Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 2006

PMS - Music Featured - 03.04.06

"Cameo Parkway" - Senator Bobby - Wild Thing
Daedelus - At My Heels
"Zero" - Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls - Dream Sequence
Etran Finatawa - Heeme
Ambrose Tompkins - My Dirt
Jack Johnson and Friends - With My Own Two Hands
Fink - You Gotta Choose
Islands - Jogging Gorgeous Summer
"Zero" - Section 25 - Friendly Fires
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Defacing The Facts
Cortney Tidwell - Hard 2 Tell
The Big Eyes Family Players - A Dream Of Fires
Ian Tyson - Old Alberta Moon
Loka - Airfling
"Rituals and Celebrations Of The World" - Haka (War Dance)
Psapp - Wetboy
"Rituals and Celebrations Of The World" - Offerings To the Gods
"Icebear Vodka Suicide" - Cult Of Luna - Dim
Neue Hollandisches Welle 2.0" - Pete Philly & Perquisite - Paranoid
Young People - F
Etran Finitawa - Maleele
Young People - On The Farm
"Zero" - The Durutti Column - Conduct

PMS - Music Featured – 10-4-06

Cannonball Jane – Slumber Party
“Rituals And Celebrations Of The World” – Music For A Thai Boxing Match
Shri – Heavy World (Bombay Street Wedding Band Mix)
Tuung – Woodcat
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus – Wo/Mon (Mongoose Remix)
“Hollywood Maverick” – Chuck & Chuckles – Bury The Hatchet
“Rough Guide To Tanzania” – Vijana Jazz Band – Tambiko
“The Kings Of Jazz” – Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – Waltz For Goddess
Dom Newton – Kisses From Rimini
Alice Rose – A Tale Of Sailing
Sol Seppy – Slo Fuzz
“Rituals And Celebrations Of The World” – Wedding In Katmandu
“Hollywood Maverick” – Gary Paxton – Your Money Makes You Pretty
I’m Not A Gun – A Letter From The Past
Ion – Today I Used Your Hair Balsam
Ternipe – Na Rov Aba Romnnjej
“Hollywood Maverick” – The Four Freshmen – Nowhere To Go
Evolutionary Jass Band – Philly’s Fridge
Alice Rose – Demons
Machinefabriek – Somerset
“Rough Guide To Tanzania” – Nia Safe & Imani Ngoma Group – Kibati
“The Kings Of Jazz” – Bill Evans – Peace Piece
Dayna Kurtz – The Miracle

PMS – Music Featured – 16.4.06

Reggae Request Special.

Lee Perry – White Belly Rat
A Witness – The Loudhailer Song
Cornel Campbell – Dance In A Greenwich Farm
Simon Bookish – Terry Riley Disco
John Holt – Strange Things/Only A Smile
B.B. King – Servants Prayer
Wailing Souls – Who No Waan Come
Horace Andy – Don’t Let Problems Get You Down
Yellow6 – Taught
Johnny Osbourne – Bring The Sensi Come
“Rituals And Celebrations Of The World” – Argentinean Lullaby
Ammoncontact – A Zillion Tambourines
“Rituals And Celebrations Of The World” – Islamic Prayer
Clancy Eccles – Sweet Jamaica
Toots And The Maytals – 54-46 Was My Number
“Freanch Talent 2006” – Birdy Nam Nam – Too Much Skunk Tonight
Winston Groovy – Want to Be Loved
A Witness – 4.49 Stool
Don Drummond & The Skatalites – J.F.K.’s Memory
Bob And Marcia – Young Gifted And Black
Shoreline – Shipwrecked
Bird Show – Seeds
Max Romeo – Wet Dream
Roy Wood – Goin’ Down The Road (A Scottish Reggae Song)
Roy Woods Helicopters – The Driving Song
“Field Recordings” – The Hawkus Beeston Empire – John’s Dream
Turbulence feat Luton Fyah – Burn Them Down

PMS Music Featured 23.04.06

“Rough Guide To Merengue”: Milly Quezeda – Caro
“Intoxica”: Stories In Sound – Space Battle
Attwenger – Bam
Future Funk Squad – Audio Damage (ILS Remix)
Matmos – Snails & Lasers For Patricia Highsmith
The Year Of – Bees Be
Tom Verlains – Meteor Dream
“Rough Guide To Merengue”: Los Tupamaros- Ka Negra Quiere Manzana
Salem Tradition – Ilae Ilao
Apartment – Taxi
Shy Child – Technicrats
Hanalei – The Hand
Guaranteed Reach – Trash Knight
Alternative Influence – Recruiting For The Cause
Templo Diez – Left Bank
Centro-Matic – I See Through You
Salem Tradition – La Vi Wayo
Ti Fred – Konye
Found – Marion Of Forfar
Matmos – Germs Burn For Darby Crash
Found – Fergus Of Forfar
Monolog – Heartbox
“Intoxica”: Ginny & The Gallons – Hava Nagila
“Intoxica”: The Hustlers - Migrane


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