Monday, January 06, 2020

January 2020

PMS 6.1.20 

Walking Seeds – Beat Them All To Death
Paul Rooney – Stolen Things (The Creeping Things remix)
Rooney – Time of Day
Mazey Fade - Touchdown
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Controlled By Buildings
MAL – Suadade
 - Roger Hill Daraa Tribes Feature
- Daraa Tribes – L’Oued
Rim Banna Tribute Concert Excerpt
From The Vault: Higher Authorities – Neptune
The Naffis – Slice One
Yank Scally – A Song For Chemtrails – Cloud Lies
Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience – I Wanna Know What Donk Is
Rev Rev – Future Today
Dumb - Sven and the men and me
JC Leisure – The Growth Of The Suburbs As A Cultural Forceii
Glide - Cosmos
Renaldo & The Loaf – Haul on the Bowline (A Shanti)
Rooney – Touts (Leith)
C-Stripey - Stargazer
JC Leisure – The Growth Of The Suburbs As A Cultural Force IV
Hot Hail – Outside of Eden

PMS 13.1.20

Wolff Parkinson White – Department of Failure ft. Norah Jones
Swarm Intelligence – Rise of the Machines
Moonlight Benjamin – Nap Chape
Pan Amsterdam – Pricey Nacho
Inaud1bl3 – Dein Herz Klopft An
Micah Blue Smaldone – Winghold
Kris Davis – Certain Cells
Jeff Parker – Max Brown (pt. 1)
Jon Hassell / Farafina – A Vampire Dances (Symmetry)
Jezebel – Three Ring Circus
Pulled by Magnets – Nowhere Nothing
Gnoomes – Irma
Dumama & Kechou – Intaka
That Man – Scratch
Function – Sagittarius A Right Ascension
Nazar – UN Sanctions
Charles Amirkhanian – Meyerbeer (Loudspeakers for Morton Feldman)
Claudio F. Baroni – HARA (The Belly)
LEYA – Weight
Goda Marija Guzauskaite – The Perseids
Large Unit Fendika – Capoeira Mata Um
Mark E. Smith, M. Beddington, S. Hanley, S. Wolstencroft – Theme From ERROR-ORRORI
Instant Voodoo – Familiar Shade

PMS 20.1.20

DJ Spinn – Opioids
Liraz – Zan Bezan
Avey Tare – Red Light Water Show
Stein Urheim – Amalfitano
Tears Ov – Family Feudal
Jeff Parker – Build A Nest
‘The Trawl’ with Andy Hunt
David Rothenberg – The Nightingales Are Drunk
Lasse-Mark Riek – A Recording of Hoverflies
Yem Gel  -  Chelcedony’s Lament
Julia Reidy – Lament
Annea Lockwood – Tiger Balm
Chris Watson - Capercaillie
‘The Vault’ – Cruising Theme from Ivor The Engine – The Vernon Elliott Ensemble
‘Artist of the Month’ Jezebel/Lonesaw – Barbed Wire Church
Die Gehirne – Die Neurose Des Bandwurmes
                        - Das Eis Des Peipusses
Babani Kone – Douaden feat. Zoumana Tereta
Diabel Cissokho – Babinya
Manhu – March Celebration
America Inverted - Eduardo Mateo – El Chilibandan
Robert Ericksson – Corfu (ending)
Manhu – Sani Drinking Song
Louise Goffin – Ghosts On The High Street

PMS 27.1.20

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band – Onfa Nkosi Hwee
Alex Dowling – King of Thumbs
Jeremy Cunningham – Sleep
Calibro 35 – Glory Fake Nation
Edgar Froese – Daleroshima
Mads Emil Nielsen – Circles
Jezebel – Star
Olivia Louvel – I Draw What I Feel In My Body
Alex Dowling – In Silence In Cold
Maserati – Wallwalker
Shih-Hui Chen – A Plea To Lady Chang’e for Nanguan Pipa & Orchestra
Pere Ubu – The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSoto
Wire – Cheeking Tongues
Bryan Chapman – Yugen
Calibro 35 – Stan Lee Feat. Illa J
Krokofant – Q Part 1
Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq – Safe Within Your Arms
Alex Dowling – Atoms
Yair Etziony – Kottbuser Damm
Rafiq Bhatia – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


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