Monday, December 15, 2008

December 2008

PMS – Music Featured – 1.12.08

Warsaw Village Band – Is Anybody In There?
Broken Arm – Heads Of Youth
Voo – Same Mistakes
Gypsy-Cz – Udelij Neco
Funkadelic – The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
“Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith & Idrens Vol 2” – The Viceroys – Yahoo
Charlie Louvin – Down With The Old Course
“Schlachtfest Session II” – Aah…
Cat Power – Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Warsaw Village Band – Skip Funk
Unusual & Electric – Sonar Daddy
Hayden – In Field And Town
Gypsy-Cz – Amen Savore
Oumou Sangare – Seya
“Imperfect Silence” – End Of Track 1
Seeland – Library
Charlie Louvin – Mary Of The Wild Moor
Svarte Greiner – Last Light
“Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith & Idrens Vol 2” – Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith – Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown
Blood Moon – Distant Constellation
Gypsy-Cz – Barvoslepej Svet
Warsaw Village Band - Circle No 1
Funkadelic – Wars Of Armageddon

PMS – Music Featured – 8.12.08

“Roll Your Moneymaker” – Rufus Thomas – Tiger Man
Nitin Sawhney – Daybreak
Liquid Liquid – Optimo (Mathew Dear Remix)
“The Original Eight- Mile” – Denise LaSalle – Trapped By A Thing Called Love
James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Drums Of Death Remix)
Eliane Elias – Chega De Saudade
U-cef feat. Bizmatik & Said Damir – Boolandrix
“This Is Navigator Records” – Bellowhead – Fakenham Fair
Ferran Savall – La Canco Del Lladre
“The Original Eight- Mile” – Fantastic Four – Alvin Stone
Cesaria Evora – Cize
“Roll Your Moneymaker” – Howlin’ Wolf – You Gonna Wreck My Life
Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio – A World Without Color/Sesam’s Dream
Gotan Project – Diferente
Bireli Lagrene& Jaco Pastorius – The Days Of Wine And Roses
“The Original Eight- Mile” – CJ & Co – Devil’s Gun
Cesaria Evora – Mar Azul
Ferran Savall – Hora Grave
Josh Tillman – Firstborn
“Roll Your Moneymaker” – Chuck Berry – Deep Fishing
Biltone (PMS Session) – Sweet Dreams

PMS - Music Featured – 15.12.08

Terje Isungset – Horizon
“Mighty Superfunk Vol 6” – The Radiators – Shakin up The Nation
Mc Kiki Ceac – Finger Painting (Thavius Beck Remix)
“Wish You.…Too” – The Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)
“FRoots 32” – Oumou Sangare – Yo Djeli
“Recording The Impossible” – Silent Night
U-cef, feat. Oum & Arabingi aka UK Apache – Hamdou’llah
Threatmantics – Don’t Care
Nils Landgren – Det Ar En Ros Upsprungen
“Mighty Superfunk Vol 6” – The Love Experience – Are You Together For The New Day?
The Bad Shepherds – I Fought The Law And The Law Won
“Wish You.…Too” – Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa
“Recording The Impossible” – Harrison Ford Attacked By Potatoes
Terje Isungset – The Other Side
“FRoots 32” – Amadou Sodia – Ce Va Se Savoir
Pumajaw – The Holly King
Ty Karim (Towana And The Total Destruction) – Wear Your Natural, Baby
Ian Anderson’s Country Blues Band, feat “Harmonica” Annie Matthews – New Lonesome Day
Nils Landgren – Maria Gar I Tornevar
Ferran Savall – El Noi De La Mare
Terje Isungset – Cahcelotta’s
Magic Malik – Domine (Deus)
Terje Isungset – Duottarjogas
“Wish You.…Too” – Big john Greer – We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo
Ty Karim – All At Once
“FRoots 32” – Mahsa &b Marjan Vahdat – The Mirror Of The Morning Wine
“Mighty Superfunk Vol 6” – Adolph Jacobs – Do It

PMS – Music Featured – 22.12.08

BUYER’S GUIDE 2008 – 20 releases from the year without which your collection will be incomplete…..

Freshly Ground – Arms Of Steel
Yo Majesty – Break Bread
Simon Bookish – Victorinox
Dub Colossus – Azmari Dub
Sportsday Megaphone – I Think It’s Love
Chumbawamba – Lord Bateman’s Motorbike
Dalmatian Rex And The Eigentones – The Friesian Who Dreams Of Multidimensional Budgerigars
Hector Zazou & Swara – Hool Ki Seva
Uxia – Berenguela
Volcano! – Kitchen Dance
Cadence Weapon – Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like)
Rae Spoon – My Heart Is A Piece Of Garbage/Fight Seagulls Fight
Emmanuel Jal – Forced To Sin
Au – Are Animals
“La Paloma 5” – Ahmed Zahir – La Paloma
“La Paloma 6” –Libertad Lamarque – La Paloma
Lulu Rouge - Melankoli
“Many Lessons” – General Snipe feat. Kina Thiam – Betaxal
Fuck Buttons – Colours Move
Alla – El Movimiento
Asva – What You Don’t Know Is Frontier

PMS – Music Featured – 29.12.08


Cass McCombs – Morning Shadows
Volcano! – Africa Just Wants To Have Fun
Amadou & Mariam feat. K’Naan – Africa
Speech Debelle – Searching
Coconami – Blitzkrieg Bop
Paul Vickers & The Leg – Umbrella Propeller
Best Kept Secret feat. Amen Noir – Gangland
Cobla San Jordi Cuitat De Barcelona – Els Gegants De Castelltercol
Carmen Souza – Afri Ka
Thievery Corporation – Retaliation Suite
Ain – Sunday
“Our Own Voices Vol 2” – Express Brass Band – Density
Stephanie McKay – Oxygen
Hanggai – My Banjo And I
James Yorkston – When The Haar Rolls In
Tcheka – Premiere Bes Kin Ba Cinema
Joan As Policewoman – Start Of My Heart
Pascale Comelade feat. P J Harvey – Love Too Soon
Mechanical Bride – The Final
Cat Power – Who Knows Where The Time Goes
“Harps From Venezuela 1” – Carlos Alvarado – Yo Aprendi Con Florentino
Baby Dee – Safe Against The Day
George Kuo – Ka Ipo Lei Manu


Anonymous Graham (of Blood Moon) said...

Just dropped by to say thanks for playing us on your show, it's an honour to be on such a wicked playlist!
Keep up the good work,
Graham of Blood Moon.

9:31 PM  

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