Monday, April 02, 2018

19th March 2018

Ought – Desire
Object Blue – Cerco De Dues
Sonido Gallo Negro – Tolu
New York Dolls – Babylon Tell Me Your Name
Moon Duo – Square of the Sun
Ka Baird Special Recording
Acre – DNT
Aiden O’Rourke – Do People Still Do This?
Maria Rodriguez – La Tramendu
New York Dolls – Don’t Mess With Cupid
David Byrne – Dog’s Mind
‘Vault’ Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng
Auroura Halal – Overpass (Terrence Dixon Edit)
Pauline Oliveros – Sound Patterns
Eric Chenaux – Bird Moon
Marcus Garvey – Garvey’s Soul
Acre – Android
Aiden O’Rourke – Her Feet Padding Back
Joana Gama & Luis Fernandes – Shaft of Sunlight


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