Sunday, April 29, 2007

May 2007

PMS is broadcast at midnight to 2am on the following Sundays into Mondays this month:

PMS – Music Featured – 7.5.07


The Beat – Doors Of Your Heart
The Desperate Bicycles – Advice On Arrest
Rajaton – Mita Kaikatat Kivonen?
Karl Marx Stadt – Optime Prior
Billy Bragg – The Saturday Boy
Darius Milhaud – Anime from Suite Provencale
Foul Play – Open Your Mind
Yo La Tengo – Alrock’s Bells
Dalek I – Soldier Of Love
Abdullah Ibrahim – Earth Bird
808 State – Lopez
Susumu Yokota – Genshi
Joni Mitchell – Hejira
Nils Oklund – Blond Bla
Bjork – Headphones
A Man Called Adam feat. Eddie Reader – Easter Song
Durutti Column – Otis
Banda Citta Ruvo Di Puglia – Tra La Folla, Mora, Mormora
Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Instrumental)

PMS – Music Featured – 14.5.07

Best Fwends – Ultimate Team
“King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station” – Dance With Me
Von Sudenfed – Flooded
King Selewa & His Calypsonians – Jumbie Jamboree
Dalek – Stagnant Waters
Annuals – Brother
Pere Ubu - Navvy
“Rough Guide To African Blues” – Djelimany Tounkara – Sigui
Rory McLeod – What The Winds Carry
“Faith Is Fear” – C/Chaos – Regis And Female
Ex Post Facto – Oceanic Explorer
The Voices – The Sound Of Young America
Best Fwends – M.Y.S.E.L.F. (xxxchange Remix)
Malouma – Nnew
Dalek – Isolated State
“Faith Is Fear” – Slit – Alone And Cutting
Alog – Write Your Thoughts In Water
Stephanie Dosen – This Joy
Percy Mayfield – The River’s Invitation
Lau – Freeborn Man
Von Sudenfed – Duckrog
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Earth
Alog – A Throne For The Common Man
“Faith Is Fear” – The Black Dog – Floods v1
Pere Ubu – Thriller
Dalek – Lynch
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Sifting The Dust
Malouma – Nour
“King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station” – Jah Love Rockers Dub

PMS – Music Featured – 21.5.07

Bole2Harlem – Quralew
Tomahawk – Mescal Rite 1
Bole2Harlem – Amebballe
It’s Immaterial – A Gigantic Raft In The Phillipines
Pacific Gas And Electric – The Blackberry
Gregory Isaacs – Smile
Goodbooks – The Illness (tapedeck the Sickness Refix)
Moishe’s Bagel – Flying By Jewish Radar
“Zen” – Shan Di – Landscape In Asia
Laurie Anderson – O Superman
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee – New Bad Blood Blues
Tomahawk – Antelope Ceremony
The Shin – Chips On The Water
The Qemists – When U R Lonely
Beastie Boys – Cookypuss
Bole2 Harlem – Ya Selam
Tomahawk – Sun Dance
David Bowie - Young Americans
“Zen” – Shan Di – The Three Mantras
North Sea Radio Orchestra - The End Of Chimes
“Zen” – Shan Di – The Four Sights
Robert Fonseca – Mil Conjogas
Jeb Loy Nichols – Can’t Find The Words
“Zen” – Shan Di – Himalayan Sunset

PMS – Music Featured – 28.5.07

Sebadoh – Ladybugs
Margo Guryon – 16 Words
Dr Phibes & The House of Wax Equations – Sugarblast
Dan Deacon – Woody Woodpecker
Black Daniel – Say Hello
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Bomb, Repeat, Bomb
Fennesz/Sakamoto – Amorph
Sebadoh – Jaundice/Design/Dance/Cyster/Powerbroker
Daby Balde – Mido Waino
Fennesz/Sakamoto – Oto

Live Concert Re-Broadcast – Sonic Youth at Manchester University – 20/03/89
Eric’s Trip
The Sprawl
Teenage Riot
Hey Joni
The Wonder/Hyperstation
White Kross
Expressway To your Skull
I Wanna Be your Dog (with Mudhoney)

Amiina - Rugla


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