Friday, July 11, 2014

July 2014


“Grassroots; United Over Ukraine” – ASC – Falling Apart
“Role” – Lurdez Da Luz – Ping Pong
John Cale And Terry Riley – Church Of Anthrax
Sonzeira – Nana
“Rough Guide To Arabic Jazz“ – Daramad – Tigris Eye
Jonathan Richman,-
- You Can Have A Cellphone That’s OK But Not Me
- Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild
- No One Was Like Vermeer
- Her Mystery Not Of Highheels And Eyeshadow
- Maybe A walk Home From Natick High School
“Grassroots; United Over Ukraine” – Sunchase – Sett
Da Lata – Ronca Da Cuiva (Da Lata Allstars Live Remix)
John Fahey - Oneonta
King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne) –
- Dark Brown Teeth
- Good And Hostels
- Laid Back Walking
- Useless King Of The Punks
Land Observations – On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent
Joolz – Housewives’ Choice
“Rough Guide To The Music Of Palestine” – Michael Sajrawy – Tojann
Rose Windows – There Is A Light
Ruben Blades – Adan Garcia
Prescott – Piece Of Cake
“Samba Fever” – Tamy – Samba Na Mao, Eu Tenho


The Ramones – Too Tough To Die
“Exotica Classics” – Ahmad Jamal – Carnival In Panama
“Dance Mania – Hardcore Traxx” – Strong Soul - Twinkles
Volga – Kumushki Pjut (Gossiping Ladies Having A Drink)
J Mascis – Every Morning
Gwilym Simcock – Mr Bricolage
Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra – Take Away These Early Grave Blues
Jean- Louis and Mario Ambrosini – Inventio No 4
Rod Anton & The Ligurians – Carpe Diem
Ulli Bomans – Barbara
Aria Rostami – Vietnamoses
Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen- Love - Jacana
Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Grave
Charlie Haden – Els Segadors
“Exotica Classics” – The Buddy Collette Septet – Polynesian Suite
Astro Sonic – The Electric Airbag Police
Robbie Basho – Khalil Gibran
“Dance Mania – Hardcore Traxx” – 326 – Falling (Armando’s House Mix)

Dylan Howe – All Saints


Razz – Razz-Matazz
Cabaret Voltaire – Drink Your Poison
Ginger Baker – Ginger Spice
Chambray – Untitled
“Rough Guide To Flamenco Guitar” – Miguel Angel Cortes – La Luna Creciente
Tom ap Dan – Dros Yr Ochr. Lawr
Ziguri – Bella Hop
James Yorkston – Great Ghosts
“Rough Guide To Flamenco Guitar” – Carlos Pinana – Templanza
BadBadNotGood – CS60
Young Marble Giants – Waiting For Mr Right
“The Giant Monarch” – L’Estasi Dell-Oro – Der Hase
Datblygu – Cerdd(or)iaith/ Bydolwg
Smoke Dawson – Wild Goose Chase
Pere Ubu – Irene
Smoke Dawson – The Minotaur
Magical Mistakes – Blue (Remix)
Calaita Flamenca Son – Rumba Del Siete
Rachel Dunn – Placing Stars
Ideal Bread - Roba


Cobla Sant Jordi Cuitat De Barcelona – Els Gegants De Castelltercol
King Ayisoba – Wicked Leaders
King Creosote – Something To Believe In
Chumbawamba – Smash Clause 28!
Master Plan – Electric Baile (Small Dub)
“Mali Allstars – Bogolan Music” – King Massassy – Comme On Le Dit Chez Nous
Music Blues – Trying And Giving Up
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar – Hard Up
Wand – Strange Inertia (Control Alt Death)
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Higher Consciousness
King Creosote – Leaf Piece
The Heptones – Gunmen Coming To Town
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – Gingerbread House
Sally Nyolo – Le Faiseur De Pluie Par Tous Les Temps/Bidjegui
Wand – Send, Receive (Mind)
9 In Common – Foggy
Efdemin – Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes (Asusu Remix)
King Ayisoba – Mbhee
King Creosote – For One Night Only
The Lowland Hundred – Track Two


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