Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 2006

PMS – Music Featured – 7.8.06

“Rough Guide To West African Gold” – Super Sweet Talks – The Lord’s Prayer
In Flagranti – Paroli
Tim Fuller – Timlish
“A-Z of Annie Mac” – Johnny Dangerous – King Of Clubs
Vinny Peculiar – London Train
“The Definitive Story Of CBGB” – Plasmatics – Butcher Baby
F.S.Blum – Zu Walde
R. Luke Dubois – Timelapse II
Para One – Epiphanie Teaser (Surkin Megamix)
Arthur Russell – Keepin’ Up
The Five Corners Quintet – Jamming With Mr Hoagland
“Rough Guide To West African Gold” – Bembaya Jazz – Whisky Soda
“Jazzanova – Broadcasting” – Jaslopski – Beatzeps
- Arken – Step Off
“A-Z of Annie Mac” – Young Ax – Something Wonderful
“The Definitive Story Of CBGB” – Destroy All Monsters – Bored
Lui Fang – Promenade Au Pays De Reves
Arthur Russell – Losing My Taste For The Nightlife
Shawn Lee – Throwin Shadows At The Wall
Arthur Russell – A Sudden Chill
Vinny Peculiar – A Man Afraid
R.Luke Dubois – Clavier

PMS – Music Featured – 14.8.06

“The Definitive Story Of CBGB” – The Waitresses – I Know What Boys Like
“Musique Metisses – Ocean Indien” – Nainako – Lilindraza
Kid Koala – SlewTest (et al)
Long John Baldry, feat Rod Stewart – Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air)
The Rank Deluxe – Poorman’s Cab
Blood On The Wall – Heat From The Day
Captain Beefheart – Abba Zaba
Desmond Dekker – Hanging Time
“The Definitive Story Of CBGB” – The Electric Eels – Spin Age Blasters
Brian English – Say Amen At The Worst Times
Disco Drive – Abuse Of Power
Ryan Teague – Coins And Crosses
“Musique Metisses – Ocean Indien” – Mikidache – Mgodo Gori
Captain Beefheart – Bat Chain Puller
Home And Garden – Monkey Town
Don Johnson Big Band – No 2 At The Hamburg Concept
Kid Koala – Lunch With Pavlov/Robo-Cookie Factory/Things’ll Be Good Again/
Dinner at 1.00 a.m./Party At Erics
“Musique Metisses – Ocean Indien” – Maalesh – Wangamiya
Bonnie Prince Billy – I Called You Back
“Musique Metisses – Ocean Indien” – Granmoun Lele – Massale
The Veils – Jesus For The Jugular
Ryan Teague – Fantasia For Strings

PMS – Music Featured – 21.8.06

Keith Hudson – Too Possessive And You Know It Baby (aka Fly Away)
Steelye Span – I Was A Young Man
Be Your Own Pet – Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle
Reanimator – No Dancing
The Organ – Memorize The City
“West Africa Unwired” – Dieneba Seck – Niteke Nela
Millie Jackson – The Memory Of A Wife
Susanna & The Magical Orchestra – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Humcrush – Knucker
Keith Hudson – Man From Shooters Hill
Brother John Sellers – I’ve Been Lonesome, I’ve Been Worried
Jeremy Warmsley – I Believe In The Way You Move
“West Africa Unwired” – Mah Damba – Kouln Kouman
Millie Jackson – Leftovers
Captain Beefheart – “81” Poop Hatch
Home And Garden – Marco Polo; The Desert
Captain Beefheart – Apes-Ma
Nina Nastasia – If We Go To The West
Susanna & The Magical Orchestra – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Brother John Sellers – Great Day
“West Africa Unwired” – Grand Papa Diabate & Sona Diabate -
Cyann & Ben – Sparks Of Love
Humcrush – Cyborg 1
Reanimator – Blown Sudidiah
Paul Wilkes - In The End

PMS – Music Featured – 28-8-06

“The Battle Of Hastings Street” – Johnny Wright – Up Boy
Julius Lester – Long Haired Woman –
M Ward – Magic Trick
New Flesh – Howz Dat?
Hot Club de Paris – Names And Names and Names
Menwar – Lotis
Zebrahead – Anthem
Captain Beefheart – Party Of Special Things To Do
“The Battle Of Hastings Street” – Robert Richard – New York Central
John Smith – Library
Serena-Maneesh – Candlelighted
Bat For Lashes – I Saw A Light
John Renbourn & Robin Williamson – South Wind/Blarney Pilgrim
Laurent Garnier – Downfall
M Ward – Chinese Translation
Hot Club de Paris – Sometimeditsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother
“The Battle Of Hastings Street” – Eddie Burns – Dealing With The Devil
Hot Club de Paris – Bonded By Blood (A Song For Two Brothers)
Julius Lester – Stagolee
“Trojan Selecta 3” – King Tubby – Channel One Feel It
Menwar – Pi Ti O
John Smith – Winter
Hot Club de Paris – Yes/No/Goodbye
M Ward – Rollercoaster
Menwar – Labolision Lesklavaz


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