Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 2015


Francois &The Atlas Mountains – Ayan Fils
The Nightingales – The Man That Time Forgot  
Juan Martin y Chaparro De Malaga – Recuerdo A Sabas
Michael Marra – Here Comes The Weak
Robert Logan – Iris
“Soul Emissaries” – Obrey Wilson – Daddy Please Stay Home

Crush DLX – Session recorded in Los Angeles for immediate broadcast
- Atmostears
- Ecstasy
- Unidentified
- Crush Deluxe
- Justify My Love

The Rance Allen Group – Talk That Talk (Pt 1)
Tenors Of Kalma – Go-Go-Go
Dinesh Allirajah – Toledo
“Soul Emissaries” – The Funky Kids – Brother Jack
Robert Logan – Bear Beat

Squarepusher – Rayc Fire 2


The Membranes – Dark Energy
Robin Adams – Troubled Skies
Life On Planets – So True (Prince Monaco Mix)
Dommengang – Burning Off The Years
J.E Mainier & The Mountaineers – Saving Up Coupons
“Ghetto Madness” – D J Rush – The Reactor
Lau – First Homecoming
The Membranes – Everything’s Brilliant Pt 2
Pokela/Samiola/Kontio – Lampaan Ravia
Kasperi Sarikoski – Are You Going?
Tenors Of Kalma – Ininaa
Dommengang – Hats Off To Magic
Dead Kennedys – We’ve Got An even Bigger Problem Now
Robert Pollard – What A man
Mr Spaulding – Unseen Eye
Glenn Astro with Max Graef – Gonville
Robin Adams – Right To Run
Ben Chatwin – In The Fire
Pokela/Samiola/Kontio – Riekko Hangella
Rage Against The Machine – Take Back The Power
J.E Mainier & The Mountaineers – I Killed Poor Liza Foster
Robert Pollard – Photo Enforced Human Highway
Mr Spaulding – Tell Me
Robin Adams – Right To Run


Jah Wobble – Post Modern
B B King – I Woke Up This Morning
Death – Look At Your Life
Squarepusher – Kintinjaz
Gil Scott-Heron – Plastic Pattern People
R P Boo – Sleepy
Joyce Moreno – Meu Piao
Twelfth Day – Me And My Friend (Max Reinhart Holygoose Remix)
Jah Wobble – No Change Is Sexy
J D Meatyard – Catch A Falling Star
“WireTapper 37” – Manuel Zurria – Lachrimae Coactae (by John Dowland)
Elina Duni Quartet – Kur Te Pashe
The Silence – Nana Na Open Back Banjo
Jon Hassell/ Brian Eno – Delta Rain Dream
Jah Wobble – Blueberry Hill
Ekoplekz – Midnight Cliff
Andrew Tuttle feat. Christopher Fleeger – Vernon City Limits
Jah Wobble – Softwear
Gil Scott-Heron – Evolution (and Flashback)/Everyday
J D Meatyard – Satisfied Heart
“WireTapper 37” – Hannes Buder – Requiem For Alexander Litvinenko
Anton Zap - Pauspapier


Mo’ Horizons – Free And Easy (Renegades Of Jazz Rmix)
“Five Songs  By Four Voices” – Four Voices – Searching
Lurka – Partials
Toto La Momposina y Sus Tambores – Adios Fulana
Jah Wobble/Bill Laswall – Alsema Dub
Ab-Soul – Trouble 3.7.15
Germanager – Egg Drum
“Remembering Mountains – Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton” – Laurel Halo – Blue Notion
Tandog – Space Walk
Slime – My Company
Otis Taylor – Lil’ Liza Jane
Mo’ Horizons – Koito Oie Bira (Palov feat. Angelos Angelides Remix)
Motorpsycho feat Kammerkorek Aurum/Sheriffs Of Nothingness – Grandiosa
Evan Caminiti – Excelsior
“Remembering Mountains – Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton” – Larkin Green – For The Love I’m In
Tandog – Shelter
Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gultekin – Daglar
Germanager – Smiles
Joyce Moreno – Tristezza De Nos Dois
“Remembering Mountains – Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton” – Tara Jane O’Neil – At Last The Night Has Ended


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