Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January 2015


Local Music and 2014 Sessions Special

White Blacula – Goodnight Priscilla White
Barberos – Buffalo Biffle
Half Man Half Biscuit – Baguette Dilemma For The Booker Prize Guy
Claire Welles – I’m In A Band (They Don’t Like My Songs)
Corrupt Moral Altar – Father Tongue
Richard Dawson – Geordie
Send No Flowers – Playing For Time
Moongoose – Re-Collections
Olof Arnulds – Palme
Leviathan Disturbances In Paris – Splinters (cassette)
Jo Bywater – Silence Changed
Echo And The Bunnymen – Villiers Terrace
Esa Shields – Sleep State Slow Motion
Sing For Your Supper – excerpt from ”Don’t Drain Me”
John McGrath – Ghostey’s Spinach Song
Alan Dunn – Nico-nversations69
Beatnik Hurricane – Let’s Play
Unicursal – Corporate Raga
Biltone – Farewell
Jo Bywater – Anyone Who Had A Heart
J D Meatyard – Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


Panda Bear – Boys Latin
Motorpsycho – Nothing To Say
“The Chicano Experience” – Lalo Guerrero y sus Cinco Lobos – Marijuana Boogie
Pissed Jeans – I Broke My Own Heart
Verckys et L’Orchestre Veve – Talali Talala
Robot Koch – September
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman - Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Schneider Kacirek – Doubles
The Kuhls – Winning
Panda Bear – Acid Wash
Howard Eynon – Village Hill
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus – Solemn Vista
Afrique – Soul Makossa
Roller Trio – Tightrope
“The Sounds Of Varanasi” – Hari Poundwal & Rami Tripathi – Pahari Dun
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus – Baton
Knifeworld – This Empty Room Once Was Alive
Silver Servants – Lopsided
Motorpsycho – The Golden Core
“The Sounds Of Varanasi” – Pt Atul Shankar & Ravi Tripathi – Bansuri & Tabla
Verckys et L’Orchestre Veve – Sex Veve
Claude Speeed – Fret
Jonathan Roberts – Tip Toes


Slim Ali &The Hodi Boys – Tuljange Kenya
Angaleena Presley – Grocery Store
Lord Rajah – Golden Gravity Birds
Julian Cope – Psychedelic Odin
Fawn Spots – Basque Knife
Bonnie Dobson – Across The Blue Mountains
“When I Reach That Heavenly Shore” – Rev A W Nix – Hiding Behind The Stuff
Worker/Parasite – Numbing Number
The Pop Group – Mad Truth
Taraf De Haidouks – No Snow No Rain
Dylan Ryan – Raw Rattle
“When I Reach That Heavenly Shore” – Laurel (Mississippi) Fireman’s Quartette – I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone
Bobby Bland – That Did It
Samba Toure – Woye Kate
Afla Sackey – Old Lady
T C Folkpunk – Wheel Of Misfortune
Graf Spee – Great B’klyn Flood of ‘93
Holy Sons – Back Down To The Tombs
“When I Reach That Heavenly Shore” – Rev J M Gates – Dead Cat On The Line
Broken DC – In My Time Of Living
Samba Toure – Su Wilili
The Leblanc Process – Knotweed
Lucas Santtana – Alguem Assopra Ela
Bonnie Dobson – The First Time


“Rough GuideTo Latin Rare Groove” – Calos Hayre y sus Orquesta – Mi Chica Se Vuelve Loca
Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda
Julian Cope – Conspiracist Blues
SteveGunn &The Black Twig Pickers – Enchiridion
M.E.S.H. – Infra-Dawn
Howard Eynon – Good Time Songs
Verneri Pohjola – This One Is For You
“Imaginational Anthems 7” – Kyle Fosburgh – The Great North American Wilderness
Faust – Gerubelt
“Rough GuideTo Latin Rare Groove” – Conjunto Alayon feat. Jimmy Bosch – La Llegado La Hora
Tarwater – Stone in Exile
Abdullah Ibrahim – For Coltrane
Sonny Boy Williamson – Stop Breaking Down
Anthony Pirog – Motian
Italcimenti – Campanelle
“Imaginational Anthems 7” – Norberto Lobo – Enchiridion
Sweet Honey In The Rock – Hey Mann
Marcus Whale & Tom Smith – Panania
“Rough GuideTo Latin Rare Groove” – Los Belkings – Sabata
Abdullah Ibrahim – Threshold
“Imaginational Anthems 7” – Simon Scott – Trees Return To Soil
Faust - Palpitations


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