Monday, February 03, 2020

February 2020

PMS Music Played 3.2.20

Horse Lords – People’s Park
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (Methodology Version)
Aubrey Trnql – Triumvirate
Léve-Léve (São Tomé & Principé compilation)
                - Africa Negra – Aninha
                 - Pedro Lima e Conjunto Os Leonenses – Estela Licu
Three Rivers Project – Drain Hog (feat. Go Atoms)
Thundercat – Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington)
Vladislav Delay – Raajat
Artist Of The Month – Ann Margaret Hogan – Within
Hojo + Kraft – The Hours Descend
Tuulikki Bartosil – Crossing Over Forest, Laho Lake, South Estonia
St. Vincent – Smoking Section (Jlin Remix)
Max Cooper – Aleph 2
Vault – Judy Garland – In Between
Anamai – How To Be Real
John McLaughlin, Shankar Mahadevan, Zakir Hussain – The Guru
Lost Vinyl – Gang of Four – I Found That Essence Rare
Wire – Humming
Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Tief Gesunken
Kerbside Collective – Afro Struttin’ (Sabrosa Benga Re-Rub)
CCL x Flora FM – Iridescent Lake

PMS Music Played 10.2.20

Emcida – Libre ft. Majur e Pabilo Vittor - Amarelo
Seas of Mirth – Happy Hour At El Squid Diablo
OOIOO – Tisou
Claire Welles – MAN RAY
Lina Raul Refree – Destino
JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot
Anne Margaret Hogan – Earth
IT Dokumer Lokaellsj – myn hert dat stacht
Cristian Vogel – The Misty Quay
Vault – The Ruts – Savage Circle
Sightless Pit - Kingscorpse
Colin Stetson – West of Arkham
Colin Stetson – Contact
Thelonious Monk - Pannonica
Konx Om Pax – Rez Skee Mask Remix
Lost Vinyl – Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacana – Martha Cecelia
Lee Harvey Osmond – Cuckoo’s Nest
Charles Curtis – Guillaume de Machaut – C’est Force Faire
Emcida – Libre ft. Ibeyi
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Det Morkner

PMS Music Played 17.2.20

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – Exactly What Nobody Wanted
Sotomayor - Despierta
Emptyset – Petal
Dave Malloy Octet – The Forest
Saul Williams – Fight Everything
Czarface – Bizarro
Ricardo Richaid – Largado Nu
Arborist – A Northern View
Claire Welles – PMS Jingle 2020
The Who – Armenia City in the Sky
John Cage & David Tudor – Indeterminacy: Part One
Somni – Evergreen
Uzeli – Darildim Darildim
Voo – Line by Line
Ann Margaret Hogan – 40 Years Adrift in the Wild
Hilary Woods – Tongues of a Wild Boar
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Du Fallande Jord
Nadia Reid – Get The Devil Out
The Necks – Bloom (excerpt)
Mutant Vinyl – Pink Sky Dub
Kate Tempest – Unholy Elixir
Sydney – Zither Rhythm 1

PMS Music Played 24.2.20

Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot
Joe McKechnie on Andrew Weatherall
Will Sergeant – Themes for Grind (Reground by The Two Lone Swordsmen)
Joe McKechnie on Pete Fulwell
Tristan Tzara, Msarcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck – L’amiral cherche une maison a louér
The Leg – Radge Almond Mutches
Lyra Pramuk – Gossip
Fizze – Kulu Hatha Mamnua
Ann Margaret Hogan – Timeshift
Sign Libra – Sea of Fecundity
Lito Barrientos – Cumbia En Do Menor
Nina Simone – I Just Sing To Know That I’m alive
Bill Callahan – So Long, Marianne
From the Vault - Ramsey Lewis Trio - Eternal Peace
Katie Gately – Waltz
Anna B Savage – Chelsea Hotel #3
Andrew Weatherall – Unkown Plunderer
Heldon – Le Retour des Soucoupes Volantes
Carol Rich – Computered Love
Sign Libra – Sea of Waves
Ulf Ivarsson – Blues For JG
Rebecca Foon – Dreams To Be Born
Aborted At Line 6 - Mammut


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