Monday, December 02, 2019

December 2019

PMS 2nd December 2019

Moor Mother – After Images
Moor Mother – Engineered Uncertainty
MoE & Pinquins – Den ubehagelige behagelighet
Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa
Arborist – Taxi
Whistling Arrow – Chamber Ascent
Doon Kanda – Polycephaly
Carl Stone – Han Yan
Lost Vinyl: The Slits – Instant Hit
Six Organs of Admittance – Two Forms Moving
Digable Planets – Where I’m From
Gavilan Rayna Russom - Kemmer
Open To The Sea – Particles PT2
Rediscovered World: Vieja Trova Santiaguera – Guajiro
From the Vault: Lonnie Liston Smith – Aspirations
Le Motel – Ashes
Sw4rmCLAN (R.O.S.H.) – Becoming You
Man Forever – Ten Thousand Things
Roman Jungblut – Detox/Retox
Colin Self – Dispossessed
Howie B – That’s Down
Millie Foster – Did I Think About You?
Daniel Lentz – Ending(s)
Whistling Arrow – In Flooded Country

PMS 9th December 2019

DJ Raff – Resistencia
Holger Czukay – Der Oste Is Rot
Strange Fruit John Peel Session: Carcass – Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites
Heaven 17 – (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove
New Zealand – Maoris Songs – Ka Nate
Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn
Natacha Atlas Feature:
- Natacha Atlas – Maktoub
- Natacha Atlas – Hayati Inta
- Natacha Atlas – All The Madness
- Natacha Atlas – Out Of Time
- Yasmin Levy – Mano Suave
- Natacha Atlas – Inherent Rhythm
From The Vault: Mixmaster Mike – Surprize Packidge
Teta – Tsakorarake
Vladimir Dubyshkin – Grasshopper’s Opinion
Lee Ronaldo and Raul Refree – Names of North End Women
Joanna John & Burhard Stangl – From The Distance
Strafe F.R. – Nachtmaschine
Samba Toure – White Crocodile Blues
Billy Bragg – Waiting For The Great Leap Forward
Katarin Raska & Christian Meaas Svendsen – Melting With Butterflies

PMS 16th December 2019

Lee Moses – Bad Girl Part 1
Big Thief – Shoulders
Sarathy Korwar – Coolie
Robin Richards – Llongau Caenarfon
Black Midi – 953
Red Zoo – Help Me
Perfume Genius – Pop Song
Stephane Roy – Voies Crepusculaires
Odd Okoddo – Okitwoye
Yorkston, Thorne, Khan – Westlin’ Winds (edit)
Vladimir Dubyshkin – Rural Woman
Eddie Palmieri – Humpty Dumpty
Katsuko Kanai – Mini Mini Girl
Samuel Rohrer – Spondee
Airspace – Stillness
Lankum – The Young People
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Helter Skelter
Funeral Souvenir – Naftalin II
Margate Social Singing Choir – Krap Kraft Dinner
Wreikmeister Harmonies – Coyotes of Central Park
Julianna Barwick – Night
Bill Callahan – If You Could Touch Her At All
Andras - Honeybird

PMS 23rd December 2019

KOKOKO! – Malembe
Lightning Bolt – Air Conditioning
Waq Waq Kingdom – Mum Tells Me
Matana Roberts – Hey Mighty Waters Run
Jenny Hval – Accident
Spectra Ex Machina – Voice produced by Janet Hodgson during a trance
Vinnum Sabbathi – Intermission
Cegvera – Arrival/Colonia
Seun Kuti – Black Times
Germanager – Ritual of Retail
Matmos – Silicone Gel Implant
Linda Ayupka – Ndaana Eera Ymah
Yma Sumac – Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)
Tanya Tagaq – Hypothermia
Rolf-Erik Nystrom, Kouame Seraba, Elisabeth Holmerez – Canzonetta Part 1 / Wodi / Naya 
Esa Shields – Ritual of Retail

PMS 30th December 2019

Bushman’s Revenge – Happy Hour For Mr Sanders
Mouse On Mars – Krautzig
Bantou Mentale – Yoka Chagrin
William Britelle – Strange-Asylum
Klik & Frik – Achalay
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fireflies
Širom – Same As the One She Hardly Remembered
Chloe Mullet – Purchase 14th May (Ritual of Retail for Light Night Liverpool)
Lou Barnell – End of Mix
Jamie Branch – Prayer For Amerikka pt 1_2
Otavo Yo – Once Upon A Time On A High Hill
James Taylor – Woodstock
Alarm Will Sound – Keening
Six Organs Of Admittance – Two Forms Moving
Stephen  Cole – Celestial Bargain (Ritual of Retail for Light Night Liverpool)


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