Monday, August 30, 2010

PMS Music Featured 23rd August 2010

PMS - Music Featured – 23-08-2010

Howe Gelb – Worried Spirits
The Endtables – Process of Elimination (unedited)
“Sounds & Pressure: Mod-Reggae” –
Hopeton Lewis – Sounds and Pressure
Royal Trux – The Spectre
Marcos Valle – Eu Vou
Summer Camp – Round The Moon

Glenn Boulter – Artist and Musician – personally curated hour of music
Hildur Gudnadottir – Ascent
Arthur Russell – Place I Know/Kid Like You
Lorn – Cherry Moon
AGF – Contemporarywesternized
Forest Swords – Rattling Cage
Wendigos – I Never Liked Rock and Roll
Aurelie – An Unorthodox 1-2 (tannoy edit)
Skeleton Crew – Sparrow Song
Nico – No One is There
Mobile Radio – Morsonata (excerpt)
Björk – Unravel
Aurelie – I am here

Flora Purim – Silver Sword
Royal Trux – Driving In That Car (with the eagle on the hood)
Marcos Valle – Arranca Toco
“Sounds & Pressure: Mod-Reggae” –
Llans Thewell & The Celestials – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Flora Purim – O Cantador/I Just Want To Be Here
Fay Hield – Mad Family


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