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May 2006

PMS - Music Featured 1-05-06

Lusito Quinto – M’bongi
Lusito Quinto – Percussion Madness
The Knife – We Share Our Mothers Health
The Static Waves – Lily Struts In Waltz Time Towards The Blinds
Woman – Pink Light II
Senge – Jaolaby
“Cameo Parkway 2” – Don Covay – The Popeye Waddle
Cibelle – Mad Man
The Wee DJ’s – Derhar
Visioneers – The World Is Yours
Susana Baca – Viento Del Olvido
“Gypsy Knights” – Django Reinhardt – Swing 42
Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Bez – Cowtail Calypso
Khonnor – Heat Convex Dreaming
Senge – Kaza Mady
Boards Of Canada – Skyliner
Troum – Tatan
Hoofer – fm
Apparat – Sinus
Lou Rhodes – (extra track)
Starkey – Almost Time
Susana Baca – Palomita Ingrata
Motor – Black Powder
Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Bez – Duck
The Wee DJ’s – 430
Kim Hiorthey – The Shy Boys With Windbreakers And Thick Glasses Will Come And Take Revenge
Isan – Immoral Architecture
Vikas Gupta – Alap – Raga Gaud Sarang

PMS – Music Featured – 8.5.06

Susan McKeown – Sean Phaidin
Archie Bronson Outfit – Dead Funny
“Electricity Is Your Friend” – Dragon or Emperor - Never Know What To Say
Pierre Akendengue – La Chanson De Goree
The Cerberus Shoal – Wyrm
“Cameo Parkway 1” – John Zacherle – Dinner With Drac Part 1
Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra – Toumani
Tunng – The Wind-Up Bird
Susan McKeown – Oiche Fa Pheil Bride
Jazkamer – Friends Of Satan
Izaline Callister – Karnaval Di Zumbi
Blurt – Nights Before
C.J.Chenier – Bogalousa Boogie
Blurt – The Body That They Built To Fit The Car
Savourna Stevenson – Bron Agua Aigh
Susan McKeown – An Droighnean Nena
Pierre Akendengue – Yemba Goree
Disinvectant – Corridors And Pathways
Izaline Callister – Lamente Di Mosa Nena
“Cameo Parkway 1” – Pete Antell – Night-Time

PMS - Music Featured 15.5.06


Piro & Kof – Freestyle (specially commissioned BBC studio session)
The Stairs – Fall Down The Rain
28 Costumes – Walking At Pace Up Hills (Track exclusive to programme)
Dalek I Love You – Ambition
The Get-Up – Crap Local News (specially commissioned BBC studio session)
Solar Flare Trio – Start Up
Friday’s Ghost – Beautiful Souls
Cross-Section – Psychic Hitmen
Multi-Purpose Chemical – Hop Skip Jump (Track exclusive to programme)
The Bong Devils – Dancey Bear
The Get- Up – Make Sure God’s Fury Doesn’t Leave You Blind (specially commissioned BBC studio session)
Pale-Faced Princess – Keep Her Safe
Paul Curran – Natural Selection (from “Write A Song 1985”)
Piro & Kof – PMS Sting (specially commissioned BBC studio session)
Blue Demon – She Got The Voodoo (Track exclusive to programme)
Biltone (Live Studio Session) – The Pyramids Of Llangollen
- She’s Onboard
Playhouse – Always Jumping
The Get-Up – Riding The Back Of The Tiger (specially commissioned BBC studio session)
Soul Bossa – Jinx
Apatt – Toadstool (Track exclusive to programme)
Biltone (Live Studio Session) – Waiting For Romeo
- Humming Bird
Voo – For Sake Of Space (Track exclusive to programme)
The Get-Up – Outro God’s Fury (specially commissioned BBC studio session)

PMS – Music Featured – 22.5.06

New York Dolls – Bad Girl
AmmonContact – feat. Prince Po, Yusef Lateef, Dwight Trible – Beautiful Flowers
Rod Stern& His Ragin’ Fingers – Jump Rope Song
Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix)
Cerberus Shoal – Pie For The President
Tunng – Stories
Vetiver – Been So Long
Au Pairs – Kerb Crawler
“Rip It Up “ – Pulsallama – The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body
Howie Beck – Reptilia
Smog – Bowery
Jamie Lidell – The City (Fourtet Mix)
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – We Dream Free
International People’s Gang – Granny Takes A Trip
“Rough Guide To Planet Rock” – Alms For Shanti – Superbol
Michael Benjamin – MYC Party (Blokup Remix)
Orchestre Baka Gbine – Mbunja’s Rap
“Rough Guide To Bachata” – Elvis Martinez – Serpiente
Tom Ze – A Volta So Tres Das Onze – (8.5 Milhoes De KM2)
Lo’Jo – Next Door To Paradise
Hossam Ramzy & Jose Luis Monton – Nilo
Smog – I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
Orchestre Baka Gbine – Helene
Tom Ze – Beatles A Granel

PMS - Music Featured – 29-5-06

Salchino – Mravalzhaner, Cheers
Soweto Gospel Choir – Njalo
MJ Hibbert & The Validators – Better Things To Do
Sir Richard Bishop – Esoterica Of Abyssinia
Carolyn Franklin – It’s True I’m Gonna Miss You
Couch – Gegen Alles Bereit
Josh Ritter – Peter Killed The Dragon
“Rough Guide To Bachata” – Zacarino Ferreira – Chica De Mi Barrio
Birdy Nam Nam, (featuring D Styles & Mike Boo) – Il y a Un Cauchemar Dans Ma Placard
Joan As Policewoman – Anyone
Salchino – Alile
Alan Dunn – Revilation – Track 10
Ill Ease – Early Stuff
Robin Guthrie – Pale
Soweto Gospel Choir – Tshipa Thapelo
Carolyn Franklin – Shattered Pride
Elliott brood – Superior
The North Sea & Rameses III – Return Of The Ankou (Xela Remix)
The Innocence Mission – Green Grass Red Tree
Bardo Pond – Endurance
Alan Dunn – Revilation – Track 3
65 Days OF Static – Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
Don Peris – North Atlantic Sand
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll – The Lily
Sir Richard Bishop – Space Prophet Dogon


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Just to let the listeners know, "Electricity is your Friend", the 3 Pin Recordings compilation featuring Dragon or Emperor and DisinVectant will be released 22nd May.

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