Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 2007

PMS – Music Featured – 2.4.07

I Ludicrous – My Favourite Records
Plastic Little – Crambodia
Trencher – Nightmares On Crack Street
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Live Studio Session – 24/3/92
-Barbed Wire
-Oren, Mefus, a Chadno
Cabaret Voltaire – Stay Out Of It
Daby Toure – My Life
El-P – Run The Numbers
Teitur – Great Balls Of Fire
Eivor Palsdottir – I Gotu Ein Dag
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Live Studio Session – 24/3/92
-Dafed YN Sianed
- Miriam O Farbel
Pit Er Pat – Solstice
Bark Bark Bark – I Love You But I Don’t
Antelope – Reflector
Stars Of The Lid – Humectez La Mouture
Eivor Palsdottir – Foroyar Min Hodir
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Live Studio Session – 24/3/92
-Swmper Heb Grys
-Defnyadio Beicycle

I Ludicrous – The English Football Grounds
Trencher – In Reverence
Millie Jackson – Feelin’ Like A Woman
Daby Toure - Am

PMS – Music Featured 9-4-07

Kit – National Lament
“Superfunk Is Back”: The Phillips Brothers – Little Boy Blue
Balkan Beat Box – Delaney
DJ Tempest – 4Mix egamix

Kit Studio Session for PMS 13.9.1988
- Love Sic
- Trusting My Perception
- Young And Naiive

Barr – Was I? Are You?
The Fall – Rowche Rumble
Mark E. Smith Interview
The Fall – Over Over
“A Tribute To Joni Mitchell”: Caetono Veloso – Dreamland
Oposvik & Jennings – Port Authority
Balkan Beat Box – Pachima

Kit Studio Session for PMS 13.9.1988
- Love Her Like Mad
- Skidaddle

Original Silence – Frosm – In The Name Of The Law
“Superfunk Is Back”: Mellomatics – Mother Popcorn
Kit – Coast Of Arms
“Superfunk Is Back”: Big Daddy Green – Who Done It? Who Drained The Pool?
Stars Of The Lid – Dungtitled (in A Major)
Arvo Part – Es Sang Vor LAngen Jahren
Devon Sproule – Dress Sharp, Play Well, Be Modest
Joe McKechnie / DJ Tempest – Cubical Remix

PMS – Music Featured – 16.4.07

Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin – Crawfish
Jack Penate – Spit At Stars
Infinite Livez vs. Stade – [^^]zzZ
The Sleeping Years – Me And You Against The World
“20 Ways To Float Through Walls”: Kasai Allstars feat. Muambuyi – Tshileja
Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
Two Bands And A Legend – Louie Louie
“Get Ready To Fly”: Stu Mitchell With Wes Dakus’ Rebels – Acid
Unsane – Disdain
20 Ways To Float Through Walls”: Think Of One – Disciplinador
Gestir – Sum Urt

The Volunteers, Live At St. Helens Show 1983 Archive PMS Exclusive
- Long Wavy Random Arm
- Sponge
- Untitled
- Tray Of Thought

Telemary – Rezo
Bebel Gilberto – Ceu Distante (DJ Spinna Remix)
Infinite Livez vs. Stade – Artyfartypartynazi feat Joy Frempong
Two Bands And A Legend – Baby Talk
“Get Ready To Fly”: The Daniel Paul Revelation – Reflections Of Mine
MJ Hibbett & The Validators – Never Going Back To Aldis
Gestir – Burtur Fra Toftonum
Unsane – East Broadway
The Twilight Sad – Cold Rays From The Birdhouse
Telemary – Spiritual Sin Egoismo
Jennie Stearns – Birds Fall

PMS Music Featured – 23.4.07

“Trojan Selecta Vol 5” – Jah Wobble – Desolation
Acoustic Ladyland – New Me
“Rough Guide To Belly Dance Café” – Salatin El Tarab Orchestra – Awasil Yabou Ziloof
To My Boy – Model
Young James Long – In The Music
- Her Jammies
Goon Moon – My Machine
Magazine – Shot By Both Sides
Von Sudenfeld – Fledermaus Can’t Get It
“Royksopp – Back To Mine” – Funkadelic – I’m Never Gonna Tell It
“Sarajevo Love Songs” – Mercan Dade feat Zenna Cakoja – Moj Delben Kud Se Seces
“Royksopp – Back To Mine” – Edgar Winter – Above And Beyond
- Mr Flagio – Take A Chance
Mudd – Drop Lane
“Rough Guide To Belly Dance Café” – Sami Nossmir Orchestra – Al Nar
Colleen – This Place In Time
“Lawrence Music – Ranch In Texas” – Infinity Chimps – Dim Ots
Acoustic Ladyland – The Room
Goon Moon – The Golden Ball
“Lawrence Music – Ranch In Texas” – Gwilym Morus – Ar Lan Yo Mor
“Sarajevo Love Songs” – Damir Imamovich fet. Vlatko Stephanovski – Sto Li Mi Se Radobolja Muti
“Lawrence Music – Ranch In Texas” – Ben Kirkham – Airwaves
Colleen – Echoes And Coral
Nina Nastasia & Jim White – Late Night
The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe


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