Monday, September 05, 2016

September 2016


John Renbourn and Wizz Jones – Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning
“Urgent Jumping” – Sega Sega Band – John Ochieng
“Celestial Blues” – Joe Chambers – The Alomoravid
“Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks: Wig’s Plasma Plex” – Hypermartt – Ergot Crunch
The Moles – Highbury And Islington
A Witness – Razors Lifestyle Mix
Bitori – Cruz Di Pico
Building Instrument – Collage
Tommy McCook – Mine Eyes
“Urgent Jumping” – Kuuna Boys Band – Rose Atieno
The Moles – Stray Dog
Robert Irvine – Lament
Thrace – I Would I Were A Bird
Soul Explosives – Ain’t No Sunshine
Bert Jansch – The Ornament Tree (Bonny Portmore)
Leverton Fox – Onglet
“Celestial Blues” – Oliver Nelson – Aftermath
Building Instrument – Like God A Leve


King Champion Sounds – Mice Rats Roaches
“Sweet Liberties” – Martin Joseph – Nye
Brigid Mae Power – It’s Clearing Now
Raindog – My Hands Make Shapes
Anna & Elizabeth – Pateroller

The Trawl with Andy Hunt,-

serpentwith feet – Flickering
Mike Cooper – Pattern Of Islands
Klein – Arrange
Kid Antoine – Flood Control
Sky H1 – All I Ever

The Debutantes – Love Is Strange
The Bills – When The Last Leaf Falls
King Creosote – Faux Call
Sondorgo – Sa
King Champion Sounds – Point Blank
Kate Carr – Rising Waters (Alone In The Dark)
Dakota Suite/Vampillia – Shorobun/Funayurei
Oozing Wound – Rambo 5 (Pre-emptive Strike)
Mathilde Santing – Sweet Nothings


Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies – Stayin’ In
Folk Devils – Hank Turns Blue      
Steve Reich – Coming Out (Ken Ishii Remix)
EVP – Excerpt
Toots & The Maytals – Louie Louie

PSYCHFEST PREVIEW with Craig Pennington

10.000 Russos – Sandball
Kikagaku Moyo – Kogarishi
France – Meltdown Of Planet Earth
Pure Phase Ensemble – Natakki
Tom Furse – Trans-Universal Express

The Monochrome Set – Lost In My Own Room Dreaming
King Creosote – Melin Wynt
Suzanne Vega – Harper Lee
“Structures And Solutions” – Lakker – Orange
Rantele Danielsson Erskine – Each Breath
Wu Wei & Wang Li – Dragon Dance
Meshuggah – Born In Dissonance
Seppuku – Culturecide
Aboutface feat. Darker – In The Tepid Shore We Breathe


“Mr Bongo’s Record Club Volume One” – Mavis John – Use My Body
“The Ultimate Guide To English Folk” – The Watersons – The Plains Of Mexico
Swarm Of Bees – Sinatra 2
“Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds” – Geranium Pond – Dogs In Baskets
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Jesus Alone
Vesa-Matti Kivioja – Universo
Sadat X feat. Wordsworth – The City Never Sleeps
Application – Steve Reich’s Ice Cream Van
“The Ultimate Guide To English Folk” – The Unthanks – The Trimdon Grange Explosion

Dr Kev – “PMS” Studio Session

Vzdycky Najdu Neco Spatneko

Ugly Duckling – Now Who’s Laughin’
Sadat X feat. A.F.R.O. & Rahzee – Murder Soundtrack
Mutabaruka – Blacks In America
“Mr Bongo’s Record Club Volume One” – King James Version – He’s Forever
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – I Need You
“Let’s Go Down And Blow Our Minds” – Tintern Abbey – Tanya
- Our Plastic Dream – Someone Turned The Light Out
- John’s Children – Desdemona
“The Ultimate Guide To English Folk” – Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party – Green Gravel
Bryn Harrison – Receiving The Approaching Memory


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