Monday, January 07, 2008

January 2008

PMS – Music Featured – 7.1.08

Paul Vickers & The Leg – Umbrella Propellor
Top Floor Circus – Heaven Here We Come!
John Parkes – Left Of Centre
Crystal Castles – Airwar (David Wolf Remix)
“Our Own Voices Vol 3” – Patsy Montana – My Poncho Pony
Snorkel – Rub Attractor/My Elephant
She’Koyolch Klezmer Ensemble – Krivo Sadovsko
Guy Davis – Train Song
Massukos – Ndjango
Top Floor Circus – Mamma Mia
Tommy Tate – The Nightingales – Just A Little Overcome
Jack Cheshire – Little Moon
- The Old Easy Way
Theo Angell & The Tabernacle Hillside Singers – Crow’s Landing
“Our Own Voices Vol 3” – Billy Boy Arnold – Prisoner’s Plea
Guy Davis – Step It Up And Go
Tommy Tate – School Of Life
Top Floor Circus – Male Gorilla And Female Reporter
Snorkel – The Headphone Mix
Souad Massi – Bladi
Massukos – Atulate
Top Floor Circus – Superbeast
Gavin Bryars, feat, Philip Keck And Alter Ego – The Sinking Of The Titanic (excerpt)

PMS – Music Featured – 14.1.08

The Radiators – Joe Strummer
Watcha Clan – Gypsy Sugar
Bob Mould – If I Can’t Change Your Mind
ZerodB – Sunshine Lazy (Raphael Sebbag Remix)
Ensemble Dastan & Salar Aghili – Chahar-Mezrab-e Entezar
“The Sound Of Silence” – Panda Twin – Golden Pot
I, Ludicrous – The Ruby Wax Song
Ana Moura – Velho Anjo
Ian Dury – Two Steep Hills
- Wake Up And Make Love With Me
Ain – Sunday
Eels – Susan’s House
Watcha Clan – Eli
“The Sound Of Silence” – 718 – Half Of A Bion
Vetiver – You May Be Blue (Neighbours Remix)
Elliott Sharp & Charlotte Hug – Granule
Cat Power – New York
Ana Moura – Aguarda-te Ao Chegar
“The Sound Of Silence” – Double Fish – x13
Ana Moura – Fado Das Hores Incertas
I, Ludicrous – Chav It Up With Jeremy Kyle
ZerodB – Apombo Girou (Dave Da Gato Remix)
Ensemble Dastan & Salar Aghili – Saz-O Awaz

PMS – Music Featured – 28.1.08

“Vintage Palmwine” - T.O. Jazz – Kuromu Aye Dinn
Pepe Deluxe – The Mischief Of Cloud Six
Pale Fountains – (There’s Always) Something On My Mind
“Inna De Yard” – Kiddus I – A Prayer
D J Dolores – Proletariado
Vinny Peculiar – Lazy Bohemians
Apatt – Hungry For Your Dinner
- And She Looked At The Swan
- Apprentice Attention
- Found It
Torturing Nurse – Unsole Yourself (beginning)
“Well Deep – Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings” – Artist And Track Unknown
Apatt – My Job Makes Me Hate You
- Young Free And Parasite
- Grope Cunt Lane
Salif Keita – Yambo
Pale Fountains – Abergele Next Time
D J Dolores – The Mind Inspector
“Inna De Yard” – Linval Thompson – Guiding Star
“Italy - Traditional Music” – Francesco Landi – Il Bruscello
Pale Fountains – Jean’s Not Happening
“Vintage Palmwine” – Kwaa Mensah - Mami Wala
Nels Andrews – Lady Of The Silver Spoon
Apatt – My Subconscious Shone Like ABeam Of Light Forever
Tony Allen – African Message


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