Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 2019

2nd September 2019

Cold Blood - Understanding
Kaiamba Orchestra – Tokatora
Sequoya Murray – Let’s Take The Time
Hyperdawn – Laugh and Laugh
Ka Baird – Symanimagenic
Earnest Hood – Night Games
Alasdair Roberts – Common Clay
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz – Ishtar
Tanya Tagaq – Nacreaous
Laura Cannel & Polly Wright – Help Me To Salt, Help Me To Sorrow
G.B. Beckers – Walkman
Jute Gyte – Angelus Novus
Tonto’s Expending Headband – Riversong
Ahmad Jamal – Land Of Dreams
George Russell – The Mega Minimalist Age
Frode Hallti – Wood And Stone/Quietly The Language Dies
Kali Malone - Litanic Cloth Wrung
Kaiamba Orchestra - Tokatora

 9th September 2019

Det Nopsus – Maybe If We Think and Wish
Hiss Golden Messenger - Whip
Cotito - Festejo Del Ritmo
KCIN / Marina Elderton / Alice Jane Turner – One Band Day (A5)
Blanck Mass – Wings of Hate
The Pop Group – Beyond Good & Evil
Quatuor vocal de Giovanna Marini – Si lui la vole
Shains – Bule Bule
Dida Pelled – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
The Untouchables – Nothing In Between
Skinny Pelembe – Dreaming is Dead Now
Soe’za – Make It
Evitceles – Night Crawler
Kongo Dia Ntotila –  360° (Ancient Lights Mausoleum Compound Remix)
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Zawaj
Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band – Okomfe Bone
Dylan Moon – Song for Jerry
Everything But The Girl – On My Mind
Papiro & Yanik Soland – Nozomi
Mara – A New Young Birth 2
Leo Svirsky – River Without Banks

16th September 2019

Lightning Bolt – Air Conditioning
DJ Dolores – Teniente Ray, Amargura
The Body – Off Script (Moor Mother Remix)
Manu Delago – Zeitgeber
Immix Ensemble & Vessel – De Revolutionibus
Rediscovered World – Fatima Spor Und Oie Freedom Fris - Istanbul
John Coltrane – Blue World
Go Dugong – Salinella
Major Stars – The Tightener
Dj Dolores – Exci Ciborgue
Duo Marfil – Morales – La Paloma
The Body – Can Carry No Weight (Peter Rehberg Remix)
Hudson Mowhawke – Scud Book
Lightning Bolt – Halloween 3
Blockhead – On The Brightside
Lost Vinyl - Daniel Johnston – Big Business Monkey
Kjetil Mulelid Trio – A Cautionary Tale Against A Repetitive Life
Lucky Peterson – Angel Of Mercy
Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier – On Top Of The World
Sandunes – Eleven:Eleven

23rd September 2019

Amy True feat. Nuby Garcia – Save Yourself
Rachid Taha - Je Suis Africain
Roy Palmer & Chorus – The Slap-Bum Tailor
Jenny Hval feat. Vivian Wang Felicia Atkinson  and Laura Jean – Six Red Cannas
Shahin Novrasli – Both Sides Now
Francesco Devincenti – Skunk
Bonnie Prince Billy – At The Back of The Pit
Waq Waq Kingdom – Hotologisu
Paul Rooney – Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix)
Daniel Thorne - Iroise
Those Naughty Lumps – Down At The Zoo
ROC – Chateau (Joe McKechnie remix)
Ufomammut – Lacrimosa
Sweatson Klank – Smile
Kila Kike Y Chocolate – Son Montuno
Rashid Taha – Andy Waloo
Guzz – Sky  Tree
Proc Fiskal – Satan
Jenny Hval feat. Laura Jean – Accident
The Monochrome Set – La Chanson de la Pucelle
Vanishing Twin – Who Wants to Live Forever

30th September 2019

Propan – A Beauty
Miguel Flores – I (Lorca Lost Tapes)
Daniel Thorne – From The Heavens
Grazie Wirtti & Matias Arriazu – Gira com Jurema
J E L L V A K O – FaMe’ A2
Monster X – Summer Rec
Seth Nehil – stint
Lost Vinyl –
Gonzo – Vinha D’alho
Los Pirañas – Palermo’s Grunch
Ebo Taylor – Ab Ebrese
Skarbø Skulekorps – Turnamat
The Vault – The Fall – The Joke
G. A. M. S. – Economics
Elsa Justel –Purzelbäume
Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling
Rediscovered World - 3 Mustaphas 3 – Kopanitsa
Trupa Trupa – Mangle
The Cravats – Shy
Emptyset - axil
Basic Rhythm – 2 Da Core (RP Boo Remix)
Ryley Walker & Charles Rumback – Half Joking
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharaoh Sanders - Mahraba


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