Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012

PMS – Music Featured –7.5.12

Holger Czukay – Der Osten Ist Rot
“John Cale – Conflict And Catalysis” – Happy Mondays – Kuff Dam
Vitor Ramil & Marcos Suzano – Astronauta Lirico
“Something Good” – Earl Jones – I’m Into Something Good
Diabel Cissoko – Patte D’Oie Blues
Dod Nino – Myself By Heart
Freakwater – Amelia Earhart
R M Hubbert – Car Song
Human Don’t Be Angry – 1985
Ramzi Aburedwan – Bordeaux
“John Cale – Conflict And Catalysis” – Cristina – Disco Clone
Ty Segall & White Fence – Scissor People
Sunday Driver – Satyam Shivam Sundarem
Oriole – Between The Mountains And The Sea
Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs – Begemot
“Something Good” – Lesley Gore – The Old Crowd
Ramzi Aburedwan – Raja
“John Cale – Conflict And Catalysis” – The Jesus Lizard – Needles For Teeth
Diabel Cissoko – Koto Kawding
Freakwater – Forgettable Song
Stephen O’ Malley & Steve Noble – St Francis Duo Part 2 (beginning)

PMS – Music Featured – 14.5.12

Trembling Bells with Bonnie Prince Billy – Ferrari In A Demolition Derby
King Creosote – Doubles Underneath
Amadou & Mariam feat. Ebony Bones – C’est Pas Facile Pour Aigles
Chuck Perkins – We Ain’t Dead Yet
Jherek Bischoff – Insomnia Death And The Sea
“Eh Cumpari!” – Louis Prima – That Old Black Magic
Malawi Mouse Boys – Ndamirila
Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra – Love And Death
Kevin Hewick – Drowned Dream Wreckage
Jim Moray – Horkstow Grange
Pieter Nooten – Anybody
Sandy Denny – Milk And Honey
Eternal Tapestry – Marrow Of The Wand
Chuck Perkins – Crack House
Malawi Mouse Boys – Uthenga Wabwino
Amadou & Mariam – Sans Toi
Jherek Bischoff – The Secret Of The Machines
Jim Moray – The Captain’s Apprentice
Malawi Mouse Boys – Cunenda Ndi Jesu
Veryan Weston, Ingrid Laubrock, Hannah Marshall – Courtesy Of None
Chuck Perkins – You Gotta Run

PMS – Music Featured – 21.5.12

Animal Collective – Honeycomb
Vusi Mahlasela – Ro Yo Tshela Kae
“Raw Records – The Punk Singles Collection” – The Unwanted – Bleak Outlook
“House Shoes” – Invincible – Locusts
Xenia Beliayeva – XTC (Angel Alanis Remix)
Trembling Bells feat. Bonnie Prince Billy – My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him
Boban I Marko Markovich Orkestar – Sljivovica
Keaton Henson – Party Song
The Funkees – Akpankoro
A-Sun Amissa – Speechless; Hung Up/Rejoice Me More Than Mine
Amelia Curran – Hands On A Grain Of Sand
“Raw Records – The Punk Singles Collection” – The Sick Things – Kids On The Street
The Funkees – Slipping Into Darkness
Pieter Nooten – Blue Square
Becoming Real – Zoning
“The Earth Resounds” – The Sixteen – Antoine Brumel – Sanctus from The Earthquake Mass
“House Shoes” – Quelle – Golden
Vusi Mahlasela – Conjecture Of The Hour
Keaton Henson – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are
Rory Gallagher – I’m Not Surprised
Ivor Kallin – A Wee Dug Stole A Haddy Bone

PMS – Music Featured – 27.5.12            

Urban Jazz Ritual – Car Crazy
Robert Ellis – Friends Like Those
Napalm Death – Orders Of Magnitude
Lazer Sword – Better From U
The Nightingales – The Burster
“The Rough Guide To Celtic Lullabies” – Golden Bough – The Mermaid’s Song Of The Seals
Philip Jeck – The Pilot (among our shoals)
Afrocubism – La Culebra
Ben Zabo – Cinquantenaire
Benedicte Maurseth – Mellonspel
Lucky Dragons – Mirror Maker
Napalm Death – Blank Look About Face
Kamil Kowalczyk – Spektra
“The Rough Guide To Celtic Lullabies” – Grainne Hambley – Ag Taistead Na Blarnam
Samuel Yirga – The Blues Of Wolla (Dessye Mix)
Philip Jeck – The All Of Water
“Shetland Fiddle Music “ – Tom Anderson – Auld Swarra
Benedicte Maurseth – Alde
Ben Zabo – Wari Vo
Bong Devils – Bass Medicine


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