paloma
Mothlite – Neverbegoodwood
M J Hibbett & The Validators – Do The Indie Kid
“Café De Los Maestros” – Atilio Stampone y Orquestra – Mi Amigo Cholo
String Trio Of New York – Stellar Coronae
“Rough Guide To Salsa Gold” – Orquesta Dee Jay – Dona Paola
Dalglish – Narpado
Sabrina Malheiros – It’s Too Late
Max Richter – Cathodes/I Was Just Thinking/A Song For H/Far Away/Return To Prague/Broken Symmetries For X
Spam Allstars – The Robots’ Attack

PMS – Music Featured 21.7.08

“Superharps” – T.D.‘s Boogie Woogie
Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers – Africa Calling Dub
Stephanie McKay – Oxygen
Elephant 9 – Dodovoodoo
“The Godfather’s R&B” – Yvonne Fair & The James Brown Band – It Hurts To Be In Love
The Sabri Family – Raag Adana
Mothlite – Hypnogogue
Badma Khanda Ensemble – Ulirenge
- Theme from “Genghis Khan”
- Retska Moya Tsagatuiy
- No Smiryennon Mayom Sjerroan Kanye
Mikey Ras Starr – Coomaya (African Herbsman)
Buffy Sainte Marie – Ain’t No Time For The Worrying Blues
“La Paloma 5” – Unknown – La Paloma
Buffy Sainte Marie – I Don’t Need No City Life
Vessels – Trois Heures
Dengue Fever – Monsoon Of Perfume
Elephant 9 – Hymne
“The Godfather’s R&B” – Anna King – That’s When I Cry
“Superharps” – If I Should Have Bad Luck
“The Godfather’s R&B” – Bobby Byrd – I Found Out
Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers – Dub Story
Mikey Ras Starr – Come Back Sunday Mornin
Vessels - Yuki

PMS – Music Featured - 28.7.08

Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara – Ya Ta Kaaya
Marble Valley – Shaven Advark
Mitty Collier – Help Me
Freshly Ground – Zithanda
Dousk – Ass, Table And The Stick
Heaven 17 – Let’s All Make A Bomb (Live)
3MA – Vero
Soundtrack from “Tai73” – Ra.adio
“Le Sahel – Les Rhythmes Du Desert” – Namar Kassey – Foulbe Gary
Minotaur Shock – BATS
Kasai Allstars – Tshitua Fuila Mbuloba
Asva – Christopher Columbus
Mitty Collier – My Party
Kasai Allstars – Analengo
Geoff Soule – They Are In The Gate
3MA – Anfass
Marble Valley – Slash And Laugh
Freshly Ground – Mowbray Kaap
“Le Sahel – Les Rhythmes Du Desert” – Khalifa Ould Eide & Dimi Mint Abba – Hassania Song For Dancing (Lebeyda Wigsar)
Dousk - Loose


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