Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 2006

PMS – Music Featured 2.7.06

Zao – L’Aiguelle
Blue Demon – Her Love Is Disfiguring
Zero dB – A Pomba Giron
“Mariachi Mexico”: Mariachi Los Toritos – La Mula Beya
Marvin The Martian – Stay Off The Kane
“No Child Soldiers”: Aicha Kone – Kanawa
“Original Riddim”: The Techniques – you don’t Care
“Fado – Portugal’s Blues”: Alfredo Marcaneiro – Sonho Dowado
“1965 Records Single Club”: Jahcoozi – Black Barbie
“Tango Argentine”: Domenico Scapola – Gallo Cingo
Iron And Wine – Naked As We Came
Camille – Ta Douleur
“Live 8 At Eden – Africa Calling”: Kanda Boyo Man – Billi
Lower Forty-Eight – Afterlee
“No Child Soldiers”: Rokia Traore – Sakanto
The Staple Singers – Are You Sure
“Original Riddim”: Eric Donaldson – Cherry Oh Baby
Wolfson & Mars Syndicate – Cinari
Wolfson & Mars Syndicate –Via Reggio
Johnny Poindexter – What Are You Doing For Christmas Satan?
“Live 8 At Eden – Africa Calling”: Geoffrey Oryema – Lapwony
Blue Demon – I’m A Mess
“Meditations On China”: Chinese Conservatory National Orchestra – Xiamma Alley
“Tango Argentine”: Conjito Punta Pora – Gardel le Pena
Tapes N’ Tapes – Omaha
Cut Chemist feat. Edam & Mr. Lif – Storm
“No Child Soldiers”: Lokua Kanza - Goodbye

PMS – Music Featured 9.7.06

Horace Andy – Love Me Baby
Katia Guerreiro – Muda Rudo, Ate O Mundo
Pascal Arbez – Bells
Revl9n – Spin
Newflesh – Wherever We Go
The Flowers Of Evil – Encepalopathy
22 Pistepirkko – Not So Good At School
KJV – Optikus (edit)
Albert King – Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
Camille – Janine I
Camille – Janine II
Camille – Janine III
Jezzreel – Roman Soldiers
Johnny Poindexter – In Every language There Is Or Ever Was
Sonaye – Unforgettable Land
Jo Bywater – Too Much Time
Camille – Assise
Archie Bronson Outfit – Dead Funny (Fourtet Instrumental)
The Flowers Of Evil – The Will OF The World
Katia Guerreiro – Despedida
Pizzy Yelliot – Could You Be Loved
Rance Allen – Greatness Of God
Scarling – City

PMS – Music Featured – 17.7.06

A Guy Called Gerald – Droid-Nasty
Pop Levi – Baby Again (Midnight Version)
Nasio Fontaine – Babylon
“The New York Sound” – MC Flex and the FBI Crew – Rockin It
Zombina & The Skeletones – Astroboy
Go Faster – You Better Watch Out (Cause I’m Gonna Say Fuck)
Scanner – Nemesis
Joan As Policewoman – Real Life
Istanbul Oriental Ensemble – Istanbul Gece
Grizzly Bear – On A Neck, On A Spit
“Folk Off” – Micah P Hinson – Yard Of Blonde Girls
Brion Gysin – Luvzya
“Folk Off” – This Is The Kit – Two Wooden Spoons
“The New York Sound“ – Fatback – Is This The Future?
Benni Hemm Hemm – Til Eru Frae
Lui Fang (with Ballake Sissoko) – Kanding Love Song
Istanbul Oriental Ensemble – Kanun-Name
A Guy Called Gerald – Andromeda-Monday

PMS – Music Featured – 24.7.06

The Mountain Goats – Palmcorder Yajna
Mekon – Blood On The Moon
Pedro Luis Ferrer – Algo Me Dice
“Garagemental” – The Trodden Path – In This World I Need Love
“The Complete Meteor….Recordings” – Jimmy Wright & His Orchestra – Alow Down Daddy
Tiny Masters Of Today – Bushy
Jackson and his Computer Band – Utopia
“The New York Sound” – Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
Bob Pegg – The Golden Vanity
Mister Who – Speech Therapy
“Come Hear Finland” – Don Johnston Big Band – Behind 16 Bars
Broadcast – Test Area
“Come Hear Finland” – Umo Jazz Orchestra – Simeoni (Short Version)
“Garagemental” – Kiriae Crucible – The Salem Witch Trial
Sam Kearney – Frantic
“The Complete Meteor….Recordings” – The Angel Voices – Walkin’ And Talkin’ With Jesus
Sufjan Stevens – Pittsfield
Pedro Luis Ferrer – Taitaito
Mekon – Maria You First
Fluorescent Grey – Melting Fiber-Optic Necklace
Broadcast – A Man For Atlantis
Carl Neilsen – Symphony No 3 (Expansiva) – 2nd Movement – Coda
Sunday International – Hey Hey You
“The Complete Meteor….Recordings” – Walter Miller with The Barons- My Last Mile

PMS – Music Featured – 31.7.06

“Rough Guide To Malaysia” – Fredo & The Flybaits – Nasab Si Gadis
Black Uhuru – Satan Army Band
Giddy Motors – Kapow!
Cut Chemist – Motivational Speaker
Kontagious – Right Now
Cut Chemist – My (1st) Big Break
“Munkyfest 7” – Hot Club De Paris – 6 Months Of Slump Life
Glideascope feat. Junior Ruff – Big Big Disgrace (Parker Remix)
“Munkyfest 7” – Redbank – What’s Wrong With R. Puma?
“Bob Marley Covers” – Johnny Clarke – Easy Skanking
TV On The Radio – I Was A Lover
“Rough Guide To Malaysia” – Kumpulan Ahmad Yuson & Rakan Rakan – Burung Burung Ayam
Black Uhuru – Willow Tree
“De Todo Corazon” – Carlos Puebla Y Sus Tradicionaled – Dulce Embaleso
“Bob Marley Covers” – Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle – Natty Dread
“Munkyfest 7” – Our Beautiful Ridiculous Plan – Cartographer’s Blues
Cyann & Ben – Room J13
Giddy Motors – Dot Dot Dot
Ensemble – Disown, Delete
Bang On a Can All-Stars – Show Him Some Lub
Peaches – Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
“De Todo Corazon” – Beny More – Amor Fugaz
“Rough Guide To Malaysia” – M Salim & Rosiah Chik – Barderdang Sayang
“Munkyfest 7” – Tokyo Adventures – Main Eventer


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