Monday, May 29, 2006

June 2006

PMS – Music Featured 05-06-06

Marvin Gaye – Hitch Hike (World Exclusive a capella track)
Richard Digance – The Hijacker
“Long Lost Psychobilly Vol.1”: Frantic Flintstones – Billy Overdose
Natacha Atlas – HaremAleyte
“Zentertainment 2006”: New Flesh – Home Movie
Ghostdigital Featuring Mark E.Smith – Not Clean
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (World Exclusive a capella track)
Elliot Brood – Jackson
“Musica Floridita: Havana Masters Vol. II”: Celine Gonzalez – Yo Soy El Punto Cubano
Jakobinerina – I Got A Date With My Television
“Electricity Is Your Friend”: Mark Vernon – The Lullaby Left Hand Or The Case Of The 3-Way Split
“Long Lost Psychobilly Vol.1”: Sugar Puff Demons – Stan Likes Making Babies
Robin Guthrie – Everlasting
Triosk – Intensive Leben
“Electricity Is Your Friend”: Jliat – Strawberry Fields
Helios – For Years And Years
“Park Life”: Blanche Rice – Winter
Stortsveit Nix Noltes – Laz
“Musica Floridita: Havana Masters Vol. II”: Vocalite – La Toronita
Natacha Atlas – Yariet
Elliot Brood – Back Of The Lot

PMS – Music Featured 12-06-06

Ali Farka Toure – Soya
Lilys – Where The Night Goes
Sonic Youth – Do You Believe In Rapture?
Faytinga – Asamen Gana
Netsayi – Zarura
Chicken Legs Weaver – Your Enemies Cannot Harm You
Daniel Johnson – I Had A Dream
CSS – Alala
DJ 3000 – Long Street
An Albatross – Lysergically Yours, My Psychadelic Bride
Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture
Faytinga – Nemey
Our Brother The Native – Catalpa
Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family – A Fever And A Shifting
Mekon – Blood On The Moon
Regina Spektor – Field Below
Ali Farka Toure – Ledi Coumbe
“Grim FM”: ATK12v – Stop Beat
“Touch”: Pansonic – Slovakian Tavta
“Grim FM” – Intro
“Touch”: Fennesz – Tree
“Silva”: Mardsen Jules – Rainy Days In Milan
“Grim FM”: Starkey – Let You Go
Eneida Marta – Tambur
Regina Spektor – 20 Years Of Snow
Grant Lee Phillips – Wave Of Mutilation

PMS – Music Featured – 19.6.06

“Paint It Black” – The Flying Pickets – Get Off Of My Cloud
“Reggae With The Hippy Boys” – Straight To The Head
Kashmere – Souls Of The Unborn
Now - Pachinko
Steven Ranger Pyramid Scheme – Ectoplasm
Plaid & Bob Jaroc – War Dialer
Multiplex – Gamma Plate
“Rough Guide To Iran” – Trio Chemirani – Yesdah
The Get- Up – The Reason For Time
Hot Machine – Your Love- Ownership
The Get-Up – Another Fine Lesson In The Art Of Cool
Zukanican – Thingyo
“Reggae With The Hippy Boys” – Mad Movie
MJ Hibbert & The Validators – The Lesson Of The Smiths
Jason Collett – Tinsel And Sawdust
Now – Forage
“Electricity Is Your Friend” – Sitcom Future Family – All The Super Heroes Live In The Big City
Manyfingers – Tsunami
Cortney Tidwell – Illegal
Arabanda – Boushra Lana
Paul The Girl – Bricks
“Rough Guide To Iran” – Chengis Mehdipour – Misri Koragli
Plaid & Bob Jaroc – E.M.R.
“Electricity Is Your Friend” – Revox – Can’t Remember
“Rough Guide To Iran” – Kayhan Kalhov & Ali Akbar Moradi – Showgh
Bonnie Prince Billy – God’s Small Song

PMS – Music Featured – 26.6.06

Tramp Attack - Call In Sick
Herbert – Moving Like A Train (Lidell’s Radio Raw Hymn Remix)
The Delgado’s - Last Rose Of Summer
“Like A Daydream” – Spiritualized – Anyway That You Want Me
“Country & West Coast Rock” – The Youngbloods – Sugar Babe
Go Lem System – Calle Go Lem
“Keep The Faith “ – The Black Dog – Sudden Intake (Orlando Voorn Remix)
“DJ Kicks” – Model 500 – Psychosomatic
“DJ Kicks” – Shona People OF Rhodesia – Taireva
“Motor City Reggae” – Ken Boothe & B.B.Seaton – (It’s The Way) Nature Planned It Parts 1&2
“Sparks Present Made To Measure” – Junior Walker And The All-Stars – Cleo’s Back
“Motor City Reggae” – A Darker Shade Of Black – War
“The Fairport Companion” – Sandy Denny – Been On The Road Too Long
The York Brothers – Motor City Boogie
“Sparks Present Made To Measure” – The Undisputed Truth – Smiling Faces Sometimes
“Motor City Reggae” – Derrick Harriot – Slave
“Keep The Faith “ – Jaguar Woman – Dance Of Energies
“Like A Daydream” – Chapterhouse – Pearl
“DJ Kicks” – Gong – Love Is How Y Make It
“Country & West Coast Rock” – The Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City
The Delgados – Ballad Of Accounting
“Meditations On China” – Zhan Yangming – Feeling In Autumn Beside The Dressing Table
Juan Molina – Yo No
Trramp Attack – Half The Story


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