Friday, May 10, 2019

May 2019

PMS 6.5.19 Music Featured

Canalon De Timbiqui – Tio Guachupesito
Faizal Mostrixx – Flute Guy
Lungbutter – Maryland
Laurence Pike – Drum Chant
Soshi Hosoi – Mister Diviner (The Mahjong Touhaiden) KOD9 RMX
William Brittelle – Abattoir
Anni Hogan – Lost Somewhere
Josh Ritter – All Some Kind Of Dream
Pete Rock – Street Dreams
Los Orientales de Paramonga – Estoy Contento
Romano Drum – O Foro
Dark Star Safari – Child Of Folly
“From The Vault” Robert Wyatt – Age Of Self
Canalon De Timbiqui – Barbara Aplaca tu Llanto
Verda Suno – Titan
Drop Dead – Sream At The Walls
Afework Niquissie & Zea – Bourgeois Blues
William Brittelle – True Hunger
“Lost Vinyl” Peter Principle – Pandemonium
“Rediscovered World” Zapmama – Mupepe

Teodross Avery – Blues Minor

PMS 13.5.2019  Music Featured

Mr Jessie R Maguire – Jesus Is On The Mainline
Snapped Ankles – Letter from Hampi Mountain
75 Dollar Bill – Tetuzi Akiyama
Death & Vanilla – A Flaw In The Iris
Loft – That Hyde Trakk
Craig Lean – The Gates Made Plain
‘Re-Discovered World’ – Moune de Rivel & Gilles Sala – Vaval 2
The Skints – Learning To Swim
Psalms – Praise The Lord
Sandro Mussida – A1 EEE
Von Spar – Dream (Pt1)
Fret – Salford Priors (Fausten Version)
Fruit Eating Bears - Flies
‘The Vault’ Le Sun Ra – Saturn
75 Dollar Bill – Every Last Coffee
Aiden Baker & Karen Willems – Awel V
‘Lost Vinyl’ Oval – Store Check
Earthen Sea – Window, Skin & Mirror
Maenad Veyl – Out of Sight
Fire Orchestra – Blue Crystal Fire

PMS 20.05.19 Music Featured

Sarathy Korwar- Mumbay
Laurence Pike- Dance Of The Earth
Oren Ambarchi- Palm Sugar Candy
Andrew Poppy- What Alice Said
Jayda G- Unifying The Center
Renaldo and The Loaf- A Sob Story

Zombie- The Rondels (Karen's vault choice)

'Music For Retail' PMS Light Night Feature.

Park Jiha- Arrival
Attwenger- Kaklakariada


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