Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 2011

PMS – Music Featured – 5.9.11

Hanni El Khatib – Build Destroy Rebuild
James Hardway – Horns At The End
Raul De Souza – Festival
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Len Ganley Stance
“Songs Of King Shaka” – Amaguyu Akwazulu - Awasozewafa Itshe Ientabe
David Gibb – The Young Boy
Glenn Jones – The Wanting
Half Man Half Biscuit – Fun Day At The Park
- Descent Of The Stiperstones
- Left Lyrics In The Practice Room
Charles Lloyd & Maria Farantouri – Kratissa Ti Zoi Mou
Sabrina Malheiros – Paranoia
Hanni El Khatib – Garbage City
“Songs Of King Shaka” – Amaguyu Akwazulu – Uthe Ubhutu Azizomlanda
Glenn Jones – A Snapshot Of Mom Scotland 1957
Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong
- Come Alive
- Loved One
Charles Lloyd & Maria Farantouri – Greek Suite part 1 – Hymnos Stin Ayia Tirada
Half Man Half Biscuit – Rock And Roll Is Full Of Bad Wools
Hurray for The Riff Raff – Young Blood Blues
Glenn Jones – The Orca Grande Cement Factory At Victorville

PMS – Music Featured – 12.9.11

“Street Sounds From The Bay Area” – Victor Green – Giant Hamburgers Part 2
“Early Rappers” – Bo Diddley – I’m Bad
“Russia – The Tradition Of Wind Instruments” – Folk Ensemble Ulitsa – Smiyronushka
“Vacilando ‘68 – Summer ‘11” – Gagarin – Kedr
Hazmat Modine with The Gangbe Brass Band – Cotonou Stomp
Addis Acoustic Project – Kewedet Tegegnech
Blonde Redhead – Symphony Of Treble
Leyland Kirby – They Are All Dead, There Are No Skip At All
Cosmin TRG – Fizic
The Last Skeptik – No Train!
Eric Copeland – Beatlemania
TWR72 – Paradox
WALLS – Sunporch
“Street Sounds From The Bay Area” – The Two Things In One – Snag Nasty
“Early Rappers” – The Last Poets – E Pluribus Unum
“Russia – The Tradition Of Wind Instruments” – Folk Ensemble Ulitsa – Pripevki
“Early Rappers” – Joe Tex – You’re Gonna Thank Me Woman
In The Country – Brothers In Arms
“Russia – The Tradition Of Wind Instruments” – Folk Ensemble Ulitsa – Vo Kuznitse
Addis Acoustic Project – Mashena
“Sounds And Silence” – Marilyn Mazur – Creature Walk
Tim Kasher – Trees Keep Growing
“Early Rappers – Bobby Moore’s Rhythm Aces – Go Ahead And Burn
Eric Copeland – Spangled
Gagarin – Last Child In The Woods

PMS – Music Featured – 19.9.11

The Bent Moustache – Seine Meine Geheime Code
“Bambara Mystic Soul” – Traore Seydou, Richard Et Les Vaudou Du Flamboyant – Katougou
Ville Leinonen – Asemal: Missjkuilu-Kivituola-Tulvarama – Pommisuejo
Rapunzel & Sedayne – Porpcupine In November Sycamore
Dale Earnheardt Jnr Jrn – An ugly Person On a Movie Screen
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw – Night Gallery 1
The Cubical – Paper Walls
- Three Drop Jameson Mechanism
Tcheka – Pexera Porto
Bill Frisell – Beautiful Boy
Scientist – Thunder And Lightning Dub
“Bambara Mystic Soul” –
Orchestra CVD – Rog Mik Afrika
Big Flame – All The Irish Must Go To Heaven
Tommy Smith & Karma – Star
Bill Frisell – Village
The Bent Moustache – Heavy Jam
Ville Leinonen – Ensimmaista Kertaa
Ricardo Donoso – Conditional Formattiing (Descent)
The Bee’s Neice – For My Cat
Tcheka – Kriadu Assim
Scientist – 13 Bread Lane Dub
Rapunzel & Sedayne – Owld Grye song

PMS – Music Featured – 26.9.11

Nga Tamariki O Tongariro – E He!
Starkey – Blood Roses
“BLNRB” – Michel Ongaro, Mister Abbas, Jahcoozi – Kumbuka
Ry Cooder – No Banker Left Behind
Darondo – Get Up Off Your Butt
Tudor Acid – Glass Walls (Tudor Acid Remix)
“Note Of Hope“ – Lou Reed – The Debt I Owe
Low Bias – Cold Winter
“Note Of Hope“ – Ani Di Franco – Voice
Sweet Williams – Three Feet
Nga Tamariki O Tongariro – Te Ui Atu A Ngatoroirangi
Skugabed – Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
Iarla O Lionaird – Fainne Geal An Lae
Ry Cooder – John Lee Hooker For President
Darondo – Didn’t I
Brassy – Right Back
“BLNRB” – Ukoo Flani, Dogs, Teichmann – Living Room
Sweet Williams – Blue Horse
Darondo – Thank You God
Iarla O Lionaird – The Goat Song
“Note Of Hope“ – Jackson Browne – I Know The Night


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