Monday, March 14, 2011

March 2011

PMS – Music Featured – 7.3.11

The Cramps – How Far Can Too Far Go?
Extra Life – Bended Park
Kawatin – Strong Brother Weak Brother
Naby – Jubbo
Vinny Peculiar – My Generation (BBC Radio Merseyside Session Track)
Arbouretum – The Empty Shell
“Amadou & Mariam Remixes” – Ce N’est Pas Bon (DJ Aero Remix)

Mark Delaney & Friends – PMS Live Studio Session
- The Rebound Girl
- Diamond Of My Mind
- Rosie Jones
- We Know Her Well

Gil Scott Heron & Jamie Smith – Ur Soul And Mine (Remix)
Iron And Wine – Tree By The River
Raoul Sinier – Strange Teeth And Black Nails
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie Smith – NY Is Killing Me (Remix)
“The Music City Story” – Vermettya Royster with James Brown’s Band – All Around The World
June Tabor – The Grey Funnel Line
J Mascis – Very Nervous And Love
“The Music City Story” – The Teardrop Tears – When We Get Married Part 2
Naby – Dem Naa
“The Music City Story” – D’Vonya White – The Kasavubu Waltz
June Tabor – The Bleacher Lassie Of Kelvinhaugh

PMS – Music Featured – 14.3.11

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Ubekwane
Martin Buscaglia – Jaula De Motos
“EPM 10” – Sandwell District – Live In Berlin
Lo Cor De la Plana – La Naviota
“More Miles Than Money” – Jimmie Rodgers – Standing On The Corner (Blue Yodel No 9)
Arbouretum – Waxing Crescents
Laszlo – Satori (Todd Baker Remix)
Celibate Rifles – Temper Temper
Bollywood Brass Band feat. Rafaquat Ali Khan - Dhoom Medley
Chumbawamba – Smashing Of The Van
Kawatin – Tokyo Salvage
Lleuwen – Mab Y Mor
“More Miles Than Money” – Jimmy Castor – Hey Leroy (Your Mama’s Calling You)
Trobairitz D’Oc – La Mau D’Amor
Laszlo – Satori (Todd Baker Remix)
Trobairitz D’Oc – L’Aiga De Roca
Chumbawamba – Poverty Knock
The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day
Bollywood Brass Band feat. Rafaquat Ali Khan – Gush Nalon Iskh Mitha
J Mascis – Too Deep
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Lezonkomo
“More Miles Than Money” – Pipestone – Crazy Love Life
Lleuwen - Tachwedd

PMS – Music Featured – 21.3.11

“Nashville Rockabilly” – Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters – They Wanna Fight
“80’s World Music Classics” – Kassav – Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni
“More Miles Than Money” – O V Wright with The Keys – That’s How Strong My Love Is
Tipper – Hourglass Infringement
Olof Arnalds – Surrender
Alexander Tucker – Pearl Relics
Extra Life – Ripped Heart

Sing For Your Supper (Live Studio Session) -
Session Medley

ADMX – 71-04 – Indigenously Speaking
Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater (muziq Remix)
“80’s World Music Classics” – Khaled – Hada Raykoum
“More Miles Than Money” – Honeyboy Edwards & Carey Bell – Every Now And Then
Lost Idol – In Time And Space
Alexander Tucker – Craters
Phaedra – Oserian
Tipper – Cinder Cone
ADMX – 71-11 – Pulsar Wind Nebula
Olof Arnalds – Instants
“Nashville Rockabilly” – Big C & The Wizards – Raid On Cedar Street
“More Miles Than Money” – Johnny Farmer & Organized Noise – Death Letter

PMS – Music Featured – 28.3.11

“Theme Time Radio Hour Season Three” – Jimmie Lunceford – I’m Nuts About Screwy Music
Serge Gainsbourg – Ford Mustang
Watcha Caln – La Camel
Sonic Youth – Theme D’Alice
Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Cheza Ngoma
Swamp Dogg – Synthetic World
“The Karindula Sessions” – BBK – A Tata Shandiabana Wiya
Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang – Island Brothers
Baaba Maal – Ngawia
“Theme Time Radio Hour Season Three” – Jerry McCain – That’s What They Want
Serge Gainsbourg – Dieu Fumeur De Havanes
Matthewdavid – “Outmind” [Album In Full]
Swamp Dogg (as Little Jerry Williams) – The 1965 King Size Nicotine Blues
Sonic Youth – Dans Les Bois/M. Rabier
Watcha Clan – With Or Without The Wall
Albert Glasser – Theme from “Beginning Of The End”


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