Monday, January 04, 2016

January 2016


Local Music Special

Hawkwind – Silver Machine           
Peter Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Concert Square (from “Music For Empty Spaces”)
Bib Body Squad – Middle Age (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Jegsy Dodd & The Sons Of Harry Cross – So Here We Are
J D Meatyard – Taking The Asylum (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Claire Welles – Goal Of The Month
Chiz Turnross & Friends – I Was A Gardener (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Bill Ryder-Jones – No Worst There Is None
                            - Anthony Owen
Ism – Create
Anwar Ali – Malaika (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Zukanican – S.O.M.B.
Paul Tarpey – In My Flat (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
In Atoms – Nepalese Dolphin Song Part 2 & 3 (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Jo Bywater – Always Feel Like Home (from “Music For Empty Spaces”)
Andy Frizell – The Freak (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
The Bee’s Niece – Love Song for Thomas Shelby (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Crush Dlx – Ecstacy (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Cannonball Statman – Boulder City NV (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Dan Wilson – I Tried To Reach You (from exclusive PMS Studio session)
Ex-Easter Island Head – Music for 22 Strings (excerpt 2) (from exclusive PMS Studio session)


Shri – Chakradhar for Brass
Superchunk – Skip Steps 1 & 3
Hierophants – Conspiracy Theory
“Soul Sok Sega” – Ti L’Afrique – Soul Sock Sega
Phall Fatale – Crocodile
Kinky Friedman – The Loneliest Man I Ever Met
Mikael Tariverdiev – Goodbye Boys Track 2
Richard Dawson – Ries Float Down The Stream/Black Dog In The Sky
Claire Welles – Hand Underneath My Top
Sunn O))) – Kannon 2
S K Kakraba – Darifu
Bernadette Carroll – The Hero
“Soul Sock Sega” – Harold Berty – Mone Lasser Dire Moi
Oneohtrix Point Never – I Bite Through It
Richard Dawson – A Parents’ Address To His Firstborn On The Day Of His Birth
Mikael Tariverdiev – Snow Over Leningrad Track 16
Kink Friedman – Wild Man Of Borneo
Shri – Tanpura
Oneohtrix Point Never – No Good
Phall Fatale – Manic Depression
Lilith Ai – Hang Tough
Lord Huron – Until The Night Turns
Richard Dawson – William and His Mother Visit The Museum


David Bowie – Sound And Vision
“Tangerine” – Haterade and Skellism – Taliban
Sidestepper – Supernatural Love
Terranova – Uchu No Inu (Acapella)
Rokia Traore – Tu Voles
Mogwai – U-235
Rival Consoles – Walls
Pierre Boulez – Rituel In Memoriam Bruno Maderna
Gem Andrews – Edges
“Tangerine” – Fatima Hajji – Up In Jam
Maki Asakawa – Nemuru No Ga Kawai
Les Elgart and his Orchestra – Voodoo Drums
Sidestepper – Magangue
“Alrealon Musique Presents” – Eyrys – Madness In The Fast Lane
El_Texf_A – Claim Of Blood Of Planet earth (El_Texf_A Tree Of Life)
Rokia Traore – Kolokani
David Bowie – Neukoln
Maki Asakawa – Onna
”Tangerine” – DJ Nato Feelz – LUV
Billy Bao – Lagos Sessions - D


DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man – Fussin And Fighting
Thinking Plague – Run Amok
Afro National – Temedi Oh
Wreckless Eric – Life Eternal
“Rough Guide to The World Music You’ve Never Heard” – Chlopcy Kontra Basia – Mama Ja Maza
Shinyribs – Donut Taco Palace


Pinhead In Fantasia – The Fanfare Of The Ascension Of The Facehugger
Shawnay Maclean Holloway – System Audio 2015 11.30 1435.wav
Laura Cannell – Cathedral Of The Marshes
Anna Holmler & Steve Moshier – E-She

Mo Kolours – Pots And Pans Ceremonial Intro
Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
Melt Yourself Down – Dot To Dot
Freakwater – Bolsheviks And Bollweevils
Philippe Gerber – John 3.16 Babylon The Great
John Cale – Thoughtless Kind
-          Changes Made
-          Damn Life
“Rough Guide to The World Music You’ve Never Heard” – Simo Lagnawi – Sandika
Eleanor McEvoy – The DJ
DJ Vadim feat. Big Pupa Jim – Inner Life


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