Monday, August 05, 2019

August 2019

4 August 2019

Escape The Loops- Autechrist
The Band Of Holy Joy - The Devil Has A Hold On The Land
DJ Loser- Xiao Quan
Peter Broderick & Friends- A Little Lost
Ane Mazzotti- Sou
Ladyfrere Xhosa Singers- Irhobane
Skeleton- Dhumeleo
KG x Scratchchclart- Baga Drmz
Li Xiangting & Cheng Yu- Apricot Blossom
Flick Wilson- Slavemaster 12”
Loscil- Equivalent 5
Joe Meek- Glob Waterfall
Edgar Varese- Interpolation 1 from Deserts
Joe Meek- Valley Of The Saroos
Merzbow- Noisematrix
John Surman- Mock Orange
Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks- The Immigrants
Robert Erickson- Night Music

12 August 2019

Richard Dawson - Jogging
Lady Lykes/Lioness – Muhammad Ali
Bushman’s Revenge – Greetings To Gisle
Peter Broderick – Eli
Sarathay Korwar – Good Ol’ Vilayati
Kokoko! – Azo Toke
Zuli & Broshuda – Vector Cloak
Putra Jaya Melati – Arak-arakan
Claire Welles – Millenials & Boomers
A.R. Rahman – Yaro Yarodi
Yellowman – Who Can Make The Dance Ram
Transparent Sound – Pretend Like You Care
Sarathay Korwar – Mumbay (Bandish Project Remix)
Uniform & The Body – Patron Saint of Regret
Bastard Kestrel – Arceyed
Martin Brandlmayr – Vive Les Lantomes
Doug Wieselman – Pacific 2
Boris Hauf feat. Maya Angelou – On The Pulse of Morning
Bushman’s Revenge – Happy Hour For Mr Sanders
Steve Lehman – qPlay
ANN – Certain Colours

19th August 2019

Comet Gain – Mid 80s
Trupa Trupa – Dream About
Magna Pia – Dionysus
Chana Pozo – Tombando
HTRK – Look At That Girl
Kreidler – Mesindeno
Ateshkhan Yuseinov – 9/8
Tinariwen – Oualahila Ar Tesninam
Otava Yo - Guelder Rose Berries
Little Stevie & amp; 
The Sensational Reynolds Singers – Moving On
Daniel MacKenzie & Richard A. Ingram – Jitter
HTRK – Hate Rock Trio
Basic Rhythm – Nuh Ramp
Bessie Smith – Back Water Blues
Giant Sand – Who Am 
Magna Pia – Inanna
The Cray Twins – The Absence of Architects
Bauhaus – Double Dare
Shadowax – Ochen
Kreidler – Eurydike
Chana Pozo – Ell Pin Pin
Brandt Brauer Frick – Rest
Otava Yo – The Lord Once Gave Me Tea

26th August 2019

“Rough Guide To The Roots Of Country Music” – JP Nester – Train On The Island
“Beautiful Freaks” – Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band – That Cat Is High  
Jah Wobble – A Very British Coo (Mark Stewart Mix)
Claire Welles – Knowsley
Jegsy Dodd & The Sons Of Harry Cross – Downtown Birkenhead
“Rough Guide To World Jazz” – Spam Allstars – Charanga

Lou Barnell – “On Bidston Hill Mix” – commissioned by “PMS”,-

- Lou Barnell – Mix
- Rutger Hauer – Hester Og Swim
- Chase Coley & Pascal Coleman – Single
- Robin Foster – A Serious Disconnect
- Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing
- R D Laing – Life Before Death

Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be-Innocent-Fun/Let’s See
Stump – Buffalo
Bantou Mentale – Sauter Sauter –(Les Gens De La  Foret)
The Bordello’s – Moving Sideways
Miriam Makeba – Saduva
“Beautiful Freaks” – Timothy Leary – Part 2 – One Final Word
                               - The Incredible String Band – Way Back In The 1960’s
Tarah Who – Copycat
Beatnik X – Light Upon Light
“Under Frustration Vol.2” – Okey Dokey – Mothers Milk
Quintetto Nigra – La Sounellera

Ohlmeier/Fischerlehrer/Khroustaliev – A Simulation Of God As A Hypermassive Security Construct At The End Of The World


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