Monday, September 01, 2014

September 2014


Cousin Jac – St Nics
Simo Lagnawi – Sma
Samuel Kerridge – Paint It Black
Sylvan Esso – Hey Mami
Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler – Echo Sounder
Simo Lagnawi – Sandika
Cousin Jac – Lightning & Thunder

Deep Hedonia Exclusive Mix for “PMS”,-

Kepla - There Will Come Soft Rains
DIALECT - Ghost Duty
Banana Frequency - Sunca
Gobby - Aantezeksyll
E+E - As Long As You Love Me [Edición E]
モニカ·σníkαミックス - labret_ (w_ove)
Tomasu - Concrete (demo)
In Atoms - Wreaths 1

Glen Brown and King Tubby – Terminator Dub
Broken Bone – Building 6
Fire! Orchestra – Enter (Part Four)
Lydia Lunch – So Your Heart
Clap! Clap! – The Rainstick Fable
Lawrence English – Hapless Gatherer
Clap! Clap1 – Black Smoke, Bad Signs
Foufoulah – Hook Up
Simo Lagnawi - Dounia


Magic Brother – The West Country
D J Tudo E Sua Gente De Todo Luga – Meu Natural
Oozing Wound – Bury Me With My Money
Dustin Wong & Takaka Minekawa – Ancient Aluminium
“Bluesin’ In The Bayou” – Boozoo Chavis – Paper In My Shoe
Yann Tiersen feat. Aidan Moffat – Meteorites
Friends From Rio feat. Robertinho Silva – Batucada Bidu
“Front Line Presents Roots” – Big Youth – House Of Dread Locks
Go!Zilla – Grabbing A Crocodile
Julian Cope – Spacehopper
Chlopcy Kontra Basia – Mam Ja Meza
Arve Henriksen – Bla Veg
The Cravats – Ice-Cubists
Oozing Wound – Hippie Speedball
Siba – Bravura E Brilho I
Sean Khan – Things To Say (Nicola Conte Remix)
“Front Line Presents Roots” – Tapper Zukie – Rastaman Skank
Arve Henriksen – Arco Acropolis
Chlopcy Kontra Basia – Jerzy
“Bluesin’ In The Bayou” – Wonder Boy Travis – Imitation Of Love
Dustin Wong & Takaka Minekawa – Dimension Dive Part 2 – Earth Drum
Throwing Snow – Linguis
“Bluesin’ In The Bayou” – Lightnin’ Slim & Lazy Lester – Trip To Chicago


Anthroproph – Detached And In Its Own Mind Riding A Ghost Train Through a Fairground Of Its Own Making
“Eccentric Soul – Capitol City Sound” – The Vonders – Look In The Mirror
Ian Dury – Razzle In My Pocket
Benny Page, feat. Assassin – Champion Sound
BlueBlut – Verpratert
Aurelio – Sananu

Tom Lynch Introduces Music from Psychfest Bands,-

POW – 66
Lay Llamas – We Are You
Goat – Words
Amen Dunes – Lilac In Hand

The Pesticles – La Paloma
Darren Keen – Higher (VIP DJ Earl Teklife Remix)
Parker Millsap – Quite Contrary
Matthew Hedley Stoppard & The Glass Delusion – Discovery On The Outskirts Of Matlock
Lili Boniche – Golo Le Fene
“Martin” – New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Get Better
Call Super – Raindance
Aurelio – Funa Tugudirugu
Living Eyes – Guilty Pleasures
Lili Boniche – Mazalet Fi Bali


Moondog – Frog Bog
The Cherrypops – Uersteck Dign
King Creosote – Something To Believe In
White Hills – Spirit Of Exile
Moondog – Tap Dance

“Where Are You Now?” – Julian Cope

Julian Cope – Pristeen
I-Roy – Yamaha Ride

“Early Black Rock n Roll III” – Titus Turner – Big Mary’s

PMS Exclusive Studio Session – Barberos
- Buffalo Biffle
- The Ladius
- The Return Of The Ladius

“Perpetual Motion“ – Sylvain Rifflet &: Jon Irabagon – Heat On The Heather
The Bug feat. Flowdan – The One
Angelo & Eighteen – Flight 2
Moondog – Moondog Monologue
“Perpetual Motion“ – Sylvain Rifflet &: Jon Irabagon – From The Jazz Book No 2
Gorkys Zygotic Mynci – Oren Mefus A Chadno (Lost Cassette for Cassette Shop Day)
“Early Black Rock n Roll III” – Elmore James – Rollin’ and Tumblin’
“The Elizabethan Session” – John Smith & Nancy Kerr – Suspicious Mind
Moondog/Fritz Starfinger – Logrundr in D
White Hills – Somewhere Along The Way
Sofia Gulbaidulina – Silenzio 5


Ras G – One 4 Kutman
Eliza Shaddad – When We
“Cynefin Cae Gwyn” – Sen Segur – Ar Dy Wyneb
J Mascis – Wide Awake

Afrodelica Sequence,-

Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra – Rocket Number Nine Take Off For Planet Venus
Eugene Lange – Angel
Ras G – Ancestral Data Bank
Flying Lotus – Me Yesterday Corded
Eugene Lange – Café Bongo
Sun Ra – Trying To Put The Blame on Me (Live in Rome 1977)

“Ivor The Engine” – The Vernon Elliott Ensemble – Cruising Theme
Anstam – Patrick, Frank And Joe Are Chasing The White Rabbitoh
The Nels Cline Singers – Seven Zed Heaven
Negativland – The Perfect  Cut (Good As Gold)
Carole Pegg & Radik Tulush – Flash Company/Turug Bazhy
Fatdog – Bay Of Biscay
Specialivery – Baagh (Original Mix)
Shabazz Palaces - Ishmael


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