Monday, June 14, 2010

June 2010

PMS – Music Featured – 28.6.10

Frank Sidebottom – Frank’s Luxury Bachelor Penthouse Pad
Evil Power – Goatstorm
Thomas Truax – The Cannibal’s Have Captured Our Nicole Kidman
Jammer, feat. Boy Better Know – 10 Man Roll
Mohamed Mounir – Sala Fi Serri We Gahri
“Native America Calling” – Link Wray – Shawnee Tribe
“Lean Left” – Lean Over
Frank Sidebottom – Mirror Man, Mirror Puppet
“Yes We Can – Songs About Leaving Africa” – K’naan – 15 Minutes Away
Wildbirds & Peacedrums – The Lake
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Russian Gypsies” – Talisman – Moonlightl
Nathalie Stern – Oremus Hymn – Before The Ending Of The Day
“Native America Calling” – Ulahi – Shan Ooh Jhu
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Russian Gypsies” – L.P. Mikhay & T Mikhailova – Opei, Ded
Jammer – Walking Duppy
“Yes We Can – Songs About Leaving Africa” – Afrikan Boy – Lidl
“Native America Calling” – Julien B – Genocide In Progress
Thomas Truax – Around The World With The Sexy Sigh
Clock DVA – The Secret Life Of The Big Black Suit – The Suit Walks On (Size 12)
Thomas Truax – Post Post Post Modern
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Russian Gypsies” – Igor Kryknov – Ney Smushai
“Lean Left” – Lean Leftover
“Native America Calling” – Behind The Mirror & Jimmy Carl Black – Tumbleweed Canyon
Nathalie Stern – Nu Varnen Och Gladjens
Cormac – Uninvited Guest
Frank Sidebottom – Back At Erics

PMS – Music Featured – 21.6.10

The Freak Scene – A Million Grains Of Sand
Stanley Brinks – Why The Martians Are Gone
Paban Das Bauls – Murshidi (Melody From The Baul Trail)
Subset – Ambrosia
Tanya Tucker – New York City Song
Stained Glass Heroes – Big Guns At Dawn (Extended Version)
“Rough Guide To The Music Of India” – Aruna Sairam – Saravanabhava
Pearly Gates Music – I Woke Up
Faust – Nachtfahrt
- Hit Me
“Rough Guide To The Music Of India” – Ravi Shankar – Megh
On (Reworked by Fennesz) – A Tardy Admission That The Crisis Is Serious
The Living Sisters – (You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am
Ice Black Birds – As Birds We’d Be Fine
Paban Das Bauls – Gopon Prem (Secret Love)
The Freak Scene – The Subway Ride Thru Inner Space
Stanley Brinks – 39 Winks
Faust – In But Out
Z’ev – (from) Elemental Music
On (Reworked by Fennesz) – Blank Space
Paban Das Bauls – Katha Kare Bolbo Ki
“Rough Guide To Scottish Folk” - Katrine Polwart – Follow The Heron
Tanya Tucker – The Jamestown Ferry
Paban Das Bauls – Kaliya
Debashish Bhattacharya – Raga Khamaj Aalaap

PMS – Music Featured - 14.6.10

Gangbe Brass Band – Beautiful Africa
Debunkt – Spiritual Suffering (Ritalin Kid Version)
“A Loud Majority” – Buddy Terry – Kamili
Nalle – Songthrush
Carlou D – Sen Regal
Jahcoozi – Barefoot Dub (Stereotyp Remix)
“Ayobaness!- The Sound Of South African House” – DJ Steavy - Ungazocala
Dead Western – So Many Signs
Mac Davis – In The Ghetto
Miriam Makeba – In The Land Of The Zulus (Kwazulu)
- Sophiatown Is Gone
Boukman Eksperyans – Pwazon Rat
Tiger Blossom – Brishtir Pani
Broken Social Scene – Sentimental X’s
Eels – A Line In The Dirt
Grasscut – 1946
Nalle – Bring The Traveller Back To The Land
“A Loud Minority” - Frank Foster – The Loud Minority
Miriam Makeba – Hush
- Murtala

PMS – Music Featured – 7.6.10

Coope, Boyes & Simpson – Silence
Ilhan Ersahin – Doors To Heaven
The Herbaliser – Gadget Funk
Cheikh Lo – Folly Cagni
The North Sea – Revelation
Huw M – Ond Yn Dawel Y Dydd
“Rough Guide To Salsa Divas” – Aymee Nuviola – La Sonora Del Mundo
Grasscut – In Her Pride
Reindeer/ Karin Stenberg – Reindeer Migration/Joik about Reinder/Joik about Mountains
Rigmor Gustafsson with the radio.string.quartet.vienna – The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines
Cheikh Lo – Jamm
Coope, Boyes & Simpson – Haven
“Rough Guide To Salsa Divas” – Koko – Los Hombres (Las Mujeres Son)
The Herbaliser feat. Jean Grae – The Blend
Cheikh Lo – Sankara
Rigmor Gustafsson – Ack Varmeland Du Skona
Jaga Jazzist – 220 v/spectral (Final Mix)
Teuvo Kupainen – Beloved’s Arms
Olof Arnulds – Innundir Skinni
Keren ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannsson – Liberty
Rigmor Gustafsson – Still Crazy After All These Years
The North Sea – Reunion
Coope, Boyes & Simpson – Spring 1919


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