Monday, August 11, 2008


PMS – Music Featured – 4.8.08

“The John Baker Tapes” – Brylcreem
“Big Blue Ball” – Jify
Blurt – Cut It
“Rough Guide To Turkish Café” – Sultana – Kusu Kalkmaz
The Black Dog – Siiiipher (The Bass Soldier’s Forgemaster Remix)
“The John Baker Tapes” – Feedback MQ LP 48/3
Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats – Three Blind Mice
Birdshow – Pan Pipe Ensemble and Voice
Dalglish – Fhorjon
“The John Baker Tapes” – John Baker Interview (Radio Nottingham)
- Radio Nottingham Ident
Raglani – Jubilee
“The John Baker Tapes” – The Caves Of Steel
Birdshow – Clouds And Their Shadows
“The John Baker Tapes” – Omo And Giro Adverts
Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats – Hark Hark The Dogs Do Bark
John Zorn/George Lewis/Bill Frisell – Lotus Blossom
Soil & Pimp Sessions – Hollow
Blurt – Hat
“Rough Guide To Turkish Café” – Ensemble Haseyin Turkmeler – Nihavent Oyurs Havasi
Tai Choo – Work’ Ard
John Zorn/George Lewis/Bill Frisell – Sonny’s Crib
Soil & Pimp Sessions – GO NEXT!
Raglani – Perilous Straits
“Rough Guide To Turkish Café” – Khar featuring Tatiana Bostan

PMS – Music Featured – 11.8.08

Polysics – Pretty Good
Hot Club De Paris – Everybody Got In Touch To Say Sorry That They’d All Gone Home
“Rough Guide To Klezmer Revolution” – Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars – In Your Garden Twenty Fecund Fruit Trees
Yo’ Majesty – Kryptonite Pussy
Mogwai – Batcat
Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider – Parvaz
The Dead Science – Monster Island Czars
Pinetop Perkins And Friends – Bad Luck Baby
The Alps – Pink Light/Echoes
Hossam Ramzy – Al Finjal (The Coffee Cup)
The Fatback Band – Yum Yum
Polysics – Rocket
Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble – The Poorest Company
“Rough Guide To Klezmer Revolution” – Solomon And Socalled feat. Michael Alpert – alt.schul Kate Bazetsh
Yo’ Majesty – Monkey
Rags and Feathers – Silent Movie Starlets
Pumajaw – Visiting Hour Pt ½
Ostad Elahi – Shan Jombanek
“Big Blue Ball” – Rivers
Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider – Ascending Bird
The Fatback Band – Summertime Funk

PMS – Music Featured – 18.8.08

Nuclear Family – Attitude Is Fine
The Shirelles – Lower The Flame
Volcano! – Palimpsests
Kalman Balogh – Romanian Suite
St Etienne – You’re In A Bad Way
“Tonga” – Tongan Ceremonial
Dark Captain Light Captain – Jealous Enemies
Pandelis Karayorgis – Saturn
James Yorkston – When The Haar Rolls In
“Tonga” – Utete Mouth Harps Of ‘Eua
Volcano! – Fairy Tale
Vile Imbeciles – Bad Ideas
Hoaam Ramzy – Saraab Iqaay (Rhythmic Illusion)
St Etienne – Hug My Soul
The Shirelles – Doin’ The Ronde
Triosk – Past Life Romantic
“Tonga” – Ve-ehala - The Nobleman Ve-ehala
The Shirelles – Blue Holiday
Kalman Balogh – In Memeory Of Balogh Elemir
Unbunny – Snow Tires
Volcano! – ’78 Oil Crisis
Calexico – Man Made Lake
Lackthereof – Last November
“Tonga” – Holonga Faikava

PMS – Music Featured – 25.8.08

“Latin Street Party” – Quantic & Nicodemus feat. Candela Allstars – Puerto Rico Pa Gozar
“Rio Blues” – Apareceda – A Maria Comeca A Beber
“Bossa Nova” – Clara Moreno feat. Celso Fonseca – Meu Samba Torto
Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Letter From God To Man
Miss Kittin – Grace
Esser – Headlock
Rex The Dog – I Can C You Can U See Me
Joey Negro And The Sunburst Band – Our Lives Are Shaped
Stereo MC’s – Black Gold (Proper Villan Remix)
“Monkey” – Monkey Bee
Andy Stott – She’s Gone Wrong
K Anderson – I’m Done I’m Done I’m Done
Frightened Rabbit – The Twist
Kasms – Taxidermy
Albert Hammond Jnr – GFC
The Great Depression – Forever Altered
Ra Ra Riot – St Peters Day Festival
Ellen Allien – Einstegen
Fantasy Bar – Mao
Sleeping Dog – Polar Life
Volonte – Middle Ground
Savina Yannatou – Albanian Lullabye
The Postmarks – Watercolors
Uxia – Aquimea
The Dodo’s – Ashley
“Bossa Nova” – Celia Vaz – Pro Bonfa
Boduf Songs – I Can’t See A Thing In Here
“Rio Blues” – Aparecida – Todo Mondo E Preto
Uxia – Eterno Navegar
Lindstrom – The Long Way Home


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