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January 2007

PMS – Music Featured 1-1-07

Tracks Of The New Year Special

Stortsveit Nix Noltes – Laz
M. Ward – Chinese Translation
Indafusion – I Psychadelicised The Children
“No Woman No Cry”: Iris – Already Ready
Johnny Poindexter – In Every Language There Ever Was
Christina Malley – Oh, Didn’t It Rain
Electric Spoon – You
Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On (a capella)
Baden Powell – Interrogando
Rance Allen – Glory Of God

Note: this was a one-hour special edition of the show broadcast between 20.05 and 2100 on Monday January 1st 2007

PMS – Music Featured – 8.1.07

“Nobody’s PerFect Part Two 2 – Alpha 606 – Anarchy In China
Dragon or Emperor – No Pay
Tartit – Ansari
Benni Hemm Hemm – Sorgartur
Donald Austin – Side Saddle
Rickard Javerling – The Three Sisters
Annuals – Ida, My
“Rhythm Of The River” – Abdel Gadir Salim with Emmanual Jal – Ya Salam
“Dave Clarke Presents Pemixes & Rarities 1992-2005” – Mirwais – Naïve Song (Dave Clarke Remix)
Camille – Quand Je Marche
Project Perfect – Routine
Sol Seppy – Human
Dragon or Emperor – Slow Toms
Stephan Micus - The Gate
Isobel Campbell – Loving Hannah
“Greese – Paralogues” –m Chronis Aidonides – Ton Nekron Adelphou (Song of the Dead Brother)
Chris Watson & BJ Nilsen – Austrvegr
Stephan Micus – Morning Sky
Jasper Leyland – Margin
Xela - An Abandoned Robot
Christian Weber – Sun Perspectives
Donald Austin – Rainy Day Fun
Nobody’s Perfect Part Two 2 – Bitstream – Step Retracing
Tartit - Abacabok

PMS – Music Featured – 15.1.07

Feedle – Her Brain Goes Global
The Ruby Suns – Trees Like Kids
“Rhythm Of The River” – Daby Balde – Mamadiyal
Kat Vipers – Pearls Of Wisdom
The Fall – Fall Sound
“Luxembourg – Rock” – ExInferis – Adonai
Millie Jackson – It Hurts So Good
Animal Collective – People
The Shadow Orchestra – Spring 2005
“Granat” – The Samuel Jackson Five – Skinflick Dress Rehearsal
El Tanbura – Sar A Lay
Lavender Diamond – You Broke My Heart
“Hungry For Hungary – Folk” – Szilvani Gipsy Folk Ba\nd – Faja A Kutymnak A Laba
“Hungry For Hungary – Global Beat” – Arasinda – Kato Uzum Babbesi
“Hungry For Hungary – Pop” – Hiperkarma – Amondo
The Fall – Das Boat
Philip Glass – Xingu River
Society Of Imaginary Friends – Tide Of Life
El Tanbura – Between The Desert And The Sea
Broken Family Band – I Send My Love To Her

PMS – Music Featured – 22.1.07

Freddy Fresh – Mutilated Mind Filters
Band Ane Anish Music – Atmos Hallioss
Feedle – This Troubles All Dust
David Karsten Daniels – Jesus And the Devil
“Luxenbourg – Pop” – Nakeg Oder Ugedoers – Ce Paiperleck
“Wolof Music” Men Of The Saalum Region – Bi Biira Mbamb Bia Na
Radical Fashion – Toh-Kah
“Wolof Music” – Women Of Dakar – Yaay Tum Ma
The Fall – Deadbeat Descendant
- Cab It Up
- Squid Lord
Adjagas – Dolgematke
Fred Deakin – Mix 6
U-Station – Keep The Home Fires Burning
Feedle – Home
“A Broke-Down Melody” – Culver City Dub Collective – The Cave
Skink – Autopsy
Mira Calix – Because To Why
Bonobo – The Fever
Freddy Fresh, featuring Much Words – If You Could See
“The Big Picture” – Gudrun Holk – Muse
“Running With Scissors” – Nat King Cole – Stardust (Lyric Version)

PMS – Music Featured – 28.1.07

“New Rose Story” – Wreckless Eric – It’s A Sick Sick World
The Wailing Souls – A Day Will Come
Carla Alexander – Sambamuffin
Ibrahim Ferrer – Cada Noche Un Amor
“New Rose Story” – Witch Trials – The Tazer
The Fall – Reformation!
“New Rose Story” – TavFalco’s Panther Burns – Tina The Go-Go Queen
Yo La Tengo (Archive Session – 3.6.95)
– I Want To Be With You
- Did I Tell You
- From A Motel 6
- Decora

Tinariwen – Mano Dayek
Joseph Livingstone – Uncreate
“Out Of Norway” – Me At Sea – I Really Wanted A Sega
Aluminium – Forever Is For Her (Fourtet Remix)
Destroyers Rubies – Your Blood
Joseph Livingstone – 1321
“New Rose Story” – Arthur Lee – Five String Serenade
Ibrahim Ferrer – Perfidia
Tinariwen - Izarharh Tenere
Gruff Rhys – Con Carino


Anonymous Paul Bevan said...

Damn! I missed a repeat of the '95 Yo La Tengo session... I think I tuned in late to hear Roger referring to the session that they'd just done. Mind you, I wasn't too familiar with them at the time, so it probably didn't bother me as much then as it does now...

As I recall, this show coincided with the Liverpool date of the Stereolab/YLT tour, so Tim Gane was also in the studio being interviewed.

And I missed the gig too..!

10:31 AM  

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