Monday, October 11, 2010

October 2010

PMS – Music Featured – 25.10.10

Bruce Haack – Electric To Me Turn
“The Gospel Truth” – Joshie Jo Arnstead – Stumblin Blocks, Steppin Stones (What Took Me So Long)
Seu Jorge & Almaz – The Model
Flying Lotus – Kill Your Co-workers
Teebs – Burner
Bellowhead – New York Girls
Creole Choir Of Cuba – Chen Nan Ren
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Lightnin’s Boogie
Oval – I Heart Music
Bill Drummond – I’m The King Of Joy
“Clouds Over The Pacific” – CK Kidtronik – Let’s Go Crazy (Atari Teenage Riot Remix)
No Age – Fever Dreaming
Eskimo – Come Back (Lorn Don’t Ever)
Bruce Haack – Incantation
BobBrozman, John McSherry, Donal O’Connor – Bean Na Fhir Ruaidh
“Revolution Disco” – Les Motives – Paso Del Ebro
Chocquibtown – Pescao Envenanao
Oval – Flux
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Policy Game
“Rough Guide To Greek Café” – Papa-Anastasis – Iiie Mou Iliaki Mou
Teebs ft. Gaby Hernandez - Long Distance
Bruce Haack – Noon Day Sun
Oval – Brahms Mania
Seu Jorge & Almaz – Errare Humanun Est
Bellowhead – Captain Wedderburn
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Moanin’ Blues
“Rough Guide To Greek Café” – Dilek Ko – Kanasimi Mou Glyko
Bruce Haack – Party Machine

PMS – Music Featured – 18.10.10

Ninja Tune “XX 20th Anniversary Box Set” – Two Fingers - Fools
Shugo Tokumaru - Lahaha
Autolux – Supertoys
Louis Aragon - Trances
“The Message” – David Hubbard - Patience
Susumu Yukota - 2 Skys
The Creole Choir of Cuba - Maroule
Live session – Maeve and Greta
Ninja Tune “XX 20th Anniversary Box Set” – Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite
Hauschka – Iron Shoes
Enfant Bastard - Blood
Autolux – The Science of Imaginary Solutions
“The Message” – Maxine Weldon – Grits Ain’t Groceries
Shugo Tokumaru - Malerina
Sara Mitra – Black Is The Colour
Louis Aragon – 15 Rue De Grenelle
“Lost Vinyl” – Polvo – Vibracobra
Ninja Tune “XX 20th Anniversary Box Set” – Diplo – Summer’s Gonna Hurt You (Diplo 2010 Remix)
Susumu Yukota – A Pebble on The Verge of Breaking
Hauschka - Snow
“Snowdonia Songs” – Mair Thomas – Y Fari Lwyd
Shugo Tokumaru - Straw

PMS – Music Featured – 11.10.10

Charles Douglas – Earlybird School
Asmara All-stars feat. Sara Teklembeset – Themsela
Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes
Syriana – Al Mazzeh
Archie Bronson Outfit – Chunk
The Creole Choir of Cuba – Neg Anwo
Dollboy meets Sone Institute – The Days Passed
Charles Douglas – Good Luck
Mighty Ballsitics Hi –Power – Black Gold
Asmara All-stars feat. Taytinga – Gwalia International
Sam Prekop – Lazy House
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal – “Ma-Ma” FC
Charles Douglas – I Could Get Used To You
Polar Bear & Jyager – The Role I Choose
Sam Prekop – A Places
Jefre Cantu Ledesma – Stained Glass Body
Dollboy meets Sone Institute – A Slow Reader
Andrew Hargreaves – Handwritten Notes
“Khatta Meetha” – KK & Sunidh Chauhan – Sajde
Asmara All-stars feat. Brjte Weldeslassie – Wushate
I Ludicrous – Clerking ‘ Til I Die
Charles Douglas – A Boy Like Me
White Hills – Nothing Less

PMS – Music Featured – 4.10.10

The Creole Choir of Cuba – Edem Chante
“Califia – The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood” – The Wildcats – What Are We Gonna Do In ’64?
Robert Wyatt/Gilad Atzmon/Ros Stephen – Where Are They Now?
“Oi! A Nova Musica Brasiliera” – Mini Box Lunar – Amarelasse
Owen Pallett – A Man With No Ankles
“The Gospel Truth” – The Staple Singers – When Will We Be Paid For The Work We Did?
Grupo Lokito – Mobembo
Alina Orlova – Lovesong

PMS Live Studio Session from Poppy’s Parade
- Ruby
- Don’t Leave Me Here
- Devil’s Spoon
- Sexual Predator

“Oi! A Nova Musica Brasiliera” – Os Ritmistas – Samba De Pacto
Pere Ubu – Final Solution
Maps & Atlases – The Charm
Afrocubism – Para Os Pinares Se Va Montoro
“Califia – The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood” – Rose & The Heavenly Tones – These Boots Are Made For Walking
“The Gospel Truth” – Joshie Jo Armstead – Stumblin Blocks, Steppin’ Stones
(What Took Me So Long)
“The Rough Guide To Flamenco Dance” – Dolores Aguyetas – Llevema Contigo
Monkey Puzzle Trio – Knight Rook Bishop
Frank Sinatra – This Town
“Oi! A Nova Musica Brasiliera” – Allesandro Leao – Boa Hora
Wounded Knee – Weird Fidelity


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