Monday, May 02, 2016

May 2016


Incorporated Thang Band – Bodyjackin’
Nomade Orquestra – Bedum
IOKOI – Bodyhead 1
Paul Roland – The Great Edwardian Air-Raid
Hawkwind – King Of The World
Sandy Denny – Solo
Kaada/Patton – Imodium
Stian Westerhus – Sinking Ships
John McCusker – Tune For Nana
West My Friend – Gradient Graceful
XYZ – Free Form
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
Livio & Ruby – Model Reshape
Nomade Orquestra – A Vide Vem En Ondos
Sandy Denny – The Lowlands Of Holland
                       -  Who Knows Where The Time Goes      
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – Silence A Beat
Kaada/Patton – Red Rainbow
Tuulikki Bartosik – Moonm Salutation
Melt Yourself Down – Release
zeronoise - Sculptor


Cate Le Bon – Wonderful   
Astrobal – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
‘Rough Guide to Brazilian Jazz’ – Goma-Luca featuring Karina Buhr – Minervina
John Carpenter – Distant Dream
Gabriella Ghermandi – Be Kibir Part II

Live Session – Arbre –
Visions In The Middle of The Desert
Mike From The Dust

Eduardo De La Calle – Red (El Txef A’s Black Blood Remix)

‘The Vault’ – People Under The Stairs – The Cat instrumental
Sumac – Will To Reach
Gabriella Ghermandi – Dink Hona
Maria Usbeck – Llamame

‘Lost Vinyl’ – Joe Tex – I Believe I’m Gonna Make It
‘Rough Guide to Brazilian’ – Thiago Franca – Um Samba Para John Coltrane
Stuart Masters – Bhakti (Live at union Chapel)
Astrobal – Flow My Tears The Machine Said
H.U.M. – Eternally Yours
Per Oddvar Johansen – Let’s Dance
Stuart Masters – Mill Green

Bill Ryder-Jones – Catherine and Huskisson     
“Borsh Division” – Zhadan & Sabaki – Radio Kharkiv
“Algo Salvage Vol 2” – Cefe Y Los Gigantes – Sin Rencor
                                   - Los Archiduques – Laments De Gaitas
Moskus – Medstroms


Alan Dunn - Ear Worms in a Dark City
Rongo Rongo - Light
Jo Bywater - Faith on Hope St.
Isocore - Isao
Anni Hogan - Cage
Lo Five - A Pivotal Moment
Alan Dunn & tenantspin - Almost Persuaded
Germanager - Bold Street
Paul Tarpey - Slater Street
Luna - Wolstenholme
AGP - For
Jonathan Raisin - Sunset City Song (No. 7) fragments from a found notebook, -
            Henry Street to Paradise
Yorkie - Sailors Gates
Mitternacht & The Gentle Sex - Paradise Street

“Rough Guide To Brazilian Jazz” – Thingo Franca – Un Samba Para John Coltrane
Robert Pollard – Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age)
“Algo Salvage Vol 2” – Los Iberos – Liar Liar
Dollar Brand – Cherry/Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro


Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Wongolo
Chino – Worker
Georges Brassens – Le Gorille
Divine – T-Shirts And Tight Jeans
Melvins – I Want To Tell You
The Colourblind James Experience – Considering A Move To Memphis
Galw – Keep Your Head Above The Water
“Czech Up!” – Helena Blaharova – Zavrar
Nico Purman – Maths
Aries – Nuestra Casa
“Wire – Tapper 40” – Olga Wojciechowska - I’m Never Not Thinking Of You
B B King – Precious Lord
Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Pa Bat Kow
Divine – Jungle Jezebel
Georges Brassens – Les Trompettes De La Renomme
Melvins – Beer Hippie
Mick Harvey – Don’t Say A Thing
Melvins – Planet Destructo
Linus with Nils Okland and Neils Van Heertum – Old Folk

Dinosaur Jnr – Tiny
Ramsay Lewis – Back In The USSR
The Body – Two Snakes
“Kologo Power” – Kong Ayisoba – Africa
Iggy Pop/Tarwater/Alva Noto – Leaves Of Grass
Boco – Running The Mardi Gras

The Trawl – with Andy Hunt

Braids – Joni
Harry Hunt – Peche (Sketch)
D D Dumbo – Satan
Rory McCarthy – She’s A Gift-Giver, She’s A Giver Of Gifts
Alex Cameron – She’s Mine
Oliver Coates – Innocent Love

Lemon Nash – Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
Lee Perry – Skango
Forestera – Submarinista En El Telado
The Kondi Band – BellaWahalla
Laniakea – Zone In Parallel Rose
The Body – Adamah
Iggy Pop/Tarwater/Alva Noto – From Pent-Up Aching Rivers
Rao Kyao – Contemplacao
“Kologo Power” – Atimbila – I Have Something To Say
Ramsay Lewis – Blackbird
Lemon Nash – Serenading With Frank Wagner
                      - I’m Blue Every Monday
Jane Ira Bloom - Somewhere 


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